High-Protein Breakfasts That Help You Lose Weight

A day that starts well, goes well. And therefore, many of us believe that the initial meal for every one of us should be something that gives us a positive vibe and energy to start the day with a bang. Undoubtedly, breakfast has its own reasons and indeed is one of the main meals on which one should focus. 

Weight-Loss Breakfasts That Are High In Protein


Since it kickstarts our day, your breakfast should be something that includes all nutrients and most importantly, it must have high proteins. Now, whether you are a night owl or a morning bird, a bowl full of nutrients will definitely keep you away from overeating the junk in your kitchen.

Weight-Loss Breakfasts That Are High In Protein

You must be thinking that why did we mention “proteins” specifically in the previous lines, isn’t it? That was because proteins are the easiest way to fill your stomach and keep it that way for a much longer period of time. One recent study reported that an increase of just 15 to 30% of protein intake per day would make you eat around 440 calories less the whole day. This is funny because this states that the only way to eat less is to eat more, but what? Proteins.

Why Protein For Breakfasts?

There are not one or two but thousands of studies already done, and all of the rest at a common conclusion, and that is:- proteins are the way to make you lose weight easily. In fact, scientists have seen in MRI scans that cuisines rich in proteins reduce the ongoing signal to the brain which controls the desire for food. Therefore, eating proteins for breakfast will, in fact, make your brain significantly numb towards eating more the immediate next part of the day. Also, protein-rich food items are generally healthy and the ones which are laden with much more nutritious value than an average junk dish. Hence, eating a protein-rich diet would make you start your day with a much more positive vibe.

How Will You Lose Weight?

In the above section, we saw how proteins are a good food to start off your day. But what makes it different? How does it help fight obesity and how does it ease your way to reduce weight in a much faster way? We will answer all of your questions now. So, let’s jump onto the points which will clear your idea and knowledge about proteins and weight loss.

1) Boosts metabolism

Losing more weight is directly proportional to how fast your metabolism is. And speeding up your metabolism is the fastest and one of the most effective ways in which you can burn more calories. Protein intake significantly boosts the metabolism of your body which effectively burns 5-10% of carbs and 0-3% of more fat per 20-30% increase in proteins. This means eating more will actually help you reduce weight faster. 

2) Reduces muscle loss

Proteins are also one of the prime requirements for building muscles in your body. Therefore, ingesting a higher amount of protein would mean your muscle will get more than adequate amount of growth supply which would eventually help muscle growth in your body. Also, more muscle will mean your body will require more energy, and since more energy will be used, you will be burning a higher amount of calories. This will eventually lead to a good amount of weight loss in a very healthy manner. 

3) Reduces carb intakes

Eating more protein in place of carbs and fat would mean your supply of carbs and fat will be reduced. By doing this, you would decrease your hunger and your body will release more satiety hormones.

4) Hard to digest

As explained earlier, proteins are hard to digest. This means it stays like that for a much longer amount of time in your stomach compared to other food items. This is also the reason why one feels full for a long time after eating protein-rich food. Your stomach digests it slowly and steadily hence making your frequent eating habits vanish.

Food Items Best For Breakfast

Which food items are best for a picture-perfect breakfast? Which food items will make your stay healthy and will kickstart your day with a positive vibe. Which food items will make you lose weight faster? Let us dive deep into the list, which covers all types of food that you can easily make in a normal household kitchen almost every day.


Oatmeal is one of the best breakfasts that you can have early in the morning. It not only has nutritious value but also has a high amount of fibers which makes your stomach feel full for a longer period of time. Also, oatmeals are very low in carbohydrates which makes them a very healthy option. Also, oatmeals are the desired food items for gym lovers since it helps burn more calories when eaten 3-4 hours before a workout.

Moong dal

Pulses are undoubtedly one of the best choices for a healthy breakfast. Moong dal has very low calories and is high in protein which makes it an ideal candidate for breakfast dishes for those who want to lose weight. It is said that moong dal dishes like chilla etc., are best when paired with a glass of milk and eggs. In this way, you consume all the required healthy nutrients your body needs for the day. Also, moong dal-based dishes are very easy to make and quite light compared to others.


Talking about proteins and not mentioning eggs will be a crime. This is because egg whites are one of the richest sources of proteins. Almost every gym-goer eats tons of eggs per day. Eggs boiled without the yellow is one of the best choices for anyone who wants to take high protein at breakfast.


The only suggestion we would like to give you at the end is to start slow. Don’t jump into the moving train. Start with the pace you are comfortable with. And try to intake more and more healthy nutrients than junk foods. Protein should be your staple nutrient and slowly climb your way up to your target.

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