Children Learning Reading Review: A 12-week Learning Course for Children?

If you leave off without reading this review, then it would be a dramatic decision for you and your children. So I urge you to read this Children Learning Reading review to know how worthwhile the program will be.

Children Learning Reading is a proven formula that enables any parent to develop and improve the learning and reading capabilities of their children. It seemed to be a good idea, does it work? Is it possible to teach your children to read at home? Read on to find out.

Children Learning Reading Review


The age of three is a good time to introduce your children to books, coaching them to read and look beyond fancy pictures. Because at this age their brain would be open to receiving new skills.

Programs that claim to help your children are many these days, but as a parent, it can be a tricky task to pick a program that could possibly have an impact on your child’s future.

Children Learning Reading is an ebook that targets the early learning years in a child’s life and helps them develop reading capabilities.

Read on to get the complete details and know whether The Children Learning Reading program is worth a try for improving your child’s capabilities to learn and read.

Program TitleChildren Learning Reading 
Overall rating★★★★☆ (4.5/5.0)
Price$39 (Check for discount)
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

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What Is the Child Learning Reading Program?

The Children Learning Reading program, designed by Jim Yang, is a detailed 12-week course that aims to help your child to learn reading.

The program is divided into 2 stages, each consisting of a Children Learning Reading PDF. The program is further broken down into 50 structured lessons, which parents and children can complete at their own pace.

The contents included in the ebook are aimed at creating phonemic awareness in your child. Phonemic awareness is important as it helps children approach new and difficult words with much more ease.

Once children are comfortable with phonemes, that is the sound an alphabet makes, the program then moves on to stringing together different alphabets, learning new words and the sounds they make.

What’s Inside The Children Learning Reading Program?

As mentioned above, Children’s Learning Reading consists of two stages. The first stage consists of 28 lessons that revolve around the alphabet and the sounds that each and every 26 of them make.

Eventually, small and simple words are introduced, and in the end, your child will be comfortable reading sentences, rhymes, and even short passages.

Stage 1 of the program paves a strong foundation for your children. This helps them to withstand the complexity in the second stage.

Stage 2 consists of 22 lessons that build on the skills your child has acquired in Stage 1. The lessons become increasingly complex with the introduction of big words, letters, complex sentences, and paragraphs.

Along with lessons targeted at Phonics Foundation and Advanced Phonics, the digital download package also includes a range of Children Learning Reading bonuses.

It includes lesson stories, MP3 audio clips, and nursery rhymes. The premium plan also includes free Children Learning Reading video lessons.

Lifetime upgrade is another incentive that is incorporated in both plans available on the official website.

About The Creator

Children Learning Reading program was created by Jim Yang. Jim and his wife Elena are proud parents of their 4 kids. This program was developed to help their own children read effectively before the age of three.

Being a veteran reading teacher, Jim understands the importance of the time-tested formula of Phonics which is a building block in learning any new language.

Witnessing the success of the program, Jim decided to help other parents teach kids the skill of reading in their own free time.

Does Children Learning Reading Work?

The effectiveness of the program depends on the effort you make and your child’s ability. There is nothing wrong with your child being a slow learner.

If your child is a slow learner, then it will take a few additional weeks to complete the course. The key point here is that parents need to spend a minimum of 15 minutes in their day working alongside their children.

The program follows the traditional approach of building a strong foundation by understanding the various sounds associated with each alphabet.

Phonics is important because it not only helps children identify individual alphabets, but it also enables them to read unfamiliar words correctly on their own.

One thing that is common among most of the Children’s Learning Reading reviews is that parents need to invest time with their children in this program. Buying a plan and working on it once a week will not get you the same results.

Children Learning Reading Program

Who Is Children Learning Reading For?

As you must have already read in the Children Learning Reading reviews online, the program is for children falling in the age group of 2 to 6 years.

Parents should actively start getting involved in their children’s learning journey as early as possible as an early effort sets them for a promising future.

If spending 15 minutes in a day for reading lessons with your child seems like a task, then this program is not meant for you.

children's learning books free download pdf

What Will You Learn From Children Learning Reading?

The Children Learning Reading program is built upon the principles of phonics and phonemes. They are the primary building blocks associated with reading.

Through this program, your child will understand how the letters of the alphabet are pronounced individually, and how the sound of the same alphabet changes when used in a word.

Understanding this distinction is essential, as this phonics is what builds the foundation on which children can confidently approach new words and longer sentences.

When they start recognizing and pronouncing new words on their own, it instils in them a strong sense of confidence, which can go a long way once they begin their academic journeys.

Children Learning Reading customer reviews

Pros And Cons Of Children Learning Reading program


  • Step by step, detailed information is provided for each lesson.
  • User-friendly approach for both parents and children.
  • Strengthens the base of your child
  • Affordable and reasonable price
  • Free Children Learning Reading bonuses with the purchase of either standard or premium package.
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Works well on both your computer and mobile phone.


  • The program is available only in digital format.
  • Internet connection is mandatory to go through the lessons.
  • Requires dedicated effort from the parent’s end.

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How Will Your Child Benefit From the Children Learning Reading Program?

  • The Children’s Learning Reading program helps children to understand the alphabet and its sounds in their early learning years.
  • It provides children with the much-needed boost to take on complex sentences and paragraphs as they move through different grades at school.
  • It instils a sense of confidence among children and encourages them to learn new skills without any apprehensions.
  • This program is effective for first or second-grade students as well, who are falling behind due to weak reading capabilities.
  • With improved communication skills, your children can easily learn and interact with others in the future.

Children Learning Reading Price And Plans

There are two packages available for Children Learning Reading.

The Standard package is available on the official website for $39.

Children Learning Reading program also offers a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee for 60 days.

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Children Learning Reading Bonuses 

The Children Learning Reading premium package comes with additional bonuses as below:

  1. Lesson Videos: A 12-week documentation of how the program can easily be taught to toddlers. The lessons in the video are taught by Jim and Elena themselves to their second child, Ethan. It also demonstrates a lesson-by-lesson proof of progress achieved.
  2. Stage 1 Pre-set printouts: Complete set of printouts of all the lessons in stage 1 as it is used by Jim himself.
  3. Stage 2 Pre-set printouts: Complete set of printouts of all the lessons in stage 2 as used it is by Jim himself.
  4. Rhymes: An illustrated colouring book for all the rhymes available in stage 2.
Children Learning Reading bonuses


When choosing a program that is aimed at improving the capability of your child, you need to understand the type of investment you are making in the program, in terms of time, effort, and money.

The Children Learning Reading program aims to develop a strong foundation on which your child can advance on themselves.

The program gives an extra edge for your child to learn and absorb more things around them.

So is this program worth a try? I would answer a big YES.

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Frequently asked question

Does Children Learning Reading offer a free trial option?

The program does not offer a free trial. But you can enrol for a risk-free Children Learning Reading trial, and get access to the complete program along with bonuses for 14 days, only $9.

Is the Children Learning Reading program available in an offline mode?

No. The Children Learning Reading program is available only in digital format.

Where can I purchase the standard package for Children’s Learning Reading?

You can visit the official website for Children Learning Reading for purchasing both the Standard and Premium packages.

What is the cost of a Children’s Learning Reading standard package?

The standard package for Children Learning Reading costs $69.

How long do I have to wait for the Children Learning Reading PDF once I purchase a package?

Children Learning Reading downloads are instant. You can download and start using the PDFs all within 30 seconds.

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