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Effect Of High Blood Pressure In Our Body – Things To Be Noted!

As you get older, more and more physical ailments make their presence felt, and watching out for these tell-tale signs becomes a pressing matter. One such prominent problem is the condition of high blood pressure, wherein the blood vessels exert an abnormal amount of pressure on the walls of the arteries. Also known as hypertension, this condition can become fatal in extreme cases, and leaves a plethora of negative effects on the body.

The Effects Of Hypertension In The Body


If you follow a particularly unhealthy lifestyle, then you are at a high risk of suffering from high blood pressure, which increases the risk of attack on various integral parts of your body.

Here are a few such effects of high blood pressure that you should definitely be on the lookout for. 

1. Inhibited cognitive skills:

When your body experiences high blood pressure, it proves to be a hurdle in the path of continuous blood flow to various life-supporting organs. The brain is one of the main victims of this. Limited supply to your brain due to the narrow arteries can be a huge deterring factor in your normal cognitive abilities. It hinders your ability of reasoning and comes to logical deductions. It dampens your ability to learn new things, processes this information, and even think for yourself (which to be honest, is a trait that looks good only on zombies!). High blood pressure even impedes your memory power, and this restricted blood supply to the brain can even lead to vascular dementia. 

2. Heart problems:

Your heart is another important organ that is affected by the onset of problems caused by high blood pressure. The chances of experiencing heart attacks and strokes are high among those who suffer from hypertension, primarily due to the hardening of arteries, which disrupts the proper supply of blood to the heart. This interferes with its ability to take in oxygen, thus halting its major functions, which can often be life-threatening. Moreover, since the heart has to work a lot harder in order to pump blood to all the organs of a body afflicted with high blood pressure, it can lead to a weakening of the heart muscles as well as increase the odds of heart failures and other related complications. You may even be susceptible to mini-strokes, which is your body’s wake-up call, telling you to imbibe a better lifestyle or pay enough attention to your physical health. 

3. Weakened blood vessels:

The toll that high blood pressure takes on your blood vessels can often become irreparable, especially if the condition goes ignored for a long time. Repeated wear and tear, leads to an erosion of your blood vessels, which can often cause its walls to bulge, which is known as an aneurysm. If this bulge gets punctured, then it can be fatal. Furthermore, the blood vessels of various other organs, which when weakened, impede the overall functionality of the organ in itself, which can prove to cause a lot of physiological stress in the person suffering from it. Some such organs include the kidneys, whose inability to correctly remove toxins from the body can lead to an accumulation of these unwanted substances, which in turn can lead to the requirement of medical intervention, such as through dialysis and organs transplants. These worn-out blood vessels can have a huge negative impact on your eyesight as well, leading to loss of vision in critical cases. 

4. Effect on metabolism:

Many people who suffer from high blood pressure, also complain of metabolic syndrome, which is essentially a group of various illnesses targeting the metabolic process of the body. This condition leads to weight gain, a decrease in the level of good cholesterol as well as a consequent increase in the level of bad cholesterol. These often render you highly susceptible to other ailments like diabetes, strokes as well as heart disorders. 


High blood pressure can have a range of negative effects on your body, which are only set to get worse the longer you prolong the treatment process. It exposes you to numerous other disorders, which prove to be fatal in many cases. The best way to prevent all of this hassle is by introducing healthier choices into your lifestyle. Curate a healthy and balanced diet which nourishes your body as per its requirements and engage in plenty of physical activities so that your body can retain all of its youth and vigor. 

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