Can Eye Drops Improve Close Up Vision? All You Need To Know

People nowadays are so obsessed with their phones. Due to this, they have started losing their visions. Close-up Vision is a kind of common vision condition that causes blurry vision at close range and is also called hyperopia, or farsightedness.

Reasons People Use Eye Drops


In farsightedness, you can generally see the result of a flat cornea or short eyeball, which causes light to focus indirectly on the retina.

Reasons People Use Eye Drops

There are many ways to treat close-up vision like by wearing prescription lenses or eye drops. Wearing prescription lenses treats farsightedness by reducing the curvature of the cornea or the smaller size of the eye.

Eye drops can also be called liquid drops which are applied directly to the surface of the eye. Eye drops usually contain saline to match the salinity of the eye. There are many reasons people use eye drops. 

  • Dilating drops during eye exams
  • Lubricating drops for dry eye
  • Redness-relieving drops
  • Itch-relieving drops for allergy
  • Numbing drops before surgery
  • Antibiotic drops for some infections
  • For long term treatment of glaucoma you can use pressure-lowering drops.

Benefits Of Eye Drops

Eye drops can be beneficial for many reasons. There are different eye drops for different eye problems. And one of the eye problems is farsightedness. Many people have close-up visions just because of their age. The Food and Drug Association has approved the use of eye-drop medicine and could replace reading glasses with blurry visions.

FDA (Food and Drug Association) has come up with a product called Vuity which has been approved by the FDA in October and went on the market last week.

Vuity is an eye drop that is used to improve the close-up vision and reduce the blurry effects. One of the active ingredients is a drug called pilocarpine, which is not a new medication. Pilocarpine is a volatile alkaloid that is obtained from jaborandi leaves, which is used to contract the pupils of the eye and also helps in relieving the pressure in the eye in patients who are suffering from glaucoma. Vuity is one of the oldest drops that we have in ophthalmology.

How Do Vuity Eye Drops Work?

Vuity eye drop is used for treating people with close-up vision or farsightedness. This eye drop contains a medication that has been used for more than a hundred years and is present at higher concentrations. It works by temporarily decreasing the size of the pupil by using the low dose in the vuity eye drops. Due to this close-up vision is improved.

Experts said that vuity eye drops are most effective for people who are under 55 years old.

How Do Vuity Eye Drops Work

There was an experiment in which people from the age 40 to 55 years old with presbyopia have willingly participated. About 750 people participated in that research. Researchers reported that vuity helped people read an average of 3 extra lines in an optometrist’s vision chart in low light.

There were many more patients who were able to improve their near vision by 3 lines or more. 

Vuity eye drop is a medication that is used to treat age related farsightedness (presbyopia). Vuity eye drops do not impair distance vision. The makers of the vuility eye drops said that a single drop in each eye which is used once on a daily basis began to work in about 15 minutes. It helped to improve the close-range vision up to 6 hours. 

You cannot use vuility without a prescription. You first need to get a check-up from an eye doctor and if the doctor allows or gives permission to use vuity eye drops then you can use or you should buy. 

Allergan is an AbbVie company that makes Vuity eye drops and is approved by the FDA. 

There are many more ways through which you can improve your close up vision and these are:

  • Eating healthy for your eyes
  • Exercise the muscles of the eye
  • Vision can be improved by doing full body exercise
  • The Eyes also need some rest, so you should always close your eyes whenever ii needs rest.
  • You shouldn’t stress out your eyes a lot, create an eye-friendly surroundings.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Go for regular eye checkups or eye exams
  • Get enough sleep 

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