Should You Fast Before A Cholesterol Test? Thing To Look Out!

Cholesterol Test

Fasting to be done before taking blood samples is not of one kind alone. Some cholesterol tests also called lipid panels or lipid profiles may require you to fast for 8 hours or more as per their requirement. You must ask your doctor clearly if you can take black coffee or other beverages during your … Read more

Foods That Give You Energy? Top Best Foods

Foods That Give You Energy? Top Best Foods

Felt tired or fatigued? Don’t feel like doing anything let alone working. Feeling restless & have no idea what to do? This might be due to a drop in the energy levels of the body. Energy levels are the amount of energy in the body. For our body to function and for us to perform … Read more

What Causes Hyperkalemia? Things You Need to Know!


High potassium (sometimes known as “hyperkalemia”) is a medical condition in which the blood contains too much k. Potassium is required by the human body. It’s an essential micronutrient that can be associated with a range of meals. Potassium aids the proper functioning of both nerves and muscles, including the heart. However, having too much … Read more

How To Maintain Oral Health? Ideal Oral Health Routine


Oral health not only encompasses a range of conditions like dental caries, tooth loss, oral cancers, gum issues, and birth defects (like cleft lips and palate) but can also act as an indicator of overall health, well-being, and quality of life. Such oral manifestations can work together with risks such as tobacco use, alcohol consumption, … Read more