How To Gain Height Without Exercise? Tips To Follow

Our height plays a crucial and dynamic role in various aspects of our life. As a child, you may have been exposed to the importance of monkey bars and various tv commercials promising growth in your height.

4 Simple Methods To Gain Height

Throughout your formative years, you would have had numerous growth spurts, until you reached the end of it and now find your height affecting various things like the level of your confidence and the way people around you perceive you.

Height also plays a significant role in determining the physical aesthetics of our body and may make or break an outfit we’ve set out eyes on. This goes to show that our height never was and never will be a trivial factor in our lives.

Simple Methods To Gain Height

Some people may choose to be comfortable with their height and derive their confidence from that, while others set off on a journey to increase their height in some way or another. While exercise is a popular way to set the growth spurt ball rolling, here are some other natural ways in which you can increase your height.

Follow A Balanced Diet-

Your diet plays a huge role in determining the outcome of your journey towards gaining height. For those who are still growing, a balanced diet can help in strengthening their muscles and bones, while a balanced diet can give a leaner and taller look to those who have already had their last growth spurt. Consume lots of protein on a regular basis, since it helps in the growth of your muscles and bones. Foods such as legumes, beans, soy, et cetera are great sources of protein that can help promote growth. Calcium-rich foods such as green, leafy vegetables, and dairy products are also of great help when it comes to growth in height, along with foods such as nuts and seeds, which carry a good amount of zinc. Fulfill your daily vitamin D requirements, as it is an important promoter of physical growth, and steer clear of foods rich in unhealthy fats, since excessive weight gain can make you appear short.

Don’t Allow Yourself To Be Sleep-Deprived– 

The growth hormone in our body is released especially when we are sleeping, which means that the physical growth of our body is stimulated as and when the body rests. Getting an adequate amount of sleep will promote the release of this hormone, originating the pituitary gland of the brain. Ensure that you get at least seven to eight hours of undisturbed sleep, in order to gain a considerable amount of height.

Steer Clear Of Substances That Stunt Your Growth– 

Since genetics plays a huge role in your height, sometimes, there isn’t much you can do to drastically increase your height. However, you can avoid substances that hinder the growth process in order to maintain your height. Caffeine can pose a hurdle in the way of your sleep schedule, which in turn can negatively affect your growth process, so ensure to consume a bare minimum of caffeine-rich products. Research also suggests that children who are exposed to smoking are relatively shorter when compared to those who have not. Steroids are another substance that you must absolutely avoid since it has been proven to inhibit the growth process among kids and teens who are exposed to them. It even has a variety of other negative side-effects, so steering clear of it will be beneficial for your body altogether.


If you wish to see immediate results, then growth hormone supplements are something that you should consider. There are various supplements out there in the market, which bring about results without negatively impacting your body. Human growth hormone supplements are typically made of vitamins and glucosamine, and hence are extremely effective in promoting growth. 

There are quite a few ways to improve your height apart from resorting to exercise. Following a disciplined lifestyle can do wonders for your height, along with some products such as supplements. That being said, it is important to remember that your height is largely controlled by genetic traits, so if you hail from a lineage of shorter people, chances are that your height will remain the same.

That does not mean that you should not try to stimulate growth in your body, since it can be helpful to a large extent. Overall, learn to embrace your height no matter what it is since your physicality does not determine your worth. 

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