How To Make Healthy Hair At Home? Natural Remedies!

In today’s times when everyone is compelled to lead a hectic lifestyle, especially in urban areas, it is bound to have an adverse effect on one’s inner as well as outer health in the form of various chronic lifestyle diseases as well as skin ailments. While most of us are constantly on the hunt for solutions for our health concerns or a skincare regime that will promise us that perfect glowing skin, what we tend to ignore in the process is our crowning glory, our hair!

As much as beauty is about having smooth and flawless skin, it is equally important to give some tender loving care to our hair, which is after all our crowning glory. It goes without saying that having strong, dark, and luscious hair adds a great deal to one’s overall beauty and appearance.

Natural Remedies For Healthy Hair At Home


One of the well-known ways to ensure that your hair stays healthy through your growing years is to maintain your overall health as it definitely has a huge impact on your hair. However, apart from looking after your health, there are other multiple natural remedies that are immensely helpful in adding health and beauty to your crowning glory.

How To Make Your Hair Healthy At Home

Some Nature-Inspired Remedies For Potentially Aid Hair Growth:

  • Massage with Oils – one of the age old Indian traditions, massaging the scalp and hair strands with natural oils like coconut oil, castor oil, Amla oil, Bhringraj oil etc is known to stimulate the scalp and improve blood circulation to the hair roots, which encourages hair growth in the dermal papilla cells, thus improving overall hair density.
  • Aloe Vera – one of the oldest known magical plants used for treating hair loss, Aloe Vera is known to cool the scalp and condition hair. Besides, its medicinal properties help to unclog hair follicles of excess oils, thus reducing dandruff. Pure aloe vera gel can be applied directly to the scalp and hair a few times in a week to get best results.
  • Onion juice – one of the most potent natural hair growth remedies, Onion juice contains sulphur, which boosts collagen production in the tissues, thus aiding re-growth of hair. After extracting its juice by mashing or grating onions, apply it on the scalp and keep it for 10 – 15 minutes before washing it off to reap its benefits.
  • Coconut milk – another one of the most well known ancient remedies for hair growth, coconuts are a powerhouse of nutrients like vitamin E, iron, potassium and good fats, which are all great for hair health. And applying freshly extracted coconut milk along with a few drops of lemon juice and some essential oils for 4-5 hours before washing it off can give good results.
  • Fish Oil – fish oil is rich in omega fatty acids, which helps the body’s cells to work more efficiently, thus reducing hair loss and improving hair diameter and density. So, taking a fish oil supplement can aid hair growth.
  • Eggs – besides being one of the most potent sources of protein, eggs are also rich in other hair friendly nutrients like lecithin, vitamin D and zinc which heal, nourish and strengthen hair strands.  To address hair breakage, make a mask of egg yolks and olive oil and apply it to hair for about 30 minutes before washing it off with a mild shampoo twice/thrice a week for thicker and shinier locks.
  • Eliminate stress – it is well known that stress is directly linked to increased hair fall. So one of the primary steps one can take to improve hair growth is to eliminate stress by including meditation, pranayam, yoga or other forms of exercise in daily routine.
  • Amla – popularly known as Indian gooseberry, Amla is a powerhouse of vitamin C, which accelerates hair growth. Besides consuming it internally in the form of whole fruit or juice, applying a mask of amla powder with lime juice can also help maintain hair pigment, besides aiding hair growth.

In today’s digital age, with increased exposure to social media, everyone is well aware of the long-term benefits of using nature’s healing properties for our health and beauty needs. And when it comes to hair care, nature can come to our rescue with some potent remedies. So, try these natural hair remedies to ensure healthy and happy hair!   

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