Can Human Growth Hormone Really Help You To Burn Visceral Fat?

Human growth hormone(HGH), also known as Somatotropin, stimulates your growth, cell reproduction, and regeneration. It is a peptide hormone that is vital for human growth.

Can Human Growth Hormone Help You Burn Fat?


Can this human growth hormone helps you to burn fat? If yes, then how? That’s what we are discussing in this article. Read on this article until the end to know what is HGH, how it works, and how it affects the human body.  

Can Human Growth Hormone Really Help You To Burn Visceral Fat

What is the human growth hormone?

Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. It is a chemical compound that is responsible for the growth of your body. It also helps in your body’s metabolic activities.

This protein hormone contains 190 amino acids that are synthesized and secreted by the cells known as somatotrophs. These cells are present in the anterior pituitary gland. Its activities have two types of effects. They are:    

  • Direct effect: this is due to the result of the growth hormone binding its receptors on target cells.
  • Indirect effect: this is due to the response of insulin hormones secreted by the liver to the activities of growth hormone.  

 The function of growth hormones is to stimulate body growth which is a very important process. For this, HGH stimulates the liver and other tissues to secrete Insulin-like growth hormones (IGF-1) that proliferate cartilage cells. This results in bone and muscle growth in the human body. The growth hormone has an important role in metabolic activities too. 

How does HGH hormone work?

The human growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland for growth and development in the human body. Apart from human growth, it has effects on many other processes. Rate of secretion of HGH hormone alters by different facts. The rate will be at a peak in teenagers and decreases with age. HGH acts directly on IGF-1 produced by the liver to stimulate growth in children. But too much production of HGH leads to the condition known as gigantism and its deficiency occurs many other serious health conditions. 

How HGH manage obesity?

400;”>Obesity is a major problem that disturbs people especially middle-aged people. Many scientific researches found that HGH can help you to lose your stubborn fat or visceral fat(fat around the abdomen). Growth hormones burn fat and convert them into energy or fuel required for various metabolic activities occurring in your body. But obese people produce less amount of growth hormone. HGH works in two ways on obese people. They are:

  • HGH binds to a fat cell receptor. This process triggers a reaction known as lipolysis. Lipolysis is an enzymatic reaction that breaks down the fat accumulated in the cell.  
  • HGH hormones inhibit the secretion of insulin, thus destructing the fat cells. 

GH hormones decrease the uptake of fatty acids by fat storage cells. It also controls lipoprotein lipase, to stop the build-up of triglycerides in fatty acids. This makes your body to utilize those fatty acids as an energy source for other metabolic activities and leads to the reduced usage of sugars and proteins for energy.

GH also manages the breakdown of skeletal muscles. When you eat few calories, which is not sufficient by your body, then GH hormones set up your body to utilize excess fat as a source of energy rather than using useful proteins and nutrients.

Many studies have proven that GH replacement with or without diet reduces your stubborn fat, especially visceral fat. Many fat burning supplements are available in the market which is not at all effective. The reason behind this is that those supplements are not trying to find or overcome the proper cause of becoming fat or obese. From our research, we found that the Resurge weight loss supplement follows the proper dimension of burning fat. It improves the metabolic activities of your body by providing deep sleep and HGH hormone is produced during this time. Thus Resurge supplement focuses on the importance of HGH hormone that helps your body to improve metabolic activities and to lose stubborn fat. 


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