How To Get Gum Out Of Hair? Effective Home Remedies

Chewing gum can sometimes get stuck in the hair, and it can be challenging to remove it from the hair. Most people use water to remove the gum, but it does not work effectively as the chemicals used in such gums are hydrophobic.

How To Get Gum Out Of Hair?


How To Get Gum Out Of Hair

This can be a huge problem for parents who often face such issues with children when they stick the gum to the hair. Most people resort to using scissors, which seems the most comfortable option to get gum out of hair. However, there is no need to go to such extreme steps, and you can use the home remedies given in this article to remove gum effectively from the hair.

Peanut butter to remove gum out of hair

Peanut butter to remove gum out of hair

This is one of the most widely used methods to remove gum stuck in hair. The first thing you need to do when you notice gum in hair is to stop the spread by putting paper or foil around the affected strands of hair.

You can use a rubber band around the affected strands and single them out from the rest of the hair. In this way, it becomes easy to handle the gum.

Use a toothbrush to spread peanut butter on the gum and keep brushing gently around the affected spot. It takes about 10 minutes for peanut butter to work on the gum, and it will break the gum.

In this way, you can slowly remove the gum without straining the hair using your fingers or comb. Make sure to do it slowly as the gum can again get stuck to a different area if you are too fast.

Once this is done, you can now wash the hair with a good shampoo to remove the butter from the hair. If you still notice some small bits of gum, you can continue to oil your hair for a couple of days to get complete relief.

Coconut oil to remove gum out of hair

Coconut oil to remove gum out of hair

You can also use coconut oil in the same way as peanut butter to remove gum stuck to the hair. However, you have to apply the coconut oil liberally to the affected spot with your hands.

Let the oil sit in the hair for a few minutes till it can break down the stickiness of the gum. Once this is done, apply oil to your hands and try to peel the gum from the hair.

You may not get the gum out of hair entirely in the first attempt. Repeat the process and again pull the gum with your hands after a few minutes. In this way, you should be able to pull out all the gum within an hour. You can leave the coconut oil as it is or rinse it off with a good shampoo.

Ice cubes to remove gum out of hair

Ice cubes to remove gum out of hair

If you feel that using oil to remove gum is a messy affair, you can try using ice cubes on the affected spot. Massage the affected region with ice cubes.

Focus on the gum, and it should get hardened within a few minutes. This should help you to remove the gum easily in a short duration of time.

If you still find any pieces of gum stuck to the hair follicles, you can repeat the process. If possible, you can wrap some ice cubes in a bag and place the affected hair in that bag. This works when you have long hair, and it is usually not suitable for kids with short hair.

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly

This is also an effective method to remove gum from hair. You can rub petroleum jelly on dry hair and let it sit for a few minutes. This should reduce the stickiness of the gum in quick time.

Once you notice that the gum is breaking down, you can peel off small parts of the gum. Make sure that your hands are well oiled before touching the gum as it can stick to your hands.

Try to peel the gum completely in this manner. If the gum is still not coming out, you can repeat the petroleum jelly application and wait for some more time. Once you are done with this, make sure to wash the hair properly with a mild shampoo to remove the petroleum jelly smell.

Toothpaste to remove gum from hair

Toothpaste to remove gum from hair

You will be surprised to know that you can even use toothpaste to remove gum stuck to the hair. Take some toothpaste and apply it directly from the tube to the affected region.

Allow it to dry for a few minutes and try to remove the gum. This should break down the stickiness, and you can easily pull out the gum.

You can try this a few times to remove the gum completely from the hair follicles. Once you are done with this, wash your hair and put on a good conditioner. Using toothpaste on hair can dry the hair, and you have to moisturize the hair to prevent it from further damage.

In this way, you can easily remove gum from hair without cutting the hair. All you need is some patience, and you can get it done within half an hour in most cases. Even though it takes some effort, it is worth it as you can save your hair from being chopped off in a random way.

This can be very tricky for girls as they do not want to cut their hair for this reason. Do not be harsh on the hair and understand that the chemical properties of gum make it stick to hair and other substances firmly. If you exert too much pressure, you may break the hair follicles. Be gentle and use the methods mentioned above to easily get the gum out of the hair.

You can also try a combination of different methods when one method is not giving you the desired results. When you have enough time and patience to remove it using home remedies, you can definitely get results without using any chemicals or chopping off the hair.

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