Hiya Vitamins Reviews – Chewable Multivitamin Capsule For Kids!

Before starting this Hiya Vitamins review, let me tell you one thing. Like you and many other concerned parents, I also believe that multivitamin tablets cannot substitute wholesome foods and veggies.  But, when it comes to filling the nutritional gaps of your child’s diet, the supplements act as saviors. Unfortunately, most of such multivitamins nowadays are nothing but sugar-dipped gummies. 

Hiya Vitamins Reviews – Zero Preservaties Added Vitamin Capsules By Hiya Health!

But, the Hiya Health Kids Multivitamins company stands out. They offer daily multivitamin supplements with essential nutrients and without any fillers. That is why we have penned down the honest Hiya Vitamins reviews to help you select the proper vitamin and nutritional solution for your kids. 

Hiya Vitamins Reviews
Product NameHiya Vitamins
CategoryKids Multivitamin
Supplement FormCapsules
FoundersDarren Litt & Adam Gillman 
BrandHiya Health
Main Benefits
  • Help to improve the immune system
  • Enhances the cellular growth
  • Ensure bones development
  • Ensures better eyesight
  • Ingredients
  • Vitamins
  • Zinc
  • Iodine
  • Selinum
  • Folate
  • Unit count30 Capsules
    Dosage1 capsule per day
    Age rangeKids [ 2+ to Mid Teens]
    Expected Result2-3 Months
    Side EffectsNo Major Side Effects reported
    Price$30 per bottle 
    Special Offer50% Off on First Order
    AvailabilityOnly through the official website
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What are Hiya Vitamins?

    Hiya Vitamins for kids is a gluten-free chewable supplement, a blend of 12 fruits. It contains 15 essential vitamins and nutrients that speed up your child’s growth. Also, it has no added sugar, preservatives, allergens, or fillers. So, this Hiya Vitamins supplement is safe to use. 

    Hiya Vitamins capsule charges the kids every morning with the required amount of vitamins and minerals to use their full potential in their learning and growing phase. And most importantly, the Hiya Vitamins pill tastes incredible, which is the first requirement of every kid.

    Hiya Vitamins Supplement

    Who is the manufacturer of Hiya Vitamins?

    Darren Litt and Adam Gillman found that different children’s vitamins filled with sugar become kids’ favorite and do not provide any value to their growth instead cause cavities.

    So, at Hiya Health, USA – after years of research and development with the team of top pediatricians, nutritionists, and scientists – they produced their own Hiya Multi-Vitamins formula for the kids who are nowadays getting addicted to sugar candies.

    Hiya Vitamins Manufacturer

    Ingredients Used In Hiya Vitamins Kids Capsule

    Hiya kids’ multivitamin includes all the essential ingredients your kid needs for achieving optimal growth. So, here in this Hiya Vitamins review, we have listed below the components of this supplement. 

    🟡 Vitamins

    The vitamins like Vitamin [A, B, C, D, E, B12, Biotin B7, etc] included in the Hiya Vitamins capsule will help your children to get better health such as

    • Help to improve the immune system
    • Enhances the eye condition
    • Enhance the bone health
    • Ensures improved cardiac system
    • Get better sleep & feel energetic in the daytime
    • Cellular growth will not get disrupted

    🟡 Calcium

    Calcium, specifically calcium carbonate, promotes healthy bone development and strengthens the kids’ bones. So, your child’s diet should incorporate this. 

    🟡 Iodine

    As the Hiya Multi-vitamins feature Potassium Iodide in an appropriate amount, it manages the thyroid function efficiently.

    🟡 Zinc

    Zinc Citrate improves the immune system of your kid. Also, it helps your child fight against infections, cuts, and nicks.

    🟡 Selenium

    Selenomethionine is a vital mineral that helps little ones get a sound sleep. Also, it takes care of the inflammation.

    🟡 Manganese

    Manganese citrate enhances the metabolic rate of your little one. Also, it offers support to the inflammation.

    🟡 Riboflavin

    If your child is a picky eater, it can be impossible for him to receive Riboflavin from bananas, spinach, and asparagus. In that scenario, the Hiya Health Hiya Vitamin capsule can provide this nutrient to enhance their eyesight and cell growth. It will also keep the kids energetic. 

    🟡  Folate

    Hiya vitamins supplement contains 5-methyl-tetrahydro folic acid and glucosamine salt- 2 natural forms of folate. It is rare to find any supplement or processed foods to feature these natural folates. However, Vitamin B9 supports cell growth and keeps your baby energetic. 

    Hiya Vitamins Ingredients

    How does Hiya Health Hiya Vitamins work?

    Since the Hiya Health Hiya Vitamin formula is full of all the essential vitamins and nutrients, it enhances the growth and development of your child within the age of 2-16. with proper dosage. On the other hand, excess intake can be toxic and harmful. Unlike other gummy vitamins, this product improves the immune system and your little one’s overall health. Also, some components even enhance your kid’s brain and mental health. 

    Benefits Of Hiya Vitamins Supplement

    While going through this Hiya Vitamins review, maybe you are wondering why you should choose this supplement over others. Go for this supplement mainly because of its ingredients. 

    Since you can get the components from an extensive collection of natural products, the Hiya Vitamins pill comes as an all-in-one solution. Some of the main Hiya Vitamins benefits are:

    Hiya Vitamins Benefits

      Regular consumption of the Hiya Vitamins has promoted a healthy immune system for my kid.  

    The Hiya Vitamins supplement enhances the cellular growth and bone development of tiny bodies. 

    Regular supplement intake ensures better eyesight and a healthy condition for the growing kids. 

    It even improves the overall mental health of the children. 

    Hiya Health Vitamins Side effects

    Hiya Multivitamin capsule does not cause any side effects to your kid unless your little one overdoses on it. Also, if your child has any medical condition, consult with a pediatrician before feeding him the supplement. 

    Dosage and How to use Hiya Vitamins in the right way?

    One Hiya Vitamins capsule per day is enough for the 2+ children. Although kids can take it any time a day, incorporating it with their meals will be the best.  But, pregnant or lactating women and people with medical conditions need to avoid this Hiya Vitamins supplement.

    Hiya Vitamins Dosage

    Hiya Vitamins Results and longevity

    Like many parents, I have noticed a remarkable change in my kids after regularly using the Hiya Vitamins supplement. So, if your little one takes one Hiya vitamin tablet daily and follows a proper diet, you will notice a positive change in their health and brain development after 2-3 months. Stick to the routine for longer to get a permanent nutritional solution. 

    Hiya Vitamins Results

     Is Hiya Vitamins legit or not?

    Yes, in the Hiya Vitamins reviews, I will prove the authenticity of this supplement. Usually, parents get concerned about the credibility of the kid’s vitamins. But, you do not need to worry about this Hiya Vitamins supplement as it is made under an FDA-approved facility. 

    Hiya Kids Vitamins uses all-organic and third-party tested components to make their multivitamin tablets. So, I peacefully use them for my children.

    Hiya Vitamins Customer reviews and complaints

    As per many Hiya Vitamins reviews, the supplement can effectively support kids’ development. I was also fed up after trying multiple sugar-dipped vitamins on my kids. Such gummy vitamins even affect the kids’ health adversely. Add your personal experience here.

    Fortunately for me, Hiya Vitamins came as a savior. Since this Hiya Vitamins supplement provides all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to my little ones, I feel less worried about my children’s health. For such effectiveness, the makers have not received any complaints yet. 

    Hiya Vitamins Customer Reviews

    Pricing and Availability of Hiya Vitamins Supplement

    Hiya Vitamins come as an affordable solution for the nutritional requirement of our children. It costs you only $30 per bottle that contains 30 chewable Hiya Vitamins tablets. Also, the Hiya Vitamins website provides you with attractive discounts on orders of multiple bottles.

    But, make sure to purchase the Hiya Vitamins kids capsule from their official website and not from any retail or eCommerce stores. Since many shops sell fake products under the same name, buying them from somewhere else can put your kid’s health at risk.

    The official website of Hiya Vitamins is now providing a free shipping offer on the first order. Since it is only a limited-time offer, grab the opportunity before it expires. 

    Final Verdict On Hiya Vitamins Reviews

    We are almost at the end of this Hiya Vitamins review. Maybe you are still wondering whether these Hiya multivitamin tablets are worth it or not. So, if you are looking for an effective and delicious solution for your little one’s nutritional gaps, the Hiya Vitamins are worth it. 

    Hiya Vitamins ingredient list is clean and wholesome, this supplement outperforms its competitors. Also, features like- no added sugar, no preservative, and no fillers make this supplement the first choice of the parents. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does the Hiya vitamin taste sweet? 

    The manufacturer uses natural monk fruit in this supplement to make it tasty yet healthy. 

    Do Hiya vitamins contain preservatives? 

    The multivitamin supplement does not contain any preservatives or junk harmful to kids. That is why most pediatricians recommend it. 

    Is Hiya vitamin a convenient nutritional solution? 

    Yes, growing bodies require essential nutrients and vitamins daily. So, with the Hiya vitamin, filling the nutritional gaps is easy. 

    Why are Hiya vitamins chewable and not gummies? 

    Generally, gummy vitamins welcome storage issues and health nuances. But, chewable supplements are more effective than them. 

    If I order the supplement for the first time, what will be the shipping charge? 

    The official website of Hiya vitamins offers free shipping for first-time orders. 


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