Kibo Code Quantum Review- Detailed Report on The #1 Trending Ecommerce Program

Hi, I’m Amanda and this is my expert review of the Kibo Code QUANTUM online business training program.

Kibo Code Quantum Review: Review At A Glance!


Quick Overview on Kibo Code Quantum


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ease of use

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

What we like

  • Expert Mentorship
  • Genuine
  • Easy to understand
  • Proven Strategy

What we don’t like

  • Limited Seats
  • Premium Price

Quick Overview :

Kibo Code QUANTUM is a live 8-week eCommerce training program designed by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton that teaches you how to build and maintain your own online business. It is the upgraded and perfected version of the first Kibo Code program.

According to Aidan and Steve, the Kibo Code QUANTUM training, software, tools, and support will be entirely new, taking into account all they have learned over the past year. They learned exactly where all the pain-points were, both in the sales process and in the training, and have resolved all of them. However, they have so far been tight-lipped regarding the details of the new program.

Now, a lot of you might not have heard of me before. I won’t lie,  I do not have years of experience in eCommerce or affiliate marketing. Nor do I have any eCommerce degrees to my name. In fact, believe it or not, I was a high-school dropout!

But I am now an eCommerce expert. And that’s only because the original Kibo Code program helped me crack the code for making money online. Today a lot of people come to me for advice both online and offline due to my successful  online business and the amount of money I make with the help of the Kibo Code program.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not encouraging you to drop out of school. In fact, I recommend each and every one of you to get an education. But it just wasn’t for me. My sights were always set on business and I have always been on the lookout for lucrative business ideas, ever since I was eighteen!

But it was rather by chance I came to know about the Kibo Code training program. I had come across a Kibo Code review on the internet and clicked a link to download an e-book, only because it was absolutely free. I had no intentions of joining the program because frankly, I couldn’t afford it at that time. But as I went through the e-book I realized that I was guaranteed to make money with the help of this program. And I was right!

If you don’t know what the program is and how it works, let me first break it down for you.


What is Kibo Code Quantum?

Kibo Code QUANTUM is an 8-week long, live online business training program that teaches you to easily make money online. The training program is easy to follow and as an added benefit you can start making money as you learn. 

There were 7 modules in the first version, which were taught over the course of eight weeks. This time around the training will be entirely different since Kibo Code QUANTUM is an “upgraded” version. However, the overall structure should remain the same.

How does the Kibo Code Quantum training program work?

The Kibo Code QUANTUM system helps you set up your own online shopping store in 5 simple steps, and sell products using its database and unique set of tools and resources. You make money through commissions with each product you sell. Now, you don’t have to buy or store any products. All that will be taken care of by the Kibo Code system. 

All you have to do is update your store regularly with the top-selling products and increase the traffic to your store using the traffic generation methods taught in the training program. And then you can sit back and count the profits!

The 5 simple steps followed by Kibo Code Quantum program are:

➡️ Step 1: Set up your store

The first step is to set up your Done-For-You SuperStore. This online store can be personally used to generate thousands of dollars each day.

➡️ Step 2: identify winners

Now you would select the winning products to load into your store that is ready to sell. To select winning products, the Kibo Code Quantum program has shortcuts that you can take advantage of. 

➡️ Step 3: Pick your profit path

Once you have selected the winning, convertible products, it’s time to pick your profits. By taking advantage of buyer traffics, you can reach an initial milestone of $1000 per week.

➡️ Step 4: Accelerate your sales

You have to optimize your sales to increase conversions and profits. This can be achieved by following and implementing strategies revealed through the Kibo Code Quantum program.

➡️ Step 5: Rinse and repeat

Repeat these processes to scale up your profit. Follow each and every step taught in the Kibo Code Quantum training program carefully and expand your store and increase your revenue.

kibo code quantum method

Benefits of Kibo Code Quantum Program

The system uses untapped sources of high-targeted buyer traffic where you can place the products you sell. So there won’t be any traffic issues as you are selling directly in front of people.
As with any other business models, Kibo Code Quantum model doesn’t have any supplier headaches as it only deals with products from US suppliers and sells to US-based people.
You don’t need to buy a product until you have actually sold it
All the processes are automatic and provide rapid results. So you can test products and see whether it works within minutes. 
By following the Kibo Code Quantum training program, you can do eCommerce business on the side along with your regular jobs and daily routines. 

What’s Inside The Kibo Code Quantum Course?

If you are looking to build a successful online business in 2021 by following a cutting-edge 5-step sales system, then join Kibo Code Quantum system now itself. Kibo Code Quantum program was launched on January 26, 2021, and the cart is open for you. 

Now, you will go through the seven components included in Kibo Code Quantum training program and how you can take advantage of this simple and incredible business model.

Module 1: Kibo Academy

Kibo Academy is the first component of the Kibo Code Quantum program and it will show you how to build a new eCommerce business.

✔ Hand you a full A-Z guide of the system

✔ Reveals how to start a business from scratch

✔ Helps to scale up your business to 6-figures per month

✔ Show you how to price your products

Kibo Code quantum academy bonus

Module 2: Kibo Launchpad

This is the store somewhere you create your website in a record short time. You get to launch an expert-designed website, where the website traffic translates to sales.

✔ Build, manage and scale your business

✔ Launch your DONE-FOR-YOU store

✔ Start generating tens of thousands of dollars per day

✔ Enable you to make key decisions

✔ Avoid headaches of inventory preparation, sending and receiving of products, doing quality checks, and other logistical tasks.

Kibo code quantum LaunchPad

Module 3: Kibo Super Stores

They will provide you Done-For-You SuperStore loaded up with 10 products.

✔ Your SuperStore will be live and ready to go

✔ Allow you to see money rolling into your account first hand

✔ You will have a fully-fledged business set up in record time

Google conversion pixel

Kibo code quantum SuperStores

Module 4: Kibo Profit Vault

Kibo Profit Vault helps you to find profitable opportunities from the database of 2 million products. 

✔ Hand you a series of 10 Done-For-You products you can set up and sell

✔ Pinpoint the highest quality and most profitable products to sell

✔ Shows you the suppliers who will stock, ship, and do all grunt work.

✔ Analyze thousands of products in seconds using a software

Kibo code quantum ProfitVault

Module 5: Kibo Accelerators

This module is focused on getting website traffic and allows you to get unlimited amounts of customers.

✔ List out the products using the most profitable keywords

✔ No need for SEO or pay-per-click advertising

✔ Ultra-targeted free Facebook traffic source connects you with buyers

✔ Instantly generate buyer leads

✔ Set up an ultra-effective sales funnel

Kibo code quantum Accelerators

 Module 6: Kibo Powerlabs

Kibo Powerlabs makes the whole system hands-free by inserting some smart software tools. 

✔ Domain name generator to pinpoint high-quality domain

✔ Key code to design the logo for free

✔ Listing Builder sucks in the listings from the products you plan on selling right onto your website.

Kibo code quantum PowerLabs

Module 7: Kibo Alliance

The last module of the Kibo Code Quantum program provides exclusive support and assistance for you.

✔ A private email-based system that is open 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

✔ Kibo community, a private forum where you can connect with other members and know about the latest strategies and updates.

Kibo code quantum Alliance

About the Authors

The authors have huge experience in creating other programs that have aided online business growth.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton know their way around the internet and know how to create formidable systems that serve the users for a longer time.

The credibility of both creators guarantees that Kibo code Quantum is a system that you will gain a lot from.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

Pros and Cons of the Kibo Code Quantum program

To make a final decision on joining the program all you need to do is take a quick look at its pros and cons. Off the bat, I can tell you that the biggest benefit of the program is that you will be mentored by two of the biggest names in the e commerce industry, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

They have years of experience in the e commerce business and are the brains behind the Kibo Kickstart. Besides, all their previous ventures have been positively reviewed by even the harshest product reviewer in the e commerce business.

But other than these obvious benefits, let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of the program.


Trusted name: The Kibo Code training program is designed by two established names in the industry, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. In addition, the Kibo Code course and its success in the first year makes the new version more trustworthy. As such you can be sure that it is legit.

Easy to follow: The Kibo Code training program is designed by Aidan and Steven in such a way that it is accessible to even those without prior experience. 

Value for money: You also get incredible value for your money because the Kibo Code training uses an “earn as you learn” approach. You will be setting up an online business, an ecommerce store, as part of the training, which means you’ll easily be able to reclaim your initial investment to join the program, within few weeks.

Best version: The Kibo Code training program is upgraded by resolving all the pain points, which means you will be getting access to the best version.


Limited Seats: There are limited seats available, as it is a premium e commerce business program. As such, the seats fill up quite quickly owing to the high demand.

Brief about Kibo Code (Previous Version)

The first version of Kibo Code Quantum, Kibo Code had been successfully launched in January 2020. This first iteration of the Kibo Code taught about the easiest, simplest, predictable, and most profitable business model.

The testimonials from the people who had attended the Kibo Code training program proves that they have earned hundreds and thousands of dollars each day as profit from this unique system by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

Check out the glimpses from the previous version here;

When Can I Get Access To Kibo Code Quantum Training?

Kibo Code QUANTUM was launched on the 26th of January 2021. So now you can access the Kibo Code Quantum system, workshop training, step-by-step videos, all the manuals. And tools through its official website. Also, another important thing is that there are zero risks for you.

If you aren’t getting any results or is not able to set up a store as claimed by the creators within 30 days, then you will get all your money back. 

kibo code quantum join

Aidan booth kibo code quantum

In the above video, co-founder of the Kibo Code Quantum program Steve Clayton gives a brief about what Kibo Code Quantum Program is and how it works. According to him, Kibo Code Quantum is a simple 5-step online sales system that focuses on secret technology, free traffic, done-for-you solutions, and speed.

Steve Clayton claims that if you follow these simple steps, then anyone can earn up to $1000 per week in profit without needing Amazon, Shopify, overseas suppliers, and inventories. In 2020, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton launched Kibo Code and has been teaching this system of online eCommerce to a large group of students.

==> Click Here To Watch The Video

kibo code quantum session

As mentioned above, this incredible system of eCommerce training was officially launched on 26th January, 2021. Before that, as a pre-launch event, the creators had conducted a live webinar session. Here is what they taught in the live webinar session: 

Provided an insight to use their PROVEN 5-STEP system to build your online eCommerce store in 2021.
Techniques, tips, and tricks you can use to set up your own estore WITHOUT needing Amazon, Shopify, inventory orders, or overseas suppliers.
Explains about the “Done-For-You” online store that they are going to GIVE YOU
How you can start your store quicker and easier with their simple 5-Step system and how they are using it to generate up to $7693 each day.
How is it possible to make your store successful without building your own website or paying for traffic.
Also, Aiden and Steve provide you some real-life case studies and success stories from their most successful students. 
They taught about 3 amazing shortcuts that could allow you to rapidly scale-up

Kibo Code Quantum Bonuses

Here are some of the bonuses that they provided during the pre-launch session:

Bonus 1: The Core System

This ebook includes the 5-steps to success and shows you the incredible case studies from students who have generated thousands of dollars using this system. The Core System Manual worth $4997 and it also includes additional tactics and strategies for your success.

The Core System

Bonus 2: The Profit Map

The Profit Map is a step-by-step visual graphics that reveal the working of this incredible and simple 5-step system. So it will be easy for you to understand the system as the video provides each and every detail about Kibo Code Quantum.

The Profit Map

Bonus 3: The Case Studies

This bonus provides you with some of the real-life case studies and success stories from their most successful students. Along with this, you will get some product examples that may generate $500 per day.  


Apart from pre-launch bonuses, they also hand you some bonuses at the time of joining the program. Here is what you are going to get with the Kibo Code Quantum program.

Bonus 1: Kibo Code Live Recordings

Once you join Kibo Code Quantum program, you will get the full recordings of all live events of Aiden Booth and Steve Clayton with guest speakers and inner circle secrets as a free bonus. This makes it easier for them to understand the content and to learn. Also, you can review concepts later using this recording.

Kibo Code Live Recordings

Bonus 2: The Secret Mastermind

This bonus provides you additional workshops with additional tactics, formulas, and strategies. This makes you more prone to the concept and getting better with each session of the Kibo Code Quantum program. Also, you will learn about the latest information and trends related to the eCommerce business.

The Secret Mastermind

Bonus 3: 7-figure Scaling Secrets

The third bonus provides you exclusive training that reveals how to scale your business to a 7-figure run rate. So it will be easier for you to scale up your eCommerce business once all basic needs are attained. 

7-figure Scaling Secrets

Kibo Code Quantum Pricing

This incredible system, Kibo Code Quantum costs $3497 and I know it’s a bit expensive. But the creators are ready to give an instant discount of $491 if you are ready to pay the full amount in 1 payment.

If you can’t afford this, then don’t worry, they also provide an option to pay for 4 payments of $997. Choose any one option now itself and process your payment via ClickBank and get lifelong, instant access to the Kibo Code Quantum program. 

Kibo Code QUANTUM Reviews – Final Verdict

The new Kibo Code Quantum program has officially launched on 26 January 2021. There are limited slots available. So I suggest you book your slots right now!

Join The Kibo Code Quantum

The Kibo Code Quantum program is expected to be a breakthrough in the online eCommerce training niche. Being a previous attendee, I can ensure that the latest version will be entirely a new experience for anyone.

Kibo Code Student Reviews and Testimonials

Kibo Code program was a great success within a short period of time itself. Steve and Aiden had shared success stories of their students making $1000’s per day on the official website. 

Attending the Kibo Code Quantum program does not require any prior experience in this field and the fact is that anyone can do this. That’s why the first iteration, the Kibo Code program, has become a great success. Most of the students who attended the first iteration gained a massive profit within a few days itself. It’s astonishing that some of the previous students of Aidan and Steve who followed the Kibo Code program are gaining around $2,24k as daily income.    

kibo code quantum success stories

Below given are some of the case studies from students who had attended the Kibo Code program, the first iteration of Kibo Code Quantum. Let’s go through them. 

  • Penny and Criag

Penny and Criag approached Kibo Code very systematically. Penny used to be a high school teacher for many years  and want to make enough money to be able to give away the excess. By methodically following the Kibo Code program, he made $150,547.89 in just 30 days.

  • Justin 

Justin has been able to sell over $7100 in a month with just one product and now he sells over $1000 per day. He just sticks to the Kibo Code system and set goals with deadlines. And in just 24 hours he made $1,015.18.  

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