How To Treat A Person With Low Blood Sugar?

Keeping one’s low blood sugar in check should be a priority. There is no denying that. If not, then a person can get some serious health issues that may be prevalent for a whole lifetime.

It is also called hypoglycemia

Some Of The Symptoms Of This Can Be:


How To Treat A Person With Low Blood Sugar
  • Fatigue
  • Hunger
  • Not thinking clearly
  • Reduced vision
  • Sweating
  • Paleness on the face
  • Inability to focus

If you didn’t already know, then 70 mg/dL or below it is considered a low blood sugar level. To keep yourself safe from any of the drastic negative effects of low blood sugar levels, you need to know how to treat it as soon as possible. Luckily, we have some of the following methods that you can adapt and treat yourself or someone else:

  • Try All Natural Peanut Butter

Yes, peanut butter can be a great friend for you. Just make sure that it is sugar-less. Instead, you can add organic honey, which is also great for your health. It has the much-needed protein and fat that your body needs. You can find any video on YouTube and make yourself some peanut butter at home without much fuss. There are also many recipes out there that you can make with natural peanut butter.

  • Glucagon Injection

Glucagon Injection is needed when you are about to pass out. You may already know, and if you don’t, then now you do. Lower blood sugar levels can have that effect on someone. It is a prescription medication, especially for people prone to severe lower levels of blood sugar.

In case you need it, then make sure your family or anyone you live with knows about it. This is so if you are not able to give yourself this medication on time, someone else can.

  • Consume Foods Or Drinks With High Sugar

Consuming foods with high sugar content can help you with getting new blood sugar levels to rise up again instantly. This should be done right after you have diagnosed yourself with lower blood sugar levels. You can diagnose using a particular instrument or diagnose it with the help of the symptoms. You can have any cold drink and even a sweet lemonade to regain your energy and get your blood sugar levels on par with the levels of normalcy.

  • Glucose

Surely, glucose is used by many households for gaining energy during those scorching hot summer days. But it is also effective when you take it right after you have felt your blood sugar levels going down. Glucose can also be great to consume in case one has even passed out. It is basically sugar and hence helps with raising the levels of blood sugar in one’s body. It can also give you the energy to do your chores, do other regular work, or go on with your routine.

  • Have A Snack

Having a snack or a meal right after can also be one of the best treatments that you can do at home on your own. Try to have food that is high in carbs so that your blood sugar levels can go down within a short amount of time and you can gain the energy to feel yourself again.

  • Candy Works Too

Candy is a favorite of kids. But parents are very reluctant for them to eat too many because of their harmful effects. But did you know that candy has a completely opposite effect for someone with low blood sugar levels? Yes, you read that right! As soon as you feel that your blood sugar level is going down or has gone down you can take a candy or two in your mouth and suck on it.

This is also advised that you keep a box of can be on your bedside table or anywhere that you find yourself spending most of your time.


Now you know some of the numerous treatments that you can do for treating lower blood sugar levels. All these treatments are just some quick fixes and are not really recommended for many serious types of lower blood sugar problems. Still, you can always consult a doctor to get real and insightful knowledge regarding the matter.

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