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Best Ways To Straighten Teeth For Adult With Braces

Are you a tad conscious of laughing or even smiling in public? Are your teeth giving you a bad day every time you are digging into a mouthful? Do you often spend hours before the mirror racking why you got that discoloration in your teeth in the first place despite all the daily dental routine? And have you also wondered if you are too old to straighten your crooked teeth?

How To Straighten Teeth At Home?


Well, times are changing and though orthodontics would still recommend tooth straightening as early as the onset of tweens or teens (anywhere between the age 10-14 years is the best time), it’s never too late to get your teeth straightened not only for that beautiful smile but also for them ( your teeth) to function optimally for you. Straightened teeth improve overall oral health.

Apart from cosmetic reasons, you might want to consider why straightened teeth are recommended always:

Who specializes in tooth straightening? 

An orthodontist with a good track record is your go-to person. His skill lies in applying steady pressure on the teeth through a process called ‘orthodontic tooth movement’. The teeth adjust their position accordingly.

The Best Ways to Straighten Crooked Teeth are by using the following Orthodontic Appliances:

     To begin with, the orthodontist will take an impression of your teeth and use it to make an aligner tray.

   One is given to wear a series of aligners every 2 weeks- this moves the teeth up to 0.3mm per aligner until the ideal alignment is reached. Each aligner makes a smooth and mild teeth rotation, without any gum bleeding or pain. Each aligner one wears will align the tooth in the first 24 hours. Still, experts recommend using them consistently over a 14-day period till one is sure that teeth will not rotate back. Aligners work one step at a time, and the results are amazing. Treatment of crooked teeth through aligners is by far the mildest and most fool-proof.

Aligners work best on mild to moderate teeth damage.


Straight teeth provide you confidence in public and have multiple benefits so now you know it’s never too late to take action to transform your smile into that flawless, dazzling one that leaves just the right impact on your audience.

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