Best Educational Websites That Help Children Learn Smarter

Thanks to immense technological progress, the internet holds an irreplaceable place in our everyday life nowadays. No matter, whether a kid or an adult, everyone seems to be glued to their smart devices all day long. This is one of the reasons why it is a matter of concern for parents who wish their kids to learn properly.

Websites That Help Children Learn Smarter


However, following the popular phrase, ‘Work smarter, not harder’, you can allow your child to use their smart devices and can even make them learn smarter at the same time.

Internet houses several great resources which can help immensely in educating your children, but the main challenge is to pick out the right ones from the sea of websites.

Best Educational Websites That Help Children Learn Smarter

5 Best Educational Websites

However, you need not worry about that, as we have already done the job for you and selected some of the best educational websites that can help your children to learn more smartly.

  • Funbrain:


Funbrain is considered as one of the leading authorities in the field of online educational games that range from kindergarten levels to the 8th-grade kids. The website houses an extensive collection of online educational games which include, reading, mathematics, and many other fun topics that have been specially designed keeping in mind to boost the learning needs of a particular age group of kids. Other than these amazing games, the platform has even included interesting learning videos for all age groups which further supplement the knowledge in young and curious learners. The best part about Funbrain is that it has revolutionized learning in a fun and interesting way by incorporating a variety of innovative concepts such as games, videos, and so on.

  • Cool Math:


Unlike the name of the website, for several students, mathematics is not that cool of a subject. If your child is also struggling with numbers and is getting frustrated or bored with the same boring math problems in school, then they are definitely in need of This website has made mathematics in a really fun, non-threatening and an easy to understand the subject.

Ranging from basics to pre-algebra, algebra, and even pre-calculus lessons, the website has it all. The best part is that these lessons feature cool animation and are in the form of cool games, which helps the kids to learn the concept easily as well as master the principles. The website also promotes your child to solve maths problems easily mentally, without a calculator.

  • Make me Genius:

Make me genuis

If your child is unable to fully comprehend all that which is taught in the school, then you must get connected with now. You can understand this website as a home teaching resource tool that will explain all the complex concepts to your child with great ease and detail in a simple manner. With the help of this website, instead of juggling numerous tuitions, your child will be able to master their lessons in the comfort of their house. The best part about this platform is that it works in association with several school boards and digitalizes the learning content of the same textbooks which the children use in school but in an easier to understand manner. There are presentations too which can be viewed by the children again and again till they understand it.

  • National Geographic Kids:

National Geographic Kids

Does your child hold a fascination for the planet or the content of the National Geographic channel? If yes, then this website is going to be a wonderful tool for your little one. National Geographic is mainly designed for an adult audience and uses several technical terms which may sound confusing to a young listener. However, National geographic kids house-wide knowledge about the world we live in, including information about the land, people, animals, and plants that live on the planet Earth. The best part is that this website uses an exemplary fun and entertaining approach to provide this new knowledge to kids by using fun and educational videos as well as computer games. With the help of this platform, kids will get to learn a lot about different species, elements and even get assistance for their projects or homework.

  • Miss Spell’s Class:

Miss Spell’s Class

To all those parents who are worried about how to make their children confident in spellings, this website is like a blessing in disguise. Instead of just making the kids memorize the spellings, this website does much more. It will test your spellings but you won’t actually have to spell anything. The kid would have to go through a list of spelling and identify the incorrectly spelled word. The best part is that other than basic spelling, it will help in improving the child’s reading comprehension skills too.

We hope that these awesome educational resources help your kids learn smarter!

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