Chronic Tonsil And Adenoid Infections: All You Needs To Know!

Every year, throughout the world, several people get affected by tonsil and adenoid infections. Adenoids are those tissues that keep our bodies healthy. Like the tonsils in our body, adenoids also help us to get rid of harmful germs. We all have the idea that every minute bulk harmful germs and bacteria pass through our nose or mouth and enter into the body.

How To Cure Chronic Tonsil And Adenoid Infections?


The task of adenoid is keeping that bacteria and germs at a bay. Adenoid also produces an antibody to boost our immunity system. Tonsils can be seen while opening the mouth. But, adenoids cannot be seen at the time you wide open your mouth.

 Chronic Tonsil & Adenoid Infections

Tonsils and adenoids both are part of the lymphatic system. Sometimes, especially at the time of weather changes, our tonsils and adenoids get infected by harmful germs. As a result, the adenoids get swollen and frequent tonsillitis takes place. Let’s shed light on the causes, symptoms, and remedies of chronic tonsils and adenoid infections. 

Chronic Tonsil infection

Tonsil infection happens when the tonsils become affected by bacteria and germs. When this tonsil infection occurs frequently, it is said to be a chronic tonsil infection. Chronic tonsil infection is difficult to cure. 

Symptoms of chronic tonsil infections

  • The infected person frequently feels soreness in the throat
  • A low grade or high grade of fever can be felt
  • A mild to moderate headache generally
  • Loss of appetite
  • An overall weakness
  • Drowsiness
  • A moderate feeling of nausea and vomiting
  • Pain in stomach
  • Redness in the throat
  • Swelling in tonsils
  • Irritability
  • Feeling exhausted


In most cases, infection in the tonsils is caused by the virus. It is said another cause of tonsil infection is sudden attack by bacteria. Mainly, Streptococcus pyogenes is considered to be the primary bacteria responsible for tonsil infections. Though other bacteria cause tonsil infections. Chronic tonsil infection is the result of the failure of our immune system. Our immune system sometimes loses its capacity to defend against viruses and bacteria. The loss of immunity declines the function of our immune system.


Treatment of adenoid infection comes under two categories.

Medical treatment

Generally, the doctor prescribes antibiotics to treat chronic tonsil infections. However, antibiotics work best at the primary stages.

Surgical treatment

Surgery is the ultimate stage to cure chronic tonsil infections. Two different kinds of surgeries are there. 

  • Tonsillectomy- In this surgery, doctors remove the tonsils so that the patients get rid of chronic tonsillitis.  
  • Laser Tonsil Ablation- It is a surgical procedure in which the hypertrophic tissue has been removed. 

Chronic Adenoid infection

When the bacteria and harmful germs affect our adenoids, the adenoid infection occurs. The adenoid glands become infected and swollen. The chronic adenoid infection is called adenoiditis. Due to the loss of immunity, the adenoid becomes unable to impede the harmful bacteria and viruses from entering the body. 

Symptoms of chronic Adenoid infection

  • Extreme sore throat
  • Stuffy or runny nose most of the time of a day
  • Mild to moderate ear pain
  • Other ear problems
  • Dryness in the throat
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Sleep apnea
  • Irritability
  • A feeling of drowsiness


The underlying cause of developing Adenoid infection is bacterial attack. When the bacteria passes through our mouth and throat, it attacks the adenoid glands and the adenoid infection takes place. In the case of chronic adenoid infection, the immunity system plays an important role. Due to a poor immune system, our body does not become able to cope with harmful viruses. Consequently, chronic infections like adenoiditis occur. 


Two types of treatments are available to treat chronic adenoiditis.

Medical treatment

In this procedure, the patients have to rely on antibiotics, drops, and other medications prescribed by doctors. 

Surgical treatment

In this procedure, the doctors remove the adenoid, which is called adenoidectomy.

Other Remedies To Cure Chronic Tonsils And adenoids

Medication and surgery seem to provide very good results to the sufferers. However, there are other remedies or therapies that can improve chronic conditions. Let’s discuss them. 

Yoga and breathing exercises

It has been extensively seen that yoga has improved both of the conditions to a greater extent. Basically, yoga improves blood circulation throughout the body and strengthens our immunity system so that it can fight viruses and bacteria. Yoga postures like shoulder stand, headstand, bridge pose, downward-facing dog pose, cobra pose, etc., seem to be quite beneficial for all kinds of lymphatic problems. 

Breathing exercises are also helpful to cure tonsillitis and adenoiditis. In the ancient ages, the sages used to do breathing exercises or pranayama to improve the blood circulation in the body and treat a variety of health conditions. In pranayama, you can do anulom-vilom or alternative breathing, kapalvati or fire of breath, svastika, etc. There are other ways to do breathing exercises that can alleviate the condition from its roots. 

Ayurveda remedies

For years, Ayurveda remedies have been endeared in the houses of every Indian to cure simple to complicated health conditions. In every Indian kitchen, you will get assorted herbs that can wonderfully cure many health disorders. Tonsillitis and adenoiditis, both have a cure in Ayurveda. 

1. Licorice extract

Licorice extract is very renowned in treating lymphatic disorders. It can cure both the above-mentioned disorders to a greater extent. The licorice dust drenched in the water for a night is the solution to chronic tonsil and adenoid infections.

2. Raw honey in warm water

An excellent remedy to cure tonsil and adenoid problems. Honey is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties. For a chronic condition, you need to take a glass of warm or rather say lukewarm water and mix a spoonful of honey into it. Every morning take it on an empty stomach. You can see the improvement in one month.

3. Ginger, black pepper and peepali

In Ayurveda, the combination of these three ingredients is called ‘Trikatu churn. It is very effective in curing all lymphatic disorders. You need to take this with a glass of warm water to get rid of the chronic tonsil and adenoid infections. Must have it in the morning on an empty stomach.

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