How To Prevent Cancer Recurrence? 8 Best Ways To Follow!

Thanks to the many recent innovations in science and technology, there are many diseases that have become preventable now. This includes an illness as dangerous as cancer. Many patients have now come out of the very darkness of cancer and survived it. But, do you know what the worst part is after one has conquered … Read more

Can You Treat Cancer Without Chemo? How It is Possible?

Can You Treat Cancer Without Chemo (2) (1)

What terms do you think of when talking about cancer? It is likely the term “chemotherapy” will come to mind first. Nevertheless, chemo is not the first treatment to be considered. Chemotherapy is sometimes overshadowed by other treatments with less severe side effects. Today, oncologists can tailor cancer treatments to each patient’s specific type of … Read more

What Is The Survival Rate Of People With Bladder Cancer?


The word cancer often sends a shiver running down most of our spines. What was once an insurmountable illness that signaled definite death for the afflicted, has today become just another hurdle that mankind has jumped over. With the advent of newer technology and research in the field of human health, cancer has found itself … Read more