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Hey readers, I’m Lacey Arlo, a wellness expert, and a nutritionist. If you are in search of a genuine IntuiTru IQ review, then you are at the right place.

Now, before getting into the IntuiTru IQ reviews, let me give you an overview of the formula. IntuiTui IQ is a revolutionary brain supplement formulated to attain ultimate brainpower.

IntuiTru IQ Reviews – Is This Brain Health Formula 100% Natural?

For the past few days, I’ve been hearing a lot about this brain supplement ‘IntuiTru IQ’. When I was searching for a genuine IntuiTru IQ review, all I could find was some hyping reviews by marketing whales.

Here is a review based on the survey done by me and my colleagues. So keep reading this IntuiTru IQ review and get to know whether this supplement is legit or not, and more about the ingredients, pros & cons, and everything about IntuiTru IQ.  

IntuiTru IQ Reviews
Supplement NameIntuiTru IQ
CategoryBrain Health
BenefitsImproves brain function & memory power
IngredientsGaba, Phosphatidylserine, L-Theanine, and much more
Item FormCapsule
Total Quantity60 capsules
Dosage2 capsules per day
Age LimitAbove 18
Result ExpectedIn 2-3 months
Side EffectsNo side effects reported
Price$4.95 for shipping & handling
Official WebsiteClick Here!

What is IntuiTru IQ?

IntuiTru IQ is a clinically-proven smart pill, which boosts your memory power and improves mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, concentration, etc, and makes your life better, happy and successful.

IntuiTru IQ supplement also safeguards your brain and provides a layer of cognitive protection. This protection acts like a supercharger that boosts your memory and guards your neural function against brain fog. The IntuiTru IQ formula helps people who have trouble with their cognitive functions, which can be because of aging, work stress, or even because of any other health issues.  

IntuiTru IQ capsule is made of 100% natural ingredients and is in the form of water-soluble capsules that enter the brain to protect neurons and also help to improve signal transmission. It supports and stimulates brain functions and also builds new neurons and neural pathways by making the brain more productive. 

Ingredients used in IntuiTru IQ?

The IntuiTru IQ reviews here given the key ingredients used in this brain health supplement. They are Gaba, L-Theanine, Phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, etc. 

🔹Gaba – GABA, also known as Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, is an ingredient used in IntuiTru IQ brain function. It is a neurotransmitter in the brain that may boost mood or have a calming, relaxing effect on the nervous system.

🔹L-Theanine – Theanine is an amino acid that is commonly found in tea and some mushrooms. Theanine is used in the supplement to improve mental function. Theanine also reduces mental impairment, anxiety, and other conditions.

🔹Phosphatidylserine – Phosphatidylserine is a fatty substance called a phospholipid. It is used to prevent memory loss and mental decline that may occur as you get older.

🔹L-Tyrosine – L-Tyrosine is a type of amino acid, which is the building block of protein. It is used in the supplement to improve memory and thinking skills. 

IntuiTru IQ Ingredients

The Science Behind the IntuiTru IQ Formula

IntuiTru IQ is a premium brain health formula that stimulates brain functions and the ingredients used are 100% natural and trusted by doctors. This supplement’s unique formula is scientifically designed and tested by experts to meet the highest standard of supreme cognitive functions.

The ingredients used in this IntuiTru IQ supplement provide adequate functioning of neurotransmitter synthesis, which is essential in maintaining a healthy cognitive system that’ll supercharge your thinking capacity. 

As per the manufacturer, every IntuiTru IQ pill is made with utmost care in their ultra-modern facilities with full scientific quality assurance in every lab stage. 

IntuiTru IQ Working

Does IntuiTru IQ Really Help?

IntuiTru IQ brain function is a brain supplement that boosts your mental energy. It also helps to provide a long-term memory so that you can succeed in academics or even in your work. The ingredients used are very helpful in building brain cells and deliver vital nutrients, amino acids, etc. 

IntuiTru IQ formula helps to support the brain from neurotoxins and free radicals. The ingredients used in  IntuiTru IQ helps to support the increased blood flow and oxygenation to the brain.

The IntuiTru IQ brain function is a revolutionary brain supplement also known in Scientific terms as a “nootropic” or “smart pill”. These help to maximize concentration and unlock long-term memory function. It improves the thinking capacity of the brain and eliminates brain fog.

Just like any other health supplement, IntuiTru IQ also provides the best result only if followed by the recommended dosage provided in the package. 

What’s to like

  • IntuiTru IQ promotes nerve growth in the brain
  • Increase brain energy and your ability to use it
  • IntuiTru IQ helps to remain focused even in tedious works
  • Eliminate Brain fog
  • Improve your memory

What’s not to like 

  • Ingredients are not mentioned on the official website but can be seen on the supplement bottle.  
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 18.

Regarding FDA approval

Most of the reviews provide illegal details about FDA approval on health supplements, but as per the IntuiTru IQ review, the formula is manufactured in an expert-certified laboratory environment and also has research-driven human studies that confirmed safety and effectiveness. 

The Placebo Test

Placebos are an important part of clinical research. These are the tests done by the experts to check whether the supplements are safe to use.

For this, volunteers are randomly selected and grouped into two groups. One group receives the experimental supplement and the other receives the standard supplement. Both researchers and volunteers know who is receiving the standard one and the experimental one. 

This test requires a lot of time and volunteers, thus the IntuiTru IQ capsule has never undergone a placebo test, but had undergone an ingredients test that proves the safety of the supplement, and also its effects. 

Ingredients Test

The ingredient test of IntuiTru IQ defines the following.


The manufacturer of  IntuiTru IQ supplement assures that the product contains 100% natural ingredients that help to maximize concentration and unlock long-term memory function. 

They use high-quality ingredients which are manufactured in an expert-certified laboratory environment.


The key ingredients included in the IntuiTru IQ dietary supplement are Gaba, L-Theanine, Phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, etc. Each of these ingredients is tested and is clinically proven to support the complex and effective functioning of your brain cells. IntuiTru IQ brain health formula keeps you sharp, focused, and optimized so that you can have a super-charged brain performance and it eliminate brain fog. 


The manufacture of IntuiTru IQ brain health formula advises following a proper dosage for a recommended time to get an optimal result. It comes in the form of a pill so that it is suggested to consume 2 capsules daily with water.

IntuiTru IQ Customer Reviews and Complaints


I used to have exam fear, and cram before exams. I’d stay up at night and re-read every textbook, but it never helped. Seeing my condition, one of my friends recommended the IntuiTru IQ supplement. I’ve been using it for the past few weeks and I honestly say that I could see the change in my brainpower. Now I can easily remember everything I learn and don’t even have to re-read my textbooks over and over.  


It’s the best-formulated nootropic I’ve had so far, and it worked well for focus and mental clarity. Easy to consume and includes 100% natural ingredients which are clinically tested and proved to help mental boost. Now I work for hours and never feel drained. My cognitive ability got better day by day and I could feel the change by being able to solve every problem easily. 


It’s been a month since I’ve started using the pill. Haven’t felt any change during these periods, caffeine was much better than this. Continuing the usage just to know whether it could make any difference soon. No side effects reported till now, thus safe to use. 

Tips To Boost Results

Along with taking the IntuiTru IQ formula as per the manufacturer’s instructions, the IntuiTru IQ reviews here give some tips to boost the result that you get from IntuiTru IQ.

  • Sufficient sleep

For proper brain functioning, it should also have proper rest. By getting a sufficient amount of sleep your brain will automatically have the power to work properly and have great mental power. Sufficient sleep along with IntuiTru IQ brain supplement helps your brain to focus, concentrate and keeps you sharp eliminating brain fog.    

  • Strict diet

Just like sleep, our brain needs proper nutrients, for that we should have a strict diet that contains every nutrient and protein. Our body receives energy mostly from the food we eat, so it is essential to follow a strict diet. Proper food along with the IntuiTru IQ supplement helps in improving the result.

  • Exercise 

Doing regular exercise makes our body strong and we all know that only a strong body will have a strong mind. So it is important to follow regular exercise which doesn’t need to be any hard workouts rather be any light walks or jogging. 

IntuiTru IQ Result

Expert Advice

As per the expert’s advice, IntuiTru IQ seems to be a legit brain supplement that helps in eliminating brain fog and provides a mental boost. Many health and science forums suggested that to get better results, the user has to use the formula for around 2-3 months along with a strict diet, proper sleep, and exercise. 

IntuiTru IQ is made from 100% natural ingredients that help in improving brain power and help in mental boost. Once you use the IntuiTru IQ capsule consistently for 2-3 months without any break, you will see the results and it would increase your brain’s capacity to store data and help you focus more on your daily chores. 

According to the experts’ study, it is found out that due to the high demand and effectiveness of the IntuiTru IQ brain supplement, many sellers are producing and selling imitated versions of the original supplement on amazon and many third-party websites.

So as per the expert’s advice, it is safe to buy the IntuiTru IQ brain health formula from the original product website to ensure the legitimacy of the formula rather than buying from amazon. 

IntuiTru IQ Pricing

As per the expert’s advice, it is better to place your order through the official product website to ensure the legitimacy of the supplement and also for any offers and discounts offered by the manufacturer.

The price details are available on the official product website. Once you fill the form, you’ll be taken to another page where the shipping charge and other charges are mentioned. 

The IntuiTru IQ bottle is given as a free trial, and the manufacturer offers only a shipping and handling charge of $4.95 for the supplement. They will ship a 30 day supply of IntuiTru IQ as part of the exclusive IntuiTru IQ auto-shipment program, which sends you a 1 month supply every 30 days from the date of purchase.   

Do they offer a Money Back Guarantee?

By analyzing the official website of IntuiTru IQ, the manufacturer doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee. But they offer a refund of the shipping and handling charges and also a full refund of all product costs by returning an unopened bottle of  IntuiTru IQ with an RMA number. This can only be done within 30 days of purchase.

Our Final Take on IntuiTru IQ Reviews

From my research, IntuiTru IQ brain function is a 100% natural brain supplement that helps to boost brain power, improve memory, eliminate brain fog, etc. It is known as a ‘nootropic’ or ‘genius pill’ in scientific terms and it improves mental functions such as cognition, memory, intelligence, concentration, etc.

Hundreds of customers are using this supplement for concentration and high performance in their daily life. 

The supplement is made from 100% natural ingredients like Gaba, L-Theanine, Phosphatidylserine, L-Tyrosine, etc. These ingredients help a lot in increasing mental power and provide better results.

From many IntuiTru IQ reviews, it is clear that it has created a huge wave in the market, and many new customers a born day by day.  

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