Covid 19 And People With Disabilities: Know The Facts

In the current scenario, we can see everyone struggling from the effects of the covid 19 viruses. This has caused many of the businesses to shut down and almost all the people have been migrated to work from home culture. People are not able to move out and have been mentally affected as well.

Covid 19 And People With Disabilities


Although the covid 19 viruses are affecting all age groups, people with disabilities are affected the most and have faced chronic situations.

Covid 19 And People With Disabilities

What is Coronavirus?

This is a family of viruses that can cause serious illness from a common cold to much more harsh diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome also known as MERS-Cov and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome also known as SARS-Cov of which are highly contiguous and life-threatening. Coronavirus was discovered in late 2019 and was not found earlier in humans.

Detailed research has found that coronavirus is zoonotic which means it can be spread between animals and humans. The common signs of coronavirus are cough, fever, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties, and severe cases include kidney failure, pneumonia, lung disorders, and even death.

The standard practice to avoid getting infected is to wash hands regularly and maintaining social distance. If a person is found to be infected, he or she should self isolate so as to not spread the virus. One should also cover their mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing and should properly cook their eggs and meat.

The research has shown that the coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in psychological issues in both the general public and people with disabilities. Research has also been said that this pandemic will put a huge toll on people with disabilities as they are mostly considered to have less access to socioeconomic ideals and various support networks.

How to help people with disabilities in covid 19?

  • Make better policies – The government should make extra efforts in enforcing policies that benefit people with disabilities as this will help them to seek out the medical assistance that is being needed. Government should work with health care units in understanding what are the obstacles faced by this group and make amends.
  • Train health care people – Health care employees should be trained on how to handle situations with disabilities people. There should be good service and delivery of essentials and constant check up for people with disabilities.
  • Get more R & D – Research and development should be improved so as to identify the areas that are lacking progress to better serve people with disabilities. We should gather all the data and evaluate the various strengths and weakness of our system and how to improve them.
  • Train people with disabilities – The person who can help oneself is the patient himself. We should train people with disabilities to take care of themselves in small tasks and help them understand the social construct and how to help each other.
  • Make better accommodation – People with disabilities might need better accommodation facilities as compared to normal people. Health care centres and hospitals should make special provisions for this as this will help them in if they are admitted.

In the latest data it has been shown that people with disabilities are getting better however we need to cater to them more as if contact with the virus they are more probable to develop many severe conditions than ordinary people due to weak immune system or could also cause complications with their other medications.

The families could be the most helpful in taking care of people with disabilities as they know their daily routine and can help them in a much better way than the health care professionals. People with disabilities should refrain from going out much during the pandemic but should not also be confined in the four walls. Appropriate measures should be taken for them while going out.

People with disabilities should have a regular check-up with their doctors, especially during the pandemic so as to see if there are no underlying conditions that are not visible to the naked eye. They should continue their medication as prescribed by their doctors and if in case of any doubts reach out to their treating physician. 

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