Physiotherapy Machines For Pain Relief And Benefits Of Electrotherapy

When you work out, you want your body to feel worn out. It needs to experience certain stress so that it gets used to handling it.

Exercise also keeps the body at its best for years. But you get too excited at times and hurt your own body in the process. This happens when you push your body beyond its limits.

What Are The Six Machines Used For Physiotherapy?

When the pain gets serious, your body requires extra care. Exercise, however, is not the only reason for pain. The elderly may experience joint pain because of numerous factors. Hormonal imbalance and mishaps during work are just two to mention among them.

Physiotherapy Machines For Pain Relief And Benefits Of Electrotherapy

There are many things you can do to get relief from this pain. The most important among them is physiotherapy. 

Given below are six physiotherapy machines that you can use for pain relief:

  1. TENS-250

This is a portable battery-operated machine designed for relief from nerve pain. It is ideal for pains after surgery or any traumatic incident. The device includes dual independent channels and adjustable frequency and pulse parameters. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

  1. Medansh 2 Channel TENS Physiotherapy Machine

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machines are ideal for managing chronic pain. It is meant specifically for chronic pain relief. The machine aims to eliminate the prolonged use of painkillers for muscular aches.

TENS machines, in general, use electricity to operate. But its frequency is quite low and does not pose any risk. You may start it with the lowest frequency possible. Increase it as required.

  1. Mini LCD Combo IFT, MS & TENS With 125 Programs

IFT stands for Interferential Therapy. The therapy aims to create powerful physiological effects using the low frequency of electricity. It produces a current at a medium frequency to produce a deep neuropathic effect. The machine achieves this with the help of beat frequency electricity. The therapist just has to choose the frequency that best suits the patient.

  1. JUS1

This is a device that offers 1 megahertz of ultrasound therapy. Easy to operate, this machine is ideal to increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation. The therapy also speeds up the process of healing.

The machine lets you choose between continuous and pulse modes of treatment. It also features a digital display of its selections and offers a one-year warranty.

  1. Physio Kit

The device combines electro and ultrasound therapies. It offers IFT, TENS, EMS, and Russian options. It features four independent channels and is designed to offer 1MHZ ultrasound therapy.

  1. Omron Nerve Stimulator- Omron TENS Machine HV F013

The machine is a favorite of physiotherapists across the globe. And it is ideal for those suffering from arthritis of joints like shoulders. The machine is not meant for those seeking instant pain relief. The multi-purpose device is portable and easy to operate. It offers the following features:

  • Five modes of massage; arm, shoulder, lower back, foot and leg
  • Ten levels of frequency; ideal for everyone
  • Relieves you from your dependence on painkillers

See to it that you have your doctor’s permission before beginning to use the device. The wrong choice of combinations defeats the purpose of this therapy. Start with the lowest and move on to higher frequency as you feel comfortable. This too is a multi-purpose device with a long shelf life.

Electrotherapy, the form of treatment physiotherapy machines for painkillers offers does not carry any major side effects. The frequency of electricity is quite low. The only complication you may experience is skin irritation. This happens due to the excessive use of adhesive tape. Even when electrotherapy is free from side effects, the following groups of people are advised extra caution:

  • People suffering from epilepsy
  • Pregnant women
  • Those suffering from any heart ailment; especially those using an implant.
  • Do not apply electrotherapy over any organ or any infected area of your skin.

The amazing benefits of electrotherapy include:

  • It offers Easy relief from pain
  • It does not form an addiction
  • It is non-invasive.
  • It is free from side effects.
  • It liberates you from the vicious circle of medications.

Your most reliable source of information when choosing a physiotherapy machine for pain relief is your doctor. Let the expert evaluate your physical condition and suggest a tool accordingly. And do not hesitate to contact your physician when the device fails to fulfill its purpose.

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