Korean Diet To Lose Belly Fat | Does Diet Mess Up Your Body?

Did you know that the obesity rate in Korea is only 10 percent? Yes, it is true. It is so because their eating habits were never influenced by western culture and Koreans have continued to follow their ancestors in terms of eating.

Unlike other parts of the world, people in Korea do not include highly processed food items in their diet. They have their own cooking style and that explains why they have such a low rate of obesity.

What Is A Korean Diet?


The main aim of the Korean diet is to lose weight while being healthy. Along with the weight loss factor, the Korean diet offers clear and radiant skin while also maintaining the overall health of your body.

Korean Diet To Lose Belly Fat

A good bowl of meal under a Korean diet includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, steamed rice, seafood, meat, and kimchi salad.

Koreans do not believe in highly processed food, in fact, they like to binge on vegetables that are highly rich in fibers. Anything that is healthy and low in sugar, as well as fat, can be a part of your Korean diet.

Another thing about the Korean diet is that it includes fermented food items as they boost the health of your gut.

What Are The Benefits Of A Korean Diet?

Shifting to a Korean diet does not include any hassle. There are so many recipes you can experiment with even if you are vegetarian, vegan, or prefer gluten-free food items. Here is the list of benefits that you will be able to achieve if you follow a Korean diet.

  • Nutrients– The Korean diet includes a lot of vegetables and fruits that have a vast range of nutrients in them. The diet contains vegetables such as spinach, bell peppers, green onions, cabbage, beans, and sprouts, etc.

These vegetables are highly rich in vitamins as well as protein to maintain your body weight. These vegetables also make sure that your body does not develop any cardiovascular disease.

  • Low in fat– A Korean diet does not include too much red meat or other sources of trans fat, saturated fat, or any other kind of bad fat that can increase the levels of your cholesterol. The diet includes food items that contain the required amount of fat your body needs.
  • Better digestion– Korean diet includes those food items that are rich in fiber and support your digestive system.

Fermented food items such as Kimchi consist of probiotics that are healthy bacteria required for your body in order to break down the lactose and promote better digestion.

  • Weight loss– Since it does not include processed food, junk food, and offers low fat, Korean food makes you lose weight as you consume fewer calories.

A Korean diet makes you feel full for a long time and reduces your level of cravings which also results in losing extra weight.

  • Great skin– Korean diet is also considered great if you want to have glowing and smoother skin. It helps you achieve clear skin as it fights off acne. It happens because your dairy intake is limited because of the Korean diet.
  • Impacts overall health– If you follow the Korean diet, you will naturally consume lots of vegetables and fruits. This will help your body fight against the risks of chronic conditions such as heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Kimchi, on the other hand, helps in lowering the blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels, and bad cholesterol in your body. All of this improves your overall health and helps you fight medical conditions such as atopic dermatitis, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, etc.

What Should You Include In Your Korean Diet To Lose Weight?

If you are still confused about what to include and what not, here are a few food items that you can eat to lose weight.

  • Fruits– You can include any type of fruit. Every fruit has nutrients in it that helps your body get the required amount of vitamins, fiber, minerals, etc.
  • Steamed rice– Traditional Korean food is based on steamed rice. You can have rice instead of pasta, bread, or macaroni. Rice can be eaten with noodles as well. Rice makes you feel fuller for a long period.
  • Veggies– Any vegetables are permissible for your Korean diet. You can team up the vegetables with steamed rice or use them in soups. They can either be fermented or raw, depending upon your preferences.
  • Animal based proteins– You can have animal based proteins such as eggs, seafood, meat, and fish. These should be consumed in small portions only but can be consumed with the majority of meals too.
  • Wheat free grains– You can include items such as mung bean, tapioca starch, dumplings, glass noodles, pancakes, potatoes, etc.
  • Plants based protein– This is suitable for vegans or vegetarians. It includes food items such as dried shiitake, king oyster mushroom, tofu, etc. as they are rich in protein and can be eaten as a substitute for non-vegetarian items.

What Food Items Should Be Avoided In A Korean Diet For Weight Loss?

If you think there are no restrictions on the Korean diet, you are highly mistaken. It does not mean that you can never ever have these food items but you will have to put a limit to their intake if you want to lose weight. Here is the list of items you should avoid-

  • Sugar and highly processed food– You need to cut the consumption of sugar or any sugar related products such as cakes, cookies, doughnuts, etc. Highly processed food items such as cheese, bread, biscuits, bacon, chocolate, fast food, etc. should also be avoided.
  • Fatty products– Anything that is highly rich in bad fat should not be consumed such as fatty meat items, oils, fried food, etc.
  • Wheat based products– Anything unhealthy which is wheat based should be avoided as they increase the calories intake. It includes bread, pasta, pastries, cereals, wheat flour items, etc.
  • Dairy food– Dairy products are quite unhealthy and include a lot of bad fat. You must avoid dairy products such as fatty milk, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, etc.

Does Korean Food Actually Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, the Korean diet does help a lot in losing weight and there is not one but several reasons for the same.

  • A Korean diet is full of healthy food items such as fruits and vegetables that are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, etc. Food items that are highly concentrated with fiber reduce the level of your hunger and suppress your cravings and make you feel fuller. This means lesser calories intake which is great for your body weight.
  • The Korean diet puts a limit on snacks, fast foods, sugary items, dairy products, and anything that can cause bad fat to your body. This helps you remain more energetic and motivates you to do physical activity. In this way, you burn more calories than usual.
  • A Korean diet promotes healthy eating habits through small portions. It may be that the number of times you eat something in a day is increased, but the portion gets decreased. This tricks your brain to think that you are full and eventually leads you to lose weight.


If you want to lose belly fat, the Korean diet is the sure-shot method for you. The food items included in a Korean diet will surely help you lose weight and also maintain the overall health of your body. It may be a bit difficult for you in the beginning but is definitely worth the try.

There are several possibilities for everyone in this diet which they can choose depending upon their individual preferences.

Well, another thing to keep in mind is that your diet plays only half a role in weight loss. You must also consider regular workout sessions and lots of physical activity along with the diet. You will be able to see the results very soon if you maintain this healthy lifestyle in a proper manner.

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