Can Diet Help You Avoid Glaucoma?

A healthy diet is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The reduced intake of healthy foods including green vegetables and fruits may influence diseases like Glaucoma.

Glaucoma is the second largest cause of blindness in people, especially affecting the old. Some researchers have shown that including green vegetables, plenty of fruits like oranges and peaches can improve eye health and reduce the chance of such disease.

Glaucoma – A Short Note


As said above, Glaucoma is one of the main reasons for blindness in people, it is just behind the Cataract, which is the main reason for blindness in people.

Diet  Avoids Glaucoma

Many people who are affected by Glaucoma are not aware of its presence. Since it doesn’t show any symptoms like other diseases. 

Glaucoma damages your optic nerve, which leads to complete blindness with no cure. It is often caused by the build-up of pressure inside the eyes.

There are several foods considered helpful to reduce eye pressure and also reduce the formation of glaucoma. This article will help you to find the best foods to add to your diet plan and reduce the chance of glaucoma.

Best Foods To Add To Your Glaucoma Diet Plan

👉Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the primary sources of carotenoids. Collard greens, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, green beans, beets, spinach, celery, carrots, peaches, radishes, etc have been found to be more helpful to reduce the chance of Glaucoma.

Foods with antioxidants will add great help to reduce the risk of glaucoma since oxidants cause high pressure in the eyeball.

Fruits and vegetables with antioxidants include pomegranates, dark chocolate, lycopene (from tomato products), acai berries, cranberries, dark green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach, black and green tea, bilberries, and flax seeds are great to choose to add to the diet plan.


Wild-caught salmon, tuna, sardines, herring, and mackerel are some of the best seafood to add to your diet plan.

👉Black currants

Black currants are anthocyanin-rich, which helps to slow down the deterioration of the visual field.


Studies have shown that the intake of eggplants effectively reduces the intraocular pressure in the eyes.

👉Flavonoid drinks

Coco, red wine, and green tea are flavonoid-abundant drinks with anti-oxidant powers and neuroprotective abilities.

Foods- You Should Be Careful Of When You Have Glaucoma

There are certain foods to avoid or minimize in your diet when you have glaucoma. This will help and contribute largely to your overall eye’s health.

  • Caffeine is said to increase eye pressure, making the Glaucoma condition worsen. It is recommended to bring moderation in the intake of caffeine for the well-being of the eyes.
  • Salt is one of the daily necessities in food, which is hard to avoid. It is recommended to use only a minimum amount of salt in your diet plan.
  • Make sure to Maintain a low calorie diet for better eye health.
  • Try to drink a small number of liquids throughout the day, instead of taking them in large quantities.
  • Foods with trans fatty acids like Donuts, french fries should be avoided.
  • Saturated fats including foods like Beef, red meat, oils are recommended to avoid since they can worsen Glaucoma.
  • Keep away the food items that cause you allergies. Allergens can increase the risk of Glaucoma.

Moderation in food is always good for the overall health of your body. These are certain foods that are recommended to be put under moderation in order to maintain the health and wellbeing of the eyes.


Though Glaucoma can’t be cured, there are certain foods to add to your diet that may help to maintain your overall eye health.

Since the disease goes unrecognizable without any symptoms in patients, it is recommended to go for regular eye exams.

Leafy vegetables, vitamin A, vitamins C, etc are considered useful in supporting overall eye health.  And also moderation in foods like salt, caffeine, etc are also necessary.

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