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What Are The Foods And Drinks To Have Before Bed?

What Are The Foods ,Drinks To Have Before Bed

Sleep allows our bodies to grow and recover. It helps in conserving energy, repairing muscle, and helping the brain to function properly. Getting enough sleep can help us to attain our fitness goals faster and also improve our mood.

What Are The Foods And Drinks To Have Before Bed?


So it is important for an average person to have seven to eight hours of sleep every day. An easy way to get a good night’s sleep is by eating the right foods. A ‘before bed’ meal should be light and should have the essential nutrients that increase the health benefits that we achieve during sleep. Here are some foods and drinks to have before bedtime.

Types Of Foods


Being said all these there are some foods we should avoid before bed. An important thing to keep in mind is to avoid a large meal. Although we may feel satisfied, our body does not have the ability to digest a heavy meal at night.

Tea and coffee are stimulants that are usually used to increase alertness but nighttime is when our body slows down and drinking these beverages won’t help us to sleep at the desired time ice cream, alcohol, chocolate, fast foods and foods high in sugar are some of the other foods to be avoided.

It can disrupt our sleep cycle, cause dehydration and even fill our guts with empty calories which defeats the whole purpose of sleep.

There are several foods that are best eaten at night because of their ability to induce sleep by controlling the melatonin and serotonin level. Some contain the antioxidants necessary or stress relievers that in turn cause sleep.

Foods that keep us full for many hours without having to eat a huge meal is also good bedtime meal. The bottom line is that a bedtime meal should be light, easy to digest, and loaded with essentials that induce a good night’s sleep.

Apart from these foods staying hydrated can also prevent us from waking up in the middle of the night. Considering sleep is not merely a shutting down process but rather something that restarts our body for a better tomorrow, it is essential for us to have the right meal at the right time.

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