Nutrigo Lab Burner Reviews – Is It A 100% Effective Fat Burner?

Hello fellow readers, Trying to lose weight? Are you looking for a solution? In this Nutrigo Lab Burner review, I am excited to learn and write about this fat-burning food supplement. Fat burning and weight loss are important to many of us. It helps to achieve a good physique. Nutrigo Lab Burner is a food supplement that claims it works well in burning fat and improving your physique.

Nutrigo Lab Burner Reviews – Does This Nutrigo Lab Burner Really Work?

This Nutrigo Lab Burner review will try to cover most of your doubts and questions. And let’s understand the product.

Product NameNutrigo Lab Burner
BrandNutrigo Lab
Main UseFat-Burning Supplement
  • BioPerine
  • Citrin
  • Raspberry Extract
  • Sinetrol
  • CategoryFat Burner
    Health Benefits
  • Maintain optimal level of blood sugar
  • Inhibits the formation of new fat cells
  • Increases the rate of carb metabolism
  • Reduces appetite in the individual
  • Quantity60 capsules per bottle
    Administration RouteOral
    Dosage2 capsules per day
    ResultsTake 2 – 3 months
    Side EffectsNo Major Side Effects reported
    MultipackAvailable in 1 bottle, 3 bottles & 6 bottles
    AvailabilityOnly through the official website
    Official WebsiteClick Here

    What Is Nutrigo Lab Burner?

    Nutrigo Lab Burner is a food supplement mainly used for burning fat tissues in the body. The capsule has SINETROL® Xpur as the main ingredient. SINETROL® Xpur is known for its efficiency in reducing weight loss and fat burn.

    The supplement comes in a small black-colored bottle with 60 capsules. According to the website, each capsule is 760g in weight and packed with four active ingredients. The other ingredients included are  Citrin®,  Raspberry Extract, BioPerine®.

    Nutrigo Lab Burner Ingredients

    The four main ingredients in the Nutrigo Lab Burner capsule focus on all the overall results of losing the extra fat. The ingredients are listed below.

    • 10 mg of BioPerine®

           Bioperine is extracted from black pepper fruit. Pharmacologically Pepper has a significant role in reducing inflammation and pain, antioxidant, anticonvulsant, and antiulcer activity. Some research has shown that black pepper could be a treatment for fat-related disorders. Black pepper might help in weight loss by helping the breakdown of fat cells in the liver.

    Apart from being a good diet supplement and fat burner, Bioperine has a lot of health benefits like anti-bacterial, improving the absorption of nutrients, increasing gastric secretion, etc.

    • 150 mg of Citrin®

    Citrin® helps to block the unwanted fat accumulation in the body. It acts with body fat metabolism and accelerates the burning of excess fat in the body. Citrin® also helps to create an appetite suppressant effect in the body. The overall function of Citrin®  helps hugely in fat loss.

    • 100 mg of Raspberry Extract

    Raspberry ketones are a type of chemical found in red raspberries and other fruits. It is said to help in burning body fat, increasing body metabolism, and reducing appetite.

    • 3000 mg of SINETROL® Xpur

    Some studies have shown that SINETROL® Xpur supplementation is capable of reducing body weight, abdominal fat, waist, and hip circumference, improving inflammatory, oxidative, glycemic status in healthy overweight people.

    Nutrigo Lab Burner Ingredients

    How Does Nutrigo Lab Burner work?

    Nutrigo Lab Burner supplement has four different ingredients, especially focusing on burning fat tissues. Once the supplement is taken, the ingredients start to function by improving the metabolism, reducing appetite, blocking the accumulation of unwanted fat, and more.

    Along with burning fat, the ingredients also focus on regenerating muscles and replenishing energy. The active ingredients in the Nutrigo Lab Burner formula are mainly designed for athletes and other competitors in sports to enhance their physique.

    Nutrigo Lab Burner Pills Benefits

    According to the official website, Nutrigo Lab Burner pills have a unique combination of active ingredients that ensures the effective burning of fat in your body.

    The main goal of the product is to reduce your body fat. As per Nutrigo Lab Burner reviews, it also offers additional supports like,

    • Maintain optimal level of blood sugar
    • Inhibits the formation of new fat cells
    • Increases the rate of carb metabolism
    • Reduces appetite  in the individual
    • Helps to  Regenerates muscle after a heavy workout
    • Helps to Replenish energy without storing them as fat.

    The website claims that the food capsule is designed for active people in all kinds of sports. It is an ideal capsule for off-season workouts, pre-competition preparations and also helps for weight reduction periods.

    Nutrigo Lab Burner Side Effects

    Nutrigo Lab Burner formula has a unique formula that is specially designed for reducing the fat as much as possible. The four ingredients included in the capsule also seem to be effective. Then, what about the side effects?

    According to the website, the Nutrigo Lab Burner supplement claims to have no side effects. The other resources from outside the website also don’t notify about any probable side effects.

    Thus, for now, we can conclude that the capsule has minimal or no side effects at all.

    Nutrigo Lab Burner Dosage And How To Use It?

    The product comes in a small bottle with 60 capsules for a month. It is advised to take 2 capsules per day before lunch or before work out.

    You can take a capsule along with 300 ml of water. The requested amount of dosage for a visible result is 2-3 months. According to your diet, the intensity of workouts, the duration of results also varies. But 2-3 months is the maximum duration, the better your diet the faster the results will be.

    Nutrigo Lab Burner Dosage

    Nutrigo Lab Burner Results And Longevity

    Nutrigo Lab Burner pills take 2-3 months to show more visible changes in your body. However, continuous workouts and a healthy diet might help to achieve the results faster.

    Once you achieve the desired result, you can keep the results as long as 1-2 years followed by a healthy lifestyle and exercise. A healthy diet and exercise practices not only help to achieve fitness fast but also keep your heart healthy and more.

    Is Nutrigo Lab Burner legit Or Not?

    Nutrigo Lab Burner reviews and testimonials show that the product might be true and trustable.

    The ingredients in the capsule seem to have the functions that the formula claims. Most of the ingredients are studied for their efficiency and capability in weight and fat loss.

    The US-based Nutrigo Lab Burner capsule is manufactured in GMP-certified and FDA-approved facilities to ensure its quality and hygiene. The above information shows that the Nutrigo Lab Burner supplement seems to be legit. There are quite testimonials and the pills are available worldwide.

    Nutrigo Lab Burner Customer Reviews And Complaints

    Reviews are one of the most important criteria we use as customers to decide whether to buy the product or not. After surfing and scrolling in search of the reviews and complaints, I could find some reviews about the Nutrigo Lab Burner weight loss supplement.

    The reviews claimed positive opinions about the product and claimed no cons at all. Also, I could find some testimonials claiming the effective working of the supplement.

    Overall research about Nutrigo Lab Burner customer reviews was found to be good and positive. Though there were no complaints at all, the supplement available only on the official website was found as a discussing factor. But for me, I think it is a good thing since it ensures the safety and originality of the capsule.

    Nutrigo Lab Burner Pricing And Availability

    Nutrigo Lab Burner supplement is currently offering multiple discounts options on the official website. There are about three different options to choose from, you can choose the best one fit according to your preference.

    Choice- 1

    Best Value Package

    • Buy 3 items + 3 free
    • 6-month supply
    • Price per bottle: $24.50
    • Total:$147

    Choice- 2

     Standard Package

    • Buy 2 items + 1 free
    • 3 month supply
    • Price per bottle: $32.67
    • Total:$98


    Basic package

    • 1 bottle of Nutrigo Lab
    • 1 month supply
    • Price per bottle: $49
    • Discounts: –
    • Total: $49

    The original price of one bottle of Nutrigo Lab Burner is $49. However, when you choose any of the two combo packs, they offer a pretty good discount on each.

    The standard package seems beneficial and a better choice out of all other options. It provides a three-month supply for only a total of $98. Three months are required to show better visible changes in your body after continuously taking Nutrigo Lab.

    Nutrigo Lab Burner doesn’t offer free shipping. You need to pay a small sum of $11 for the expenses. Surprisingly, It could be seen that the order page of Nutrigo Lab Burner offers shipping to almost all countries in the world. The shipping charge seems to be constant regardless of your location. So don’t worry if you are in another country or continent.

    And the last and most important thing is that, if you want to order the supplement, please order it from the official product page. Any orders through third-party websites or other e-commerce stores might not be authentic or safe. There might be fake suppliers selling the Nutrigo Lab Burner in the same name, due to its huge demand. Beware of duplicate products.

    Final Verdict On Nutrigo Lab Burner Reviews

    Nutrigo Lab Burner Burner is designed especially for people who wish to burn huge fats and lose weight. Nutri go ensures its claims by putting testimonials and also revealing its ingredients.

    As per Nutrigo Lab Burner reviews, there are four ingredients in one 750 g capsule, and the ingredients are found to be useful and working. The ingredients such as SINETROL® Xpur, Citrin®  are tested for their effect on fat burn and found to be useful. Apart from fat burning, some of these ingredients have other health benefits which are listed in the ingredient section of the article.

    The product has also gained popularity by delivering food supplements in almost all countries.  The website also recommends that customers buy Nutrigo Lab Burner only through the official website to ensure the quality and originality of the product.

    The testimonials and no side effect claim also show that the supplement might work as it claims. If you find this information useful, you can give it a try.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.How to use Nutrigo Lab Burner?

    You are advised to take 2 capsules per day before lunch or before the workout. It is requested to use continuously without intermittent breaks for a period of 2-3 months for more transparent results.

    Q.Where can I buy a Nutrigo Lab Burner?

    Nutrigo Lab Burners are only available on the official website. Any purchases outside the website under the same name are considered duplicate or fake.

    Q.Is the product safe to use?

    According to the website, the product is safe with no side effects.

    Q.What is the original price of Nutrigo Lab Burner?

    Nutrigo Lab Burner has the basic price of $49/bottle. But you can buy the Nutrigo Lab Burner at discount rates if you choose combo packs over the single one.

    Q.Is the Nutrigo Lab Burner available outside the US?

    Yes, the product is deliverable to almost all countries including the UK, UAE, China, Tanzania, and many more. You can check it out on the Nutrigo Lab Burner order page.


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