Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies -How To Care For Your Best Friend’s Health?

As a pet owner, you may wonder what causes hair loss. What you may not know is that most dogs usually shed their hair regularly. Regardless of age, species, or gender, they will always leave their hair on the carpet, car, sofa, or bed, dogs. Shedding is a natural hormone-driven pattern.

Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies – Causes, Symptoms And Treatments


Dogs may lose hair during various times of the year, and particular breeds lose more hair than others. When you observe large amounts of hair loss, it’s time to look at your pet’s health. If you wonder whether you can stop your dog from shedding hair, you must know it’s a naturally occurring process. However, some breeds lose less hair. They are known as hypoallergenic breeds. These types of hypoallergenic dogs make good pets for people who experience allergies to pet dander or pet fur. They also make great companions for dog owners who don’t like the mess that shedding can cause.

Hypoallergenic dog breeds are Afghan Hound, Bichon, Frise, Chinese Crested, Maltese, Schnauzer, Poodle.

Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies

What causes excessive hair loss?

Several factors and potential causes could be why your dog is losing hair; Mites can cause hair loss in patches, and so do Infections like ringworms. They can cause skin irritation that will lead to hair loss. Allergies do create skin redness, itching, and, yes, hair loss. Chronic licking may also cause hair loss. Some other reasons could be bacterial infections, fungal infections, allergies, such as Food allergies, Kidney disease, Liver conditions, Thyroid or adrenal issues, Pregnancy, Side-effects from medication.

How do you prevent hair loss in your dog?

Use the right brush to brush your dogs’ coat. Since all dogs have a unique coat, you need to choose the right brush for that fur. Pick a stiff brush for shorter fur and a long bristled brush for a dog with a longer coat. At the same time, wire-pin brushes are a perfect choice for curly coats that need detangling. For dogs that are prone to tangles, you will need to use slicker brushes. When you want to massage a dog, then you will use a short rubber brush.

Use Coconut oil- It may help fight off pests

As a result of the antimicrobial effects of coconut, oil dogs may avoid infection by ectoparasites, such as ticks, fleas, and mange mites. Coconut oil may also help dogs that have already been infected find relief. Research has it that coconut oil inhibits bacterial growth.

Use shedding tools 

When the dog sheds hair seasonally, then you can use a brush with stainless steel. This will aid in removing dead hair before it falls off.

Keep your dog, hydrated. Make sure your pet dog always has fresh water. This keeps their skin hydrated and their fur healthy. Dehydrated skin may accelerate hair loss. 

 Good diet

With a good diet, your dog gets good nutrition. As a result, their hair follicles become stronger. Strong follicles save the fur from undernourishment. 

Let your dog take a bath frequently. Not only does bath time keep your dog clean, but it also removes excess and dead hair follicles.  

A humidifier

A humidifier allows the environment to keeps more moisture in the air. This, in turn, soothes your dog’s skin and prevents that dry, itchy skin. The scratching makes the hair loss worse a humidifier is better placed near your dog’s bed.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a trusted old home remedy that has been in use for ages. Apple cider vinegar’s acidic nature makes it a natural antifungal & antibacterial agent. You can apply it to any irritated skin, and it will help clean out any of the bad stuff.

You can put it in the dogs’ bathwater.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice can be acidic, just like apple cider vinegar. It will help fight against bacteria and clean the dog.

Use Topical Olive Oil

Olive oil is good for the human diet as well as dogs. You can also use the oil to be used to massage the dog, ensuring the dog heals.

Eliminate allergens from the dog’s diet. Allergies form a fair amount of hair loss in dogs.

Omega Biotics and flaxseeds. These are tasty snacks that will offer much-needed nutrition. 

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