8 Major Complications Of Contact Lenses- Things You Should Know

Our eyes are considered to be the greatest tool in our day-to-day life. If something were to happen to our eyes we would be lost. Many people suffer from poor eyesight which might be due to many conditions for some this is hereditary while for some it develops overage.

Uncensored Facts Behind Contact Lenses

Using glasses is one option to help your eyesight, but with glasses there come many restrictions as one cannot wear them in rush hour on trains and buses as there is a risk of the glasses getting smashed. Due to this contactless become more popular and people starting wearing them as they could be worn in sports as well as trains and buses without any complications.

8 Major Complications Of Contact Lenses

Complications of using Contact lens

  • Discomfort to the eye – During initial days of contact lens one might experience irritation in the eye but this goes away with constant use. Doctors give some eye drops and lubrication to help you with this discomfort.
  • Causes Dry Eye – Some people have dry eyes and this can get worse if you use contact lens. One should stop using contact lens but first check with doctor or any professional who might firstly suggest some eye drops for this.
  • Corneal abrasion – Corneal abrasion means a scratch on the surface of your eye. This can be fatal if not treated immediately, this occurs due to wrongly fitted contact lens or sometimes the material used in contact lens are of poor quality leading to corneal abrasion. This can be treated with stopping contact lens and antibiotics.
  • Allergic Issues Many a times due to the use of contact lens the eye becomes red. This is not directly caused by the contact lens but due to the solution with which one cleans the lens. Solution for this could be changing the cleaning solution or once cleaned properly wipe the lens. Consult a doctor before changing your cleaning solution as there might be some which are not suited to certain individuals.
  • Neovascularization – When you put on contact lens your eyes gets less oxygen as compared to the naked eye. This might cause the blood vessels to grow into the cornea and can be fatal. Your doctors looks for it every time you visit and thus if you are using contact lens you should have regular check-ups.
  • Corneal ulcer – This is the most dangerous and severe complication which might occur due to the contact lens. Corneal ulcer occurs when there are some dust or microbes on the lens which gets onto your eyes causing infections. This can be treated by corneal transplant; the worst possibility is that one could even lose their eye sight. Thus you should always clean your contact lens very thoroughly with the solution that has been provided. Never use normal water or hot water to clean your lens as this might remove the coating on the lens making it more fatal for the eyes.
  • Be vigilant while traveling – While one is out of the house they experience more dust and particles. They should clean the contact lens periodically so that the dust is not accumulated on the lens for longs time and carry enough solution for cleaning it. Never clean your lens when there is high wind as this might damage the lens more.
  • Following with your doctor – Many people tend to miss out their appointment with their doctors thinking everything is fine so why waste their money on check-ups. But this is the biggest mistake as there may be many things which might not be visible at the start and can develop over time causing serious harm to your eye and in the worst case scenario one might even loose their eye sight. Doctors asks you to visit them periodically so that they can check the if there are any underlying conditions caused due to the contact lens. 

The above are the major complications experienced with contact lenses. Contact lens is much more comfortable than glasses but carries much more risk. A person should be vigilant while wearing them and take special care. If any irritation is experienced in the eye do not stretch it and visit a doctor or seek professional help else this might prove fatal.

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