Cholesterol Treatment for Hair – All Whats and Hows

A process used by Americans and Africans for decades is now resurfacing the trends and for good reasons. To begin with, Cholesterol, a natural emulsifier, helps to repair and restore moisture in the hair and mend the damaged and dehydrated hair. This is considered to be one of the inexpensive hair treatments with absolute astonishing and natural results.

When And How Often To Use It?


Most shampoos and conditioners include cholesterol in their formulation to some extent. Rich with ingredients like lipid and fat, cholesterol for hair has over the years proved itself as a treatment worth applying. 

Cholesterol Treatment for Hair - All Whats and Hows

Pollution, styling, chemicals and heat damages the hairs to such an extent where it becomes dry, frizzy, thin, dehydrated and eventually ends up splitting and breakage. Cholesterol treatment ensures the good health of the hair by restoring the moisture that it needs for healthy growth without overdoing the grease or accumulated layers of oil. With its easy process of applying and rinsing off, it can be done by anyone, at home or salons. 

Cholesterol can be used anytime to maintain the texture and moisture of the hair. However, the number of times to use it depends on the damage levels of the hair. Using once a week can rejuvenate the hair to its bloom. Once the hair reaches a decent condition, the application can be lowered down to once every one or two months. 

To apply cholesterol, one needs to understand the basics of damaged hair. After understanding that one can clearly make an idea of how long to keep it after application. Usually, 15mins to an hour is the limit to leave it on hair before rising off. 

Types of Cholesterol for Hair Treatments

  • Hot Oil Hair Cholesterol Treatment

This is a natural procedure that helps retain the moisture and heal the brittle, dry and damaged hair due to long exposure to chemicals, heat or coloring treatments. The process usually goes after shampooing where one needs to apply the hot oil and wrap the hair with plastic for sometime before rinsing off with lukewarm water. This brings back the shine and makes the hair look naturally healthy and moisturized.    

  • Homemade Treatment of Cholesterol on Hair

Surprisingly, one of the oldest and frequently used homemade techniques is the application of a beloved dressing, available in almost all households- Mayonnaise. And for a long time, before all this variety of products were made, mayonnaise was used as a conditioner till the smell of it became problematic. Other home-made or household items include eggs and oils. No matter the smell, these items are still used to get the cheapest home-made cholesterol for hair treatment for its results. They make the hair voluminous, sheen, shiny, soft and smooth with visible results. The best way to get away from the smell would be by buying store-packed mayonnaise with herbs. 

  • Deep Conditioning Cholesterol for Hair Treatment

The professional technique of cholesterol hair treatment is deep conditioning. The most relied on and used method world-wide, this one right here helps to get rid of all the problems of dealing with smell, application and mistakes. Slightly pricier than the other methods, this is the most convenient with less personal effort and in a monitored environment. 

This simple procedure starts with applying the right amounts of conditioner from the ends to the top of the hair and then leaving it for approximately 15minutes to an hour, depending on the damage. After the application one needs to cover the hair with a plastic cap to store the heat released from the skin which enhances the effects. In the end, the hair is wrapped with a hooded dryer or warm towel.

Cholesterol for hair treatment is the most used and dependable treatment out there. We all use cholesterol for our hairs at some time or the other but treatments like the ones abovementioned are required only if the hair is severely dry, damaged, brittle, dehydrated. However, one with normal and hydrated hair can use this occasionally to maintain health. Prolonged exposure to the sun and pollution is something one can hardly ignore in the hustle of daily lives. 

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