Biotox Gold Reviews – Real Facts Revealed!

You might have got emails or seen ads of this supplement called Biotox Gold claiming it has helped many to lose weight within a short span of time. Wondering whether it will help or not? Lets find out the facts in this comprehensive review! You can also check some real customer reviews at the end!

We’re not here to boast the qualities of this weight loss supplement. Our review is focused on the facts we found while analyzing the formula, ingredients, and the effectiveness.

So, let’s start right away!

Product NameBiotox Gold
ManufacturerBiotox Nutrition
Quantity per Bottle60ml
Price$79 (For Single Bottle)

What is Biotox Gold?

Biotox Gold is an organic and herbal liquid supplement that aids your body to lose unhealthy fats by burning it off with regular doses. The supplement targets three key areas that are the biggest culprits of unnecessary weight gain.

Biotox is a far more superior brand than the other weight loss pills in the market because of its unique composition, which is due to years of thorough research and trials by a top team of nutritionists and scientists.

Due to the natural composition in just the right amount, you will see quick and safe results with daily usage. 

There are three major factors that affect your body weight and the fat content present in it. Your body’s metabolism, hormonal levels, and the lack of proper detoxing make you an easy target for undue fat gain while losing out on the absorption of important nutrients.

With such low metabolism and your body filled with a harmful cocktail of stress hormones, exercising only does more harm by pushing your body into an anxiety phase to encourage your fight or flight response.

This does more harm than good as your body stops functioning ideally and lives in survival mode, which means accumulating fat for an imaginary phase where your body thinks you are in danger of starving. Human bodies are amazing but can be our own worst enemy when not regulated.

This is why Biotox Gold was created, as it brings this downward spiral to a halt and helps to reset your body in a phase where it can feel healthy and lose all the fat it has stored.

Long gone are the days to diet till you pass out or have to workout like auditioning for American Ninja Warrior, with Biotox Gold fat loss supplements, you will be able to look your best and feel charged up while doing the bare minimum!


  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Grape seed extract
  • Capsicum extract
  • Glycyrrhizin
  • Eleuthero Root
  • Guarana
  • Malabar Tamarind 
  • Maca Root
  • Irvingia Gabonensis
  • Panax Ginseng

More about Biotox Gold Ingredients

As we stated earlier, Biotox Gold has a natural composition, which makes it perfectly safe to use daily. As compared to other brands of weight loss products, Biotox Gold will never fail you because it is tried and tested with ingredients being a blend of the perfect quantity. Here’s what one bottle of Biotox Gold is made up of:

  1. Garcinia Cambogia: Garcinia cambogia is a South Asian fruit that aids in weight loss by promoting two functions. The extract of this fruit promotes kickstarting your slow metabolism and also slows down the deposit of saturated fats in your body.
  1. Grape seed extracts: Grape seed extracts are extremely helpful in combating unhealthy fats and having a healthy body. It consists of antioxidants and gallic acid that help in eliminating free radicals, burning fat and keeping your gut healthy. A healthy gut results in quicker breakdown of fats so as to not get deposited on your muscles.
  1. Capsicum extracts: Capsicum has long been known for its rich antioxidant content. It also consists of anti-inflammatory ingredients that help in resolving bloating problems. The natural sugars present in capsicum also helps curb your sweet tooth and sugar cravings, thereby keeping your sugar intake controlled. Capsicum also has cancer fighting properties that elevate your overall health and vitality, giving you a boosted immunity upon consumption.
  1. Glycyrrhizin: Glycyrrhizin is one of the best detoxing ingredients that make the composition of Biotox Gold. This ingredient promotes effective detoxing of your digestive and lymphatic system, which promotes a healthy metabolism to burn off fat promptly without letting them settle on your body. It also is known to elevate your body chemistry, thereby improving your mood, reducing stress, and tension.
  1. Eleuthero Root: This ingredient promotes the reduction of stress so that your body can activate its parasympathetic system and leave the flight or fight response caused by stress or anxiety. A reduction in stress allows your body to resume normal functions, which means your weight will be better regulated.

  2. Guarana: What good is a weight loss supplement if it only helps to burn excess fat but not control it from recurring? Guarana does exactly that. Your body is vulnerable to more fat production while you’re burning it off, so this ingredient curbs the chances of fats being deposited again, giving you long-lasting results with consistent use.

Benefits to expect from regular usage

As seen above, the composition of Biotox Gold is completely natural without any manipulation. When consumed in the advised quantity everyday, it can deliver incredible results. Consistency is the key to seeing the long term benefits of Biotox Gold, which are:

  1. Healthy Metabolism: Sitting and working for long hours without any physical exercise can wreck your body’s natural metabolism. Low metabolism means that your digestion quality reduces to a low level.

    When your metabolism is low, it is easier for fat to get deposited on your body. Exercising does not give the same results as before, because it can’t burn the fat already present, which leads to uneven proportions in your body.

    Biotox Gold supplements help to naturally shift your metabolism into high gear, helping it burn fat quickly. Your appetite improves, along with the quality of digestion, allowing your body to absorb nutrients properly. 
  1. Full Body Detox: Living locked up indoors, with little to no movement and a limited lifestyle can make you look and feel dull. Acne, skin problems, and lymphatic dysregulation are one of the biggest issues that come with unhealthy weight gain.

    Biotox Gold addresses this at the root by detoxing your body. The antioxidant-rich supplement flushes toxic waste through your pores, thereby helping you feel youthful and glowy.

    The free radical present on your body gets eliminated, thanks to the detoxing of the body. The natural diuretic properties of the capsicum help in promptly flushing out the waste, showing quick results.
  1. Balanced Hormones And Healthy Regulation: Biotox Gold assists your body to stabilize its hormonal levels by reducing the cortisol levels (stress hormones).

    Overproduction of stress hormones can lead to chronic fatigue and loss of motivation, caused by adrenal fatigue. You may have noticed that stressful work-life reduces your will to work out and play, because of constant fatigue.

    Biotox Gold supplements address this issue at the root and help your body to assume its natural functions, regulating your body chemistry and hormones enough to keep you feeling energetic all day. 

The above are the three most problematic issues that help the accumulation of stubborn fat in the body.

By targeting the three factors, Biotox Gold helps your body regain its stamina, immunity, and vitality while burning off excessive fat.

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Side effects to expect

Our Biotox Gold review is stressed on the fact that this liquid supplement is composed using absolutely natural and organic ingredients, which makes it completely safe to consume regularly.

There are no instances of side-effects reported or observed during or after the use of Biotox Gold Supplements. If you fear gaining double the weight or getting addicted to the supplement, it is virtually impossible since the extracts are just concentrated forms of ingredients you consume daily through food which is not high in quantity enough to make a difference if it was not for Biotox Gold. 

Biotox gold can be used by anyone except for pregnant women and users under the age of 18.

The effective dose advised for Biotox Gold weight loss supplement is ten drops per dose for reaping the maximum benefit. This is a standardized dose that will help everyone, no matter what your body type or weight is. If you think consuming more of it will give quicker results, it is important to remember that self-prescribing a dose above the recommended dosage will not help you. Every dose of 10 drops is curated to start helping your body as per the fat content stored.

How to use?

  1. 30 Drops per day

    Using Biotox Gold weight loss supplements is  incredibly easy and convenient. All you have to do is take three doses of 10 drops each on a daily basis for the best results.

  2. Use liquid dropper

    The supplement of Biotox Gold comes in a sleek bottle with a liquid dropper that can be used directly to consume this supplement.

  3. Schedule your dosage

    A schedule of taking three doses in the morning, afternoon and evening will give you the most benefit as these doses will be evenly spaced with time for the body to process each dose well.

Is Biotox Gold a Scam?

Biotox Gold is NOT a magic pill. It is a natural ingredient consisting supplement that is great for your body’s metabolism, hormonal levels and organ health.

It undoes the damage done by stress and lack of exercise by raising your body’s core temperature. This helps to bring your metabolism rate high enough to be able to burn fat while avoiding any build up in the future. 

How long does it take to see the results?

The results of Biotox Gold supplement is variable depending on the body type. The bioavailable composition of this liquid weight loss supplement is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, which means it takes much less time than the supplements available in pill form.

To see prominent results, a person may have to finish up to two bottles if they suffer from a very high amount of body fat accumulation. People with low to moderate amounts of fat accumulation will see a difference within the first few weeks itself.

Other than losing fat and weight, which takes time to show, you will almost immediately experience a better appetite, regulated schedule, and lowered stress levels within the first week of consuming Biotox Gold.

The results for Biotox Gold lasts for a long time once you stop, as there are no withdrawal effects.

However, not exercising and having a stationary lifestyle will lead to quicker accumulation of fat than before your consumption of Biotox Gold, since you need to now make a physical effort to keep your metabolism rate high.

Price and where to get it?

Biotox Gold supplement is available only on their official website, and not on any e-commerce site or grocery stores.

The pricing is very affordable and has great discounted deals that you can snatch today, if you choose to make your purchase.

While one bottle costs you $79, there are better deals on multiple packages, that is the one our Biotox Gold review would recommend you to purchase.

The price of three bottles package brings the price of one bottle to $55 each, while the price of a bottle in the six units package is brought down to $42! What’s better?

If you’re not satisfied with your product in 60 days, they have a complete refund money-back guarantee you can claim without any questions asked. They also ship for free, which is an added perk of buying directly from the official website.

Biotox Gold review verdict


According to the recent survey we’ve done among the users, 83% of them are satisfied with the slight changes they’ve got (improvement in energy level and slight reduction in body weight). But, Since it’s a newly launched supplement none of them have completed the full course yet.

If you see any unbelievable before and after user photos (other than the pics they shared on the official website), they all are fake. The product is genuine and effective for most of the users. There are no side effects reported yet. The formula behind the supplement seems to be strong and scientifically proven (check references).

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Our Biotox Gold review has came down to the conclusion that this supplement is genuine, natural, and free from any harmful side-effects.

The customer reviews all claim to have higher levels of energy while feeling well-rested after consuming it.

Quick results were delivered, not overnight though, thanks to the 20 natural ingredients from plant extracts. Since there is a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee, it is totally safe to try the supplement.

Do check the real customer reviews below.

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