Laser Treatment For Varicose Veins All You Want To Know!

In today’s world, varicose veins are a big concern for everyone as they are mostly benign but can be fatal if not treated at the right time.

Varicose veins are basically swollen, enlarged twisted veins which most often are caused by faulty or damaged veins which makes the blood travel in the opposite or wrong direction causing many issues in an individual.

What Are The Forms Of Treatment For Varicose Veins?


There are many forms of treatment for varicose veins but the most recommended one is laser treatment as it has been found more effective than all the other methods.

Laser Treatment For Varicose Veins All You Want To Know

Overview of the laser treatment

A laser in simple terms in a beam of light that is focused on a particular point on the body. This beam of light is used to treat the varicose veins. The heat from the laser is targeted to the affected vein making scar tissue form. This small scar tissue makes sure that the vein remains closed. Once the vein is closed it won’t have access to blood and dies thereafter. The process is quick and doesn’t pain the patient. After a year or two, the dead vein is more likely to disappear from the body.

Simple laser treatment for the vein

This is mostly done right outside the skin of the patient. It is useful in treating small spider veins and small varicose veins which are situated just below the surface of the skin. In most cases for this type of treatment, more than one laser session is needed and is scheduled about in a period of 6 to 12 weeks mostly or in some cases, the doctor can change the schedule after having a primary check-up.

Endovenous laser treatment for the vein

This type of treatment is used in treating the bigger varicose veins in the legs. In this, a laser fiber is inserted into your veins through a catheter or a thin tube. The doctor observes the vein on an ultrasound screen right next to him. This laser doesn’t feel much pain as compared to vein ligation, and also has a shorter recovery time if the patient follows all the instructions laid down by the doctor. 

Recovery time after the laser treatment on the varicose vein

In many patients, you will be able to walk easily after a period of 1 week if it was a simple laser treatment, in case of endovenous laser treatment the doctor will recommend you to wear compression stockings for at least 1 week so that you don’t take too much pressure on your legs. Only once the doctor has done a check-up should you remove the stockings while walking else it will damage the repaired vein causing internal bleeding and much worse. One should regularly follow up with their doctor on their progress for the same and perform the exercise recommended in the rehabilitation center.

What are the risks involved in laser treatment?

  • Skin burns – Sometimes the laser touches the skin and results in light skin burns or if the patient moves it might result in skin burn, however this can be easily treated with some cream and medicines and goes away in less than a week and is a mild issue.
  • Skin colouring issue – Many times after the laser people might observe the area to be darker than the rest of the body. This is mostly due to the blood clot and limited movement of that part of the leg. Once you get back to daily routine this will also go away.
  • Small pain – Some people might observe a small pain or a pricking pain after the recovery which is quite normal and will be all good once the recovery phase ends and soon goes away once the patient gets back to his normal lifestyle.

Laser treatment is one of the most effective treatments against varicose veins and helps a person recover faster than any other process. There is no health risk associated with this treatment just that the patient needs to follow the instructions laid out by their doctor.

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