Kibo Code Quantum Reviews- Detailed Report on The #1 Trending Ecommerce Program

Hi, I’m Amanda and this is my expert review of the Kibo Code QUANTUM online business training program.

Kibo Code Quantum Review: Review At A Glance!

Quick Overview on Kibo Code Quantum


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ease of use

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

What we like

  • Expert Mentorship
  • Genuine
  • Easy to understand
  • Proven Strategy

What we don’t like

  • Limited Seats
  • Premium Price

Quick Overview :

Kibo Code QUANTUM is a live 8-week eCommerce training program designed by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton that teaches you how to build and maintain your own online business. It is the upgraded and perfected version of the first Kibo Code program.

According to Aidan and Steve, the Kibo Code QUANTUM training, software, tools, and support will be entirely new, taking into account all they have learned over the past year. They learned exactly where all the pain-points were, both in the sales process and in the training, and have resolved all of them. However, they have so far been tight-lipped regarding the details of the new program.

There will be a pre-launch of the event on 20th January, when you can join the free webinar session to understand more about the program. Suppose you are entirely new to the Kibo Code or eCommerce, or even online marketing. In that case, I suggest attending the free webinar session before the launch of the Kibo Code Quantum program would be highly beneficial.

Kibo Code QUANTUM Review by Marty Osbourne

Now, a lot of you might not have heard of me before. I won’t lie,  I do not have years of experience in eCommerce or affiliate marketing. Nor do I have any eCommerce degrees to my name. In fact, believe it or not, I was a high-school dropout!

But I am now an eCommerce expert. And that’s only because the original Kibo Code program helped me crack the code for making money online. Today a lot of people come to me for advice both online and offline due to my successful  online business and the amount of money I make with the help of the Kibo Code program.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not encouraging you to drop out of school. In fact, I recommend each and every one of you to get an education. But it just wasn’t for me. My sights were always set on business and I have always been on the lookout for lucrative business ideas, ever since I was eighteen!

But it was rather by chance I came to know about the Kibo Code training program. I had come across a Kibo Code review on the internet and clicked a link to download an e-book, only because it was absolutely free. I had no intentions of joining the program because frankly, I couldn’t afford it at that time. But as I went through the e-book I realized that I was guaranteed to make money with the help of this program. And I was right!

But I won’t ask you to take my word for it. I’d rather suggest you download the free bonus “The Profit Map” infographic and the Kibo Code QUANTUM “Core Manual” e-Book, like I did a year ago, and discover how $56,094 was made in a single day, WITHOUT the help of Amazon, Shopify or any Overseas Suppliers, just by selling high-profit products and how ANYONE can replicate the same METHOD to generate $2,500 (OR EVEN MORE) every single day!

If you don’t know what the program is and how it works, let me first break it down for you.


What is Kibo Code Quantum?

Kibo Code QUANTUM is an 8-week long, live online business training program that teaches you to easily make money online. The training program is easy to follow and as an added benefit you can start making money as you learn. 

There were 7 modules in the first version, which were taught over the course of eight weeks. This time around the training will be entirely different since Kibo Code QUANTUM is an “upgraded” version. However, the overall structure should remain the same.

How does the Kibo Code Quantum training program work?

The Kibo Code QUANTUM system helps you set up your own online shopping store in 5 simple steps, and sell products using its database and unique set of tools and resources. You make money through commissions with each product you sell. Now, you don’t have to buy or store any products. All that will be taken care of by the Kibo Code system. 

All you have to do is update your store regularly with the top-selling products and increase the traffic to your store using the traffic generation methods taught in the training program. And then you can sit back and count the profits!

kibo code quantum system

What’s Inside The Kibo Code Quantum Course?

Kibo Code Quantum course module provides a holistic course that will guarantee you success in your online shop. You will get jumpstarted to run your Kibo Code Quantum business in the two days of training.

There will be recordings for Kibo Code Quantum members who will not be able to attend the live program. In this early bird training, you will get to go through the seven modules.

The following are the steps you will go through in the modules.

Module 1: Central Intelligence

This is the central intelligence. You gain the marketing information as well as get the secrets to building your seven-figure business, through the following steps

✔ Buy a domain

✔ Create your Shopify store

✔ Set up your domain with Shopify

✔ Set a payment method

✔ Set up an email address for your store

✔ Set up a USA phone number

✔ Set up and international calling number


Module 2: StoreStorm

This is the store somewhere you create your website in a record short time. You get to launch an expert-designed website, where the website traffic translates to sales.

✔ Connect the theme to your store

✔ Set important Shopify settings

✔ Set your pages and navigations

✔ Add place holder products

✔ Set the final theme

✔ google ads and merchant center set up

✔ Microsoft ads and merchant center setup

✔ Google shopping set up

✔ Bing shopping set up

✔ Looks reviews set up


Module 3: Handpicked Products

This module helps you when stocking up. You get to know which products

✔ Reset the Kibo X theme

✔ Product page overview

✔ Product variant

✔ Google ads account overview

Google conversion pixel

✔ Google analytics

✔ Google shopping ad

✔ Your first sale

✔ Dropshipping and fulfilling the order

✔ Customer service basics

✔ Google ads tips


Module 4: Profit Vault

✔ Setting Google ad columns

✔ Google ad optimization

✔ Microsoft ad overview

✔ Bing conversion pixel

✔ Microsoft shopping ads

✔ Cancellations

✔ Returns


Module 5: Traffic Black Box

This is the traffic box and helps the learner know how to increase site traffic and how to take advantage of the traffic to convert them to sales. This is done through the following steps.

✔ Rules of Google shopping products

✔ Product branding

✔ Microsoft ad products

✔ Microsoft brand campaign

✔ Google search brand campaign


 Module 6: Oracle X

Oracle X helps you find highly profitable goods and that market easily. The process is easy and automated, and so you shouldn’t anticipate any complexity.

✔ Face book business manager

✔ Face book pixel set up

✔ Remarketing

✔ Setting up a Facebook page

✔ Creating a Facebook catalog

✔ Creating Facebook audiences

✔ Single product Facebook targeting

Module 7: Kibo Academy

This is the Kibo academy resource center, where you not only understand t Kibo code Quantum program and also receive support after your completion.

✔ Kibo sales and success trinity

✔ Wheelio app

✔ Klavio sign up and overview

✔ Email best practices


About the Authors

The authors have huge experience in creating other programs that have aided online business growth.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton know their way around the internet and know how to create formidable systems that serve the users for a longer time.

The credibility of both creators guarantees that Kibo code Quantum is a system that you will gain a lot from.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

Pros and Cons of the Kibo Code Quantum program

To make a final decision on joining the program all you need to do is take a quick look at its pros and cons. Off the bat, I can tell you that the biggest benefit of the program is that you will be mentored by two of the biggest names in the e commerce industry, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

They have years of experience in the e commerce business and are the brains behind the Kibo Kickstart. Besides, all their previous ventures have been positively reviewed by even the harshest product reviewer in the e commerce business.

But other than these obvious benefits, let us take a look at some of the pros and cons of the program.


Trusted name: The Kibo Code training program is designed by two established names in the industry, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. In addition, the Kibo Code course and its success in the first year makes the new version more trustworthy. As such you can be sure that it is legit.

Easy to follow: The Kibo Code training program is designed by Aidan and Steven in such a way that it is accessible to even those without prior experience. 

Value for money: You also get incredible value for your money because the Kibo Code training uses an “earn as you learn” approach. You will be setting up an online business, an ecommerce store, as part of the training, which means you’ll easily be able to reclaim your initial investment to join the program, within few weeks.

Best version: The Kibo Code training program is upgraded by resolving all the pain points, which means you will be getting access to the best version.


Limited Seats: There are limited seats available, as it is a premium e commerce business program. As such, the seats fill up quite quickly owing to the high demand.

Brief about Kibo Code (Previous Version)

The first version of Kibo Code Quantum, Kibo Code had been successfully launched in January 2020. This first iteration of the Kibo Code taught about the easiest, simplest, predictable, and most profitable business model.

The testimonials from the people who had attended the Kibo Code training program proves that they have earned hundreds and thousands of dollars each day as profit from this unique system by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

Check out the glimpses from the previous version here;

When Can I Get Access To Kibo Code Quantum Training?

Kibo Code QUANTUM will officially be launched on the 26th of January 2021. That means you don’t have to wait much longer to get access. However, you can even get “early bird” access to an exclusive pre launch webinar, a day before the official launch. The pre launch webinar is intended to answer all your doubts and questions regarding the Kibo Code QUANTUM training and system.

But if you don’t want to wait, you can download the free Kibo Code QUANTUM bonus e-book and learn all about the Kibo Code QUANTUM system right now. You will also get access to two more Kibo Code Quantum bonus downloads before the official launch.

Aidan booth kibo code quantum

In the above video, co-founder of the Kibo Code Quantum program Steve Clayton gives a brief about what Kibo Code Quantum Program is and how it works. According to him, Kibo Code Quantum is a simple 5-step online sales system that focuses on secret technology, free traffic, done-for-you solutions, and speed.

Steve Clayton claims that if you follow these simple steps, then anyone can earn up to $1000 per week in profit without needing Amazon, Shopify, overseas suppliers, and inventories. In 2020, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton launched Kibo Code and has been teaching this system of online eCommerce to a large group of students.

==> Click Here To Watch The Video

Kibo Code Quantum Pricing

Now, when I attended the first version of the program, the Kibo Code cost was more than I could afford at the time. $3497 was not the kind of money I had on me at that time. Thankfully, I was allowed to pay the fee in four installments. And that meant I didn’t have to struggle at all to pay off what I owed because I was making money with the program from the get-go.

The Kibo Code QUANTUM price has not been revealed yet. But I expect all details about the Kibo Code QUANTUM cost to be disclosed during the pre-launch webinar that begins on the 25th of January 2021.

Kibo Code QUANTUM Reviews – Final Verdict

The official launch of the new Kibo Code QUANTUM 2021 training program is on the horizon. There are limited slots available. So I suggest you book your slots right now!

Kibo Code Quantum Free Webinar

The Kibo Code Quantum program is expected to be a breakthrough in the online eCommerce training niche. Being a previous attendee, I can ensure that the latest version will be entirely a new experience for anyone. If you are excited as I am, participate in the Kibo Code Quantum Free Webinar to learn more!

This exclusive free bonus e-book will tell you everything you need to know before joining the program, in much more detail. It will give you a complete rundown on the Kibo Code QUANTUM training program and system. Besides, in addition to myself, you will get tons of proof regarding the success of the program with thousands of customer success stories and testimonials. 

Kibo Code Student Reviews and Testimonials

One of the biggest and often overlooked benefits of the Kibo Code program is the kind of contacts you make through the Kibo Code Community. I made quite a few friends, some of them already experts in eCommerce and others amateurs like me. And the advice and help I received from each of them paved the way for my success. 

Below are some results from the past (2020) Kibo Code program ;

kibo code results

Here are some reviews and testimonials of the training program by some of them:

Flynn Rey

“I am delighted that I joined the program on the advice of Marty. The Kibo Code training went a long way in helping me double my income. I don’t think there are any other online eCommerce training programs that even compare. Besides, Aidan and Steve are the best mentors anyone can get! ”

Jay Fishkin

“I have come across hundreds of training programs during my long career in eCommerce, but I haven’t seen a more comprehensive, complete, and unique program like Kibo Code. What’s unique about the program is that Aidan and Steve have been able to simplify it so that anyone can easily follow the course. Despite my years of experience in the industry, I don’t think I’d be able to do anything close to what those two have done”

Steve Coleman

“To tell you the truth, I joined the Kibo Code program only out of curiosity. But I was in for a positive surprise. Despite my experience in the industry and my exhaustive list of contacts in the community, I had never been made aware of the unique traffic sources that the program revealed to me. Perhaps that’s the reason why the program became such a success and many people were able to find success with the program.”

Jeff Lowey

“I have written a lot of negative reviews about eCommerce training programs and of those suggesting these over the years for many reasons, but mostly because of my personal experiences. I feel bad that I criticized Marty when he first suggested that I try out the Kibo Code program. But in the end I did join the program and boy am I glad that I did! It revealed secrets about the industry that I had not even wondered about. So I can gladly say that Kibo Code is the best online eCommerce training program out there!”

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