Do You Need Protein Shakes & How It Is Beneficial?

As per studies, the talk and trend in the diet and health industry has in the past few decades, has shifted a lot towards protein intake. Such a hyper-focus on a nutrient isn’t, however, new. At first, Carbohydrates were the talk of the town, then fear shifted to fats and now as an alternative to both of these nutrients for a healthy body, people have increased the intake of protein both through foods and supplements to a great extent. This has resulted in the shifting of the nutritional food industry towards meeting this increased level of protein demand.

The Benefits Of Consuming Protein Shakes?


However, there exists a lot of difference between intake of right amount of protein and blind intake of meats and protein shakes, in the belief that this would make them healthy and fit. It should also be kept in mind that just adding protein to unhealthy foods does not make them healthy.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes have become one such overused and over-popularised unhealthy food that is and has already, at a rapid rate taken place of other, much healthy protein-rich foods. So the question is doing we necessarily need protein shakes?

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Protein Shakes?

The following are the pros and cons of Protein shakes which could clarify whether one need protein shakes for ensuring a healthy body:

Pros Of Protein Shake

  • Maintenance of Healthy weight

As per many studies, it has been found that there is a direct and positive relationship between intake of proteins and weight loss. As such, intake of protein shakes is successful in meeting the body’s protein requirements and thereby contributing to weight loss and maintenance of healthy body weight. As protein shakes are low in calories, they can be used as meal replacements for people consuming low-calorie diets.

  •  Convenience in meeting protein requirements

Intake of adequate and require the amount of protein is much more convenient, healthy, and fast through protein shakes than putting effort in preparation and subsequent intake of regular protein-rich foods. Along with this, it can be consumed flexibly and even can be carried to the gym to be consumed just before or after exercise.

  •  Decrease Hunger and Craving

It is well known that protein is a satiating nutrient. Intake of protein through protein shakes can help in getting satiety and promote the feeling of fullness after intake in the body and thereby helping the body to avoid unnecessary consumption of any more calories by decreasing the craving and hunger by keeping ghrelin, the hunger hormone, under control.

  •  Quicker recovery

 Protein shakes are found to be of much use in ensuring a better and fast recovery after tiring and energy-consuming activities and exercises. The proteins that protein shake provide containing creatine and glutamine would help in quicker recovery of muscles and thus quicker recovery of energy and power of the body as well.

Cons Of Protein Shakes

  •   Crowding out other healthy foods

Intake of protein shakes in no way equals a well-balanced and nutritional diet. While these protein shakes are rich in protein and also have a considerable amount of carbohydrates in them, there is not enough fat in them that can make the diet balanced, and also various other micronutrients are lacking in them. Unlike carbs and fats, protein cannot be stored in the body and as such either they need to store as fat or regular intake is necessary this added consumption can also increase fat and calorie amount in the body which can increase body weight.

  • Cannot be a Meal Replacement

Protein shakes could not be used as a meal replacement and instead, it is found in many studies that an excess intake of protein from such protein shakes can eventually lead to the conversion of such excess protein into fat which could lead to obesity and weight gain, thereby negatively affecting the health of the body.

  • Expensive than normal protein-rich meal

As a result of the increased demand for protein in the health-conscious circles of the society, the nutritional food companies have come up with a large variety of products and multiple varieties of protein shakes, which can although help in more intake of protein, are much more expensive for ordinary usage. The cost per protein shake is much more than what would be there if a normal protein-rich meal would cost.


It is clear that just like every other manufactured nutritional product available out there, protein shakes also have some pros and cons. It can be good in faster recovery of muscles and fulfilling the diets, completely depending on such artificially manufactured nutritional food may not be good for health. A balance needs to be made between such protein shake intake with less of other nutrients and other protein-rich diets which also provide various other important nutrients.

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