Human Synthesys Studio Reviews- How This High-quality Real Spokespeople Video Software Work?

The Human Synthesys Studio Review explains a creative AI-based software that uses an interesting video creation technology.

Creating your marketing video might be good enough but lacks a good voiceover.

You have to spend a huge amount for a professional human voice over and where there is a regular need, you end up paying heaps of cash.

Read about the Human Synthesys Studio review and you will learn about a new technology that will provide you results

Human Synthesys Studio Reviews
Program NameHuman Synthesys Studio
CreatorsTodd Gross and Oliver Goodwin
Main BenefitsHelps to unlock abundant wealth and to achieve desired life
Software Used“Humatar” video creation software
Language66+ different languages
SpecificationProduct + 5 Bonuses
PriceHuman Synthesys Studio Personal – $37.00
Human Synthesys Studio commercial – $47.00
Money-back Guarantee14 Days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Human Synthesys Studio?

A human Synthesys Studio is a cloud-based software that has built-in human-like spokespeople that speak anything that you want them to say. The characters that can be selected are not avatars and instead, they are actual human speakers called humatars.

With the Human Synthesys Studio, you will be able to create stunning videos without the need for animation, avatars, or cartoons, but you can use real people talking about everything that you wish them to talk about.

Through this program, businesses can use humans in their videos and also use a human voiceover without needing to recruit a physical person.

Through this, you can create the best quality videos that you have never expected. All these voices are in English and 60+ other languages and using them would help enhance any business without spending large on marketing tools.

Creator of Human Synthesys Studio

Todd Gross and Oliver Goodwin are the Founders of the Human Synthesys Studio. They have made it easier for any business to strive, without spending huge on a spokesperson. 

Human Synthesys Studio - Creator

How do Human Synthesys Studio works?

The Human Synthesys studio software has been an easier platform for creating videos by adding human spokespersons, who speak the content that you type. The whole program works through 5 simple steps to create and view your final video.

Step 1 – Select your human

You can choose from a set of human avatars called humatars.  They will speak out everything that you want them to speak when you provide the text. You won’t have to picture yourself in any video at all.

Step 2-Select your voice

You won’t have to record your own voice but instead, select from a list of voiceovers available. You can choose languages and characters of your choice. There are 66 languages available.

Step 3- Input the text that you want them to say

Add any content you want and the humatar will speak anything that you desire

Step 4- Change Position, add background music, and more

You can change the position of your humatar and also add background music that is exclusively available with the Human Synthesys Studio software. There are a lot more things that you can do.

Step 5 – Render your video

After finishing with your final touch-up, you can start rendering your creation, convert the video and download it into an mp4 format.

Human Synthesys Studio - Steps

Features of Human Synthesys Studio

Text- to- Video

This feature helps every user transforms the text into a pro-looking video. Every video that you create would last up to 6 minutes.

66+ languages

The software supports more than 66 languages from around the world. This will be one of the easiest ways you could attract your customers in their native language.

Humatars Options

The Human Synthesis Studio comes with an option of 5 Humatars with personal + 2 bonuses or 15 humatars+ bonus humatars for commercial use.

Custom Backgrounds

Upload videos or images as your video background. You can also view free slide templates

Background music

You get an exclusive set of background music already prepared. All you have to do is add them to your video background. These are free from copyright issues. 

MP4 downloads

You can view and download your final videos in Mp4 formats easily.

Multi-slide Videos

You can combine different videos you create in the Human Synthesis Studio software and make a unique single video. Create rich slide deck video experiences in minutes.

Update Video Content

You will be able to duplicate videos, change their text and update the video in a few minutes.

Spokesperson Positioning

You will be able to move the position and look of your Humatar around to any corner of the screen.

Who can use this software?

The Human Synthesys Studio can be used by professionals who have been actively focusing on creating a name for themselves in this competitive world.

The software can help create videos in different fields. People in the sales field can enhance their exposure to the world to attract more leads and generate them. Firms that provide services of voiceover can improve their business strategy without hiring any voiceover artists for every language. They don’t have to tie up with freelancers who charge a huge amount.

You can create ads or commercials to represent a product or service, create videos to promote your educational services or courses, make presentation videos, videos for training purposes, animated videos, videos for Instagram stories, and much more.

To elevate your business to a much higher prospect, I believe Human Synthsys Studio software has got all the attributes business are looking for, which will end any need of hiring voiceover artists for your videos.

Benefits of Human Synthesys Studio

  • You can create lucrative business opportunities on Upwork or Fiverr
  • It is beneficial to reduce the cost of hiring a voiceover artist for each language
  • Lower the cost on money spend on freelancers
  • Add a  human avatar, voice, and text to create a video of your choice
  • You won’t have to worry about finding a spokesperson for your youtube videos
  • Have more talented options at your disposal when your client is looking for someone new

Pros & Cons


  • 5  step simple method
  • It is beneficial for easy video creation and voiceover
  • 14 days money return policy
  • Risk-free payment method
  • Lucrative business opportunity
  • Save money on hiring voiceover artists


  • Suitable for people with basic knowhow of using a system
  • Might be misused if in the wrong hands

Is this software legit or not?

By analyzing Human Synthesys Studio reviews, it has already helped out businesses in online education, outbound sales videos, customer success videos, corporate communications, saas video walkthrough, SEO marketing videos, PowerPoint videos, and much more. 

The program allows users to choose their preferred language while creating a video. More than 66 languages have been available in the system and you can create a lucrative opportunity to earn more.

The Human Synthesys Studio comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee and can be accessed directly from the official website. Hence you will get access to a legit program that helps with your voiceover and video creation needs.

Human Synthesys Studio customer reviews & complaints

Whether it’s about running an online education platform,  a real estate video, or a corporate-level video,  the human synthesis Studio software helps you create stunning videos with human + voice technology.

Many companies and freelancers have started using the program to create opportunities that saved them money. You can read some of the Human Synthesys Studio customer reviews of users through Human Synthesys Studio Reviews shared online.

These customers have reduced costs of hiring voiceover artists, avoided paying marketing agencies for a creative video, and any other costs related to making videos for Youtube. The Humatars have done a great job in helping out many of the business owners around the globe. 

Human Synthesys Studio - Customer Reviews

Human Synthesys Studio pricing

There are two options available: Personal and Commercial packages.

Personal package: One-time payment of $37.00

  • Text to Video AI technology
  • 5 Real Humatar Access
  • 40+ General Voices.
  • Complete Customization of Humatar Video.
  • UNLIMITED Videos creating access ( Can purchase More credits through member’s area).
  • 100% Web-Based software.
  • 1 hours worth of video rendering

Commercial Package: One-time payment of $47

  • Text to Video AI technology
  • 10 Real Humatar Access plus 3 bonuses
  • Access 6 real human voices
  • 40+ General Voices.
  • Complete Customization of Videos.
  • More languages for voiceover
  • Complete avatar display + circle position options
  • 100% Web-Based software.
  • 2 hours worth of video rendering
  • Can export green screen
  • Sell/Use your videos( Purchase more credits through members area)
  • Free commercial license
  • Special bonuses can be used with clients and prospects.


Bonuses of Human Synthesys Studio


You will be getting access to more than 100 footage clips. These are royalty-free and can be used as a part of any video project or videos for your clients. They are useful for creating Youtube videos that are of high class.


These cheat sheets are proven and will guide you through the steps you should follow, to ace any deals on High-Ticket Clients. There won’t be any precious time that you will be wasting on worthless leads.


You can make use of the marketing tools that are personally curated. It is beneficial to access more than 150 online marketing tools that will elevate your business to a higher level. So you don’t have to waste your time on worthless tools when you get the worthy ones for free.


You will be nurtured with tips to create your personal brand. You will create a business to drive in lots of opportunities that you have missed out on. This guide will teach you with creating your own brand in the most efficient way.


 You need words that would change the minds of people, trigger their response to click, share and buy your product. A continuous flow will improve your total sales with the help of an attractive tagline. Advertisement or any other content you represent your brand on your page.

Human Synthesys Studio Bonuses

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Human Synthesys Studio Reviews – Is it a legitimate software to be used?

Whether you are looking for a voiceover artist or art, you can get all the benefits of an actual spokesperson with the humatars available through the Human Synthesys studio.

Reading some of the Human Synthesys Studio Reviews of users showed me how happy they were, after cutting down their cost on hiring people or getting their job done. These users say that the software has a built-in user-friendly technology that produces a real human appearance and quality voiceover.

The real human synthetic text to speech is an AI technology that stands out from any other platforms you have ever seen.

As mentioned in Human Synthesys Studio review, you will be able to create videos, with human avatars speaking what text you provide. The program provides access to more than 60 languages and humatars that helps to change your view.

The creators of Human Synthesys Studio believe that this program will help you cut costs on voiceover and video creations like it has helped out thousands of users.

You also get a 14 days money-back guarantee when you try out the program today. Since there are no hidden risks, I insist you try it.

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