Best Picture Books For Kids Learning To Read!

If your kids are learning to read, you should provide them with interesting books that contain a lot of pictures. This can improve their reading ability by a considerable margin as they can easily understand the stories and topics by seeing the images. These picture books are designed for kids of different age groups, and you can choose them as per your requirements.

Best Picture Books For Kids Learning To Read


Remember to glance at the theme of the story before you purchase them as this will help you to choose suitable topics for your kids. There are many picture books that are very popular due to their good quality content. They have the best quality images that cater to children, along with interesting stories that keep them occupied for a long time.

Best Picture Books For Kids Learning To Read

Why go for picture books?

The picture books are the best source for kids as they contain pictures that can help them to understand the story or content. Their word treasure may be limited, and hence they find it challenging to understand standard books. But this is not the case with books with many pictures.

Adding to this, it is said that with the help of pictures, the children can memorize the stories also. They learn to use various words in different situations also. The words used in such stories help children quickly improve their vocabulary.

How to choose the best picture books for your kids?

When you are choosing picture books for kids who are learning to read, you should take care of certain things. Always choose them as per the interest of your kids. If your kids are interested in reading stories about animals, choose picture books that contain such stories. In the same manner, if you are kids who are interested in reading fantasy stories or real-life stories, you can choose such books for them.

Apart from that, you should also go through the language used in the books to see that it suits the level of understanding of your children. To make things easier for such parents, the booksellers usually mention the age group that is suitable for reading books. In this way, you can choose books according to the age group of your children.

Best picture books for children

These are some of the best picture books that are suitable for children who are just beginning to read. The emphasis is more on the usage of short sentences that can be easily understood by children. Along with that, it contains interesting images that keep the attention of such kids.

  • Garden Day by Candice Ransom

The picture book is about the story of a brother and sister who are interested in gardening. They plant pea seeds in their garden by taking the help of their parents.

However, they need to protect the seeds and plants at a later stage from crows and other birds that can spoil the crop. For this, they build a scarecrow and plant it in their garden. The story is developed in a simple manner and has the best quality images.

Garden Day by Candice Ransom

  • Soccer Time by Terry Pierce

This book is all about scoring a goal. It is best suited for children who are new to this game. Everything is explained in a simple and easy to understand manner. With this book, kids get to understand soccer easily. The story is told in an entertaining manner, along with good pictures.

Your kids will fall in love with this story, and they may even develop some interest in playing soccer. If you are a soccer fan, you should definitely give this book a try as this can boost the spirit of the game in your kids.

Soccer Time by Terry Pierce

  • We are twins by Laura Driscoll

If you have twins at home, you will fall in love with the way this book is written. It is about the story of two twin sisters who have many similarities. However, they also learn about the differences they have and admire them as they make them separate individuals.

It can be an eye-opener for many parents who have twins to know those twin sisters may have completely different thinking towards various things in life. The images are perfectly in sync with the story in this case. Your kids will like the story as it is very simple to understand. The choice of words is also good as it is written, keeping in mind the vocabulary of young children.

We are twins by Laura Driscoll

  • I love my grandma by Frances Gilbert

This is about the story of a little girl who gets excited to know about her family lineage. When she gets into her grandma’s house, she gets surprised to know about many things regarding her family. The little girl gets fascinated to know about the childhood memories of her grandma.

These are a few of the known storybooks recommended by experts. They are not only known for themes but also for the pictures.

I love my grandma by Frances Gilbert

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