What Are The Best Weight Loss Exercises?

In modern times, Weight Gain and Obesity have become one of the most complained about issues among the population worldwide. It is also a cause of concern for the governments as an obese population is more prone to become the victim of a variety of diseases which include Diabetes, High Blood Pressure Heart Diseases, etc. While Modern Medicine is constantly looking for developing better and better drugs for effective weight loss, a natural solution for having greater weight loss is to do various kinds of Weight Loss Exercises.

Exercises, Along With Diet


These are the surest and most natural ways to achieve weight loss. Exercise is vital for keeping the body in good health and also plays a key role in Weight loss by burning excess fat and calories. If you are willing to lose weight without taking medicines and without going to Gyms, doing exercises is the best alternative available. In addition to Weight loss, exercise has numerous other benefits for individuals which include an improved level of mood and energy in the body, stronger bones and muscles, and a reduced risk of other diseases including cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure issues.

What Are The Best Weight Loss Exercises?

🤸‍♀️Best Exercises for Losing Weight

While, whatever be the form of exercise, it would surely benefit the body, there are certain exercises which are best and most efficient for losing weight at a faster rate. The following are some of the best and most efficient exercises for Weight loss:

  • Walking and Jogging: Walking and Jogging are the easiest and convenient exercises for Weight loss without feeling overwhelmed and also there is no need of purchasing any equipment for this. While walking can be a good exercise, jogging or brisk running can have much more benefits in terms of the amount of visceral fats and calories burned.
  • Lunges: Lunges can be a very effective way to lose weight and burn calories. For doing it, start standing upright and tall with the hands on the hip. Then, place one leg forward while the other leg stays at its original position. Lower the body such that knees form a right angle and spine should remain straight. Remain the same for a moment and then move back with the same leg. Repeat the same about 10 times

It helps in activating hamstrung, quads, and glute at the same time and also causes to sweat more and burn more calories and thus reduce weight.

Squats: It is a very effective exercise for weight loss and very easy to do. Standing firmly on the feet, slowly place bodyweight on heels and lower the legs with arms raised and back remaining straight. Continue the same activity 10-15 times. As such, this exercise is also very helpful in burning calories and fats, leading to weight loss.
Burpees: Burpees, in addition to weight loss, also help in building muscles. Standing straight on your feet, bend your knees and at the same time, push the hips backward. Lower the body like the squat. Put the hands on the floor and put the body weight on your hands. It helps in the healthy development of muscles and the body as a whole.
Power Yoga: It is a form of energetic workout which combines strength training, body balance, and flexibility. The various Yoga postures are in themselves challenging for the body and one needs to move from one body posture to another rapidly. Along with burning fats and calories, it also helps in strengthening bones and muscles.
Jump Rope: Skipping or Jump Rope is another calorie and fat-burning exercise which is best and easy for beginners. As per studies, with a half-hour of jump rope exercise, up to 318 Calories can be burned and along with that, it is also beneficial for the heart and muscular system.
Planks: Another effective exercise for weight loss is Planks. In doing planks, multiple muscles come into work at the same time, which helps in increasing core strength in the muscle and the body as a whole. It also helps in burning fats in the abdomen area and at the same time helps in increasing body flexibility.


Doing Exercises regularly can be very beneficial for losing weight that the individual would not even need any additional medicine or equipment for weight loss. The above mentioned are some of those exercises which can help in reducing weight and at the same time, benefitting the body in multiple ways.

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