How To Get Relief From Arthritis Naturally? Best 5 Ways!

With growing age, the risk of arthritis is not only a looming threat but once it does make an appearance, dealing with it becomes immensely difficult. You often have an overwhelming amount of information thrown at you, along with the anxiety of having to follow through on numerous doctors’ appointments and taking in medical bills.

During these times, turning to natural ways of alleviating the pain can often be helpful. Natural methods harness the power of your own body and nature in order to cradle your joints back to homeostasis. While natural methods may seem like they have no scientific backing and therefore do not have any positive impacts on your body, this could not be further away from the truth. Quite a few natural remedies for arthritis pain have been scientifically proven to provide a good extent of relief. Through this article, you will hopefully be acquainted with a few such natural methods so that those arthritis symptoms lose some of their power over your life. 

5 Simple Ways To Get Relief From Arthritis:


Relief From Arthritis

👉 Increase your consumption of calcium:

Not getting enough calcium, opens you up to the risk of osteoporosis and a few other disorders which affect your bones, and this risk only increases when you suffer from arthritis. As a result, you should ensure to get your daily recommended dose of calcium either through your diet or through supplements. The recommended consumption of calcium for both men and women is around 1,000 milligrams per day, and it increases to 1,200 milligrams for men and women above the ages of 70 and 50 respectively. You can do this by including foods such as dairy products, broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, et cetera. 

👉 Walk barefoot:

Research shows that when you walk barefoot, the pressure applied on your knees reduces to a great extent, which in turn decreases the pain associated with arthritis. If you must wear shoes, then try to find ones that slip into your feet easily and support the contours of your feet in a seemingly efficient way, thus reducing the load on your joints. Avoid wearing shoes that push up your heels in order to reduce the risk of pain shooting through your joints. 

👉 Seek the water:

Going for a swim has been repeatedly proven to be one of the best methods to reduce joint pain resulting from arthritis. The weightlessness that you experience in the water helps to reduce the pressure on your joints while enabling you to move them and enjoy better flexibility. Studies show that this lessens the pain, and also helps to improve the overall functionality of your joints, aside from increasing the strength and the condition of your knees. 

👉 Go out in the sun:

A vitamin D deficiency is often a common problem among those who suffer from arthritis. It is, therefore, advisable to soak out in the morning sun as much as possible in order to get that daily dose of vitamin D. While you can supplement some amount of it from your diet, you will need to expose yourself to some amount of sunlight in order to fulfill your vitamin D needs. Moreover, getting an optimum dose of vitamin D protects you from osteoarthritis damage to a large extent. 

👉 Include turmeric in your food:

Numerous studies suggest that adding some amount of turmeric into your diet can drastically reduce inflammation and pain among people who suffer from arthritis. Also, known as curcumin, this spice has proved to increase mobility among arthritis patients to a larger extent when compared to those who only relied on ibuprofen. You can add a teaspoon of it into your recipes or just sprinkle it over your food. You may also make use of ballpark mustard packets, which contain turmeric and can have extremely positive impacts on your joint pain. If have access to it, then you can also try consuming the roots of turmeric on an empty stomach, as this has many added benefits aside from alleviating arthritis-related pain.


There are many other natural ways of healing such as getting a good amount of vitamin C, making use of hot and cold treatment, consuming at least 4 cups of green tea in a day, including cloves into your food, among countless others. All of these methods have proven to be successful in curtailing some of the pain that is caused by arthritis. By following them, you can experience a renewed interest in leading an active life, along with reduced medical expenses and unnecessary stress. 

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