Is There A Cure For Heart Diseases? How It Is Possible?

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death around the world. Every year millions of people die while suffering from different heart ailments. Billions of dollars are spent every year to find treatments and cures for different forms of heart diseases which include valve diseases, coronary artery disease, cardiac attacks, etc.

How To Prevent The Body From Heart Diseases?


There can be a large variety of reasons that can be caused by these heart diseases which include high blood pressure, lack of sleep, excessive stress and anxiety levels, genetic factors, etc.

Heart Diseases

 Before going into these treatments and curative methods for curing heart diseases, let us have a look at how heart diseases can be nipped off in the bud.

How To Prevent The Body From Heart Diseases?

High blood pressure, high levels of fat in the body, and higher levels of cholesterol are the chief causes of most heart diseases. The following are a few of the ways that could be followed to ensure that one does not contact heart diseases in the first place:

1.      Exercising regularly: Exercising regularly and engaging in physical activity can be highly beneficial in the maintenance of a healthy body free from excess fats and carbs. The aerobic, stretching, and yogic exercises involve a lot of movement of the body which in turn help in the burning of excess fat thereby decreasing the chances of contracting heart diseases.

2.      Losing Weight: Weight gain is one of the chief causes behind a wide variety of lethal diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. By losing weight and maintaining healthy body weight, one can save oneself from falling into the trap of lethal heart diseases.

3.      Eating Healthy Foods: Healthy eating habits can be the best way of preventing and protecting the body from contracting heart diseases. Consumption of unhealthy and junk food leads to an increased level of bad cholesterol and accumulated fat inside the body which are a major cause of high blood pressure as well as the worsened performance of the heart. As such eating healthy and nutrient-rich food can be highly beneficial in ensuring that one does not contract any heart disease in the first place and no need arises of finding a cure.

Is There A Cure For Heart Diseases?

However, the question remains ‘is there any cure for heart diseases?’. While the answer to this is no, as there is no specific cure that has been found to successfully treat heart diseases, a variety of methods and techniques have been developed for managing and treating heart ailments to a great extent. The following are some of the curative measures that can be taken help of, to treat and manage heart disease:

1.      Changes in Lifestyle: The risks from heart diseases can be reduced by the adoption of a good and healthy lifestyle. To lower the risk of heart diseases, one should intake low fat and low sodium diet which can help in decreasing fat and cholesterol accumulation as well as keep blood pressure under control. The individuals should also engage, at least half an hour, in exercises daily and at the same time quit smoking and limit alcohol and sugary foods consumption.

2.      Medications: the changes in the lifestyle do not work, medications, as prescribed by a concerned medical professional can help in managing and treating heart diseases. The kind of medication you would receive would depend on the kind of heart disease you are suffering. Some medications include:

  •  Beta-Blockers/ ACE inhibitors can help control high blood pressure which is one of the chief threats to the proper functioning of the heart.
  • Statins could help lower the level of bad cholesterol in the body thereby reducing the risk of heart diseases to a great extent.
  • Blood thinners are also helpful in the treatment of heart diseases as they help in reducing the risks of blood clots and thereby preventing complications that may arise from heart diseases.

3.      Medical procedures and surgeries: Even after trying lifestyle changes and medications, if the problem persists, medical procedures and surgeries can be the only viable option. Such procedures and surgeries also vary with different kinds of heart diseases:

  •  Stent: It is a small tube that is placed to make an artery to be kept open when there is a blockage in the heart.
  • Pacemaker: It is a kind of small device that is implanted in the chest. It sends electrical signals to the heart which help in removing irregularities from the cardiac pathways.
  •  Bypass Surgery: It is a type of surgery done for redirecting the flow of blood around a blocked artery.


Heart diseases have become so common these days, due to sedentary lifestyle as well as growing consumption of unhealthy foods, that at least 1 in 5 persons is suffering from some of the other heart ailments. While there is no complete cure for heart diseases, a large variety of preventive measures as well as medical treatments are available for managing and reducing the incidence of it as well as curing it as mentioned above.

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