Should You Fast Before A Cholesterol Test? Thing To Look Out!

Cholesterol Test

Fasting to be done before taking blood samples is not of one kind alone. Some cholesterol tests also called lipid panels or lipid profiles may require you to fast for 8 hours or more as per their requirement. You must ask your doctor clearly if you can take black coffee or other beverages during your … Read more

How To Prevent & Maintain Cholesterol?


As you grow older, the looming threat of problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart diseases, et cetera can seem very daunting. If you follow an especially unhealthy life, then this threat becomes increasingly glaring. If you know someone who suffers from cholesterol, then you might be acquainted with the associated symptoms such … Read more

Does Eating And Lifestyle Habits Affect Cholesterol Level?


If you suffer from high cholesterol, then there is a good chance that you have poured over various studies to find out what exactly is the most effective way to bring it down. Numerous doctor visits and medical bills later, you have probably learned that your lifestyle affects the cholesterol level in your body. While … Read more

How To Regulate Cholesterol By Healthy Diet And What To Eat?


If you are nearing your mid-thirties, then you are probably paying close attention to your health, and are daunted by words such as cholesterol or high pressure. You see, cholesterol is a substance produced by your liver when you consume food items such as eggs, meat or even dairy products. You are someone who enjoys … Read more

How Sugar Really Affects Your Cholesterol?


Excess intake of sugar plays a vital role in increasing the cholesterol levels of your body. According to a study, consuming sugar can also increase the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Consuming more added sugar can result in lower “good” cholesterol or HDL levels, and HDL results in taking excess “bad” cholesterol or LDL to the … Read more