Puplabs Fresh Breathies Reviews- A Breath Refreshing Chew!

A dog is a man’s best friend – everyone knows that and this Puplabs Fresh Breathies review talks about a flavored chew that is said to keep this best friend of yours happy. So keep reading. 

If you have been searching for dog foods, you may have come across Puplabs Fresh Breathies many times. Because let’s look at the facts, this product is almost everywhere! And what is so special about it? Can these breathies truly improve your dog’s life? 

Puplabs Fresh Breathies Reviews – Will It Help To Maintain Good Odour For Your Dogs?


According to most Puplabs Fresh Breathies reviews, these dental chews are meant to restore your dog’s gut microbiome for overall health and wellness.

Puplabs Fresh Breathies Reviews

Now, the question lies in whether there is any truth to this claim. In Puplabs Fresh Breathies reviews, you will find detailed information on all things Puplabs Fresh Breathies so that you can make a wise decision. 

Product NamePuplabs Fresh Breathies
Product FormSupplement
Category Dog Care
Main BenefitsHealthy Digestion
Energetic Functioning
Thicker and Shiny Coat
Reduced Inflammation
IngredientsPremium-Grade Champignon Mushroom Extract
Yucca Schidigera Extract
Dosage1 Chew Per Day (Under 50 lbs)
2 Chews Per Day (Over 50 lbs)
ResultTake 2-3 months
Side EffectsNo side effects reported
RisksOnly Available On The Official Website
Beware Of Fake Sellers
Quantity30 Chews per jar
Price1 Jar: $49 per bottle
3 Jars: $39 per bottle
6 Jars: $29 per bottle 
Money-back Guarantee180 Days
AvailabilityOnly Through Official Website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Puplabs Fresh Breathies?

Puplabs Fresh Breathies is a formula designed for dogs/puppies of all kinds to help balance their gut microbiome and fight against inflammation. Formulated using natural ingredients, it is meant to restore the health and energy of your dog.

This means better mobility/flexibility, easy bowel movements, fresh breath, reduced scratching, etc. Thus, your dog is able to function energetically and remains happy.

Puplabs Fresh Breathies is suitable for dogs of any breed. It comes in chicken flavor which allows easy usage and satisfies the taste buds of your little pal. 

Creator Of The Puplabs Fresh Breathies Formula

According to the official website of Puplabs Fresh Breathies, it is designed and manufactured by a company named Pup Labs whose vision is to help pups stay healthy and enjoy quality products. 

Puplabs Fresh Breathies Ingredients

Puplabs Fresh Breathies consists of natural ingredients each of which that are blended in precise quantities; 

  • Premium-Grade Champignon Mushroom Extract: It helps promote a healthy microbiome and battles inflammation. It is beneficial to get rid of bad breath and boost cardiovascular health. 
  • Yucca Schidigera Extract: It is useful to get rid of fecal odors as well as bad breath. It is also known to improve digestion, and intestinal health, and supports mineral absorption as well. 
  • Spirulina: Packed with chlorophyll and omega 3 fatty acids, spirulina is a blue-green algae that is known to be beneficial for the immune system. It helps boost the health of the intestines and elevates heart health. 
  • Parsley: This is an essential nutrient for bone health and therefore plays a key role in battling inflammation. Parsley also serves as a natural breath freshener. 
  • Cinnamon: It helps improve cardiovascular health as well as dental health. Cinnamon is another ingredient in Puplabs Fresh Breathies that is known to support fresh breath and maintain bacterial balance. 
Puplabs Fresh Breathies Ingredients

How Does Puplabs Fresh Chew Work?

Puplabs Fresh Chew works by taking a holistic approach to the welfare of your pet dog. A balanced microbiome plays a key role in healthy functioning. As it can be seen from the ingredients list, the nutrients involved nourish your dog’s gut for the healthy function of various vital organs. 

Each of the Puplabs Fresh Chew Ingredients promotes bone health for better mobility/flexibility by effectively fighting against inflammation. These nutrients also increase your dog’s heart function as well as immunity for lasting health.

As the gut microbiota restores to its balanced state, your dog naturally thrives in energy along with fresh breath, better sleep, healthy digestion, easy bowel movements, and so on. 

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Puplabs Fresh Breathies Benefits

There are various benefits to Puplabs Fresh Breathies, a few of which are as follows; 

  • Healthy Digestion: The ingredients in Puplabs Fresh Breathies help increase the production of good bacteria in the gut and promote the easy breakdown of food as well we bowel movements.  
  • Energetic Functioning: Puplabs Fresh Breathies provides essential nutrients such that your dog is able to play around without feeling tired. 
  • Thicker and Shiny Coat: Upon consistent use of Puplabs Fresh Breathies, the nutrients are absorbed which helps prevent hair fall and promotes thicker hair. 
  • Reduced Inflammation: The ingredients used in the formulation of Puplabs Fresh Breathies help combat the harmful free radicals, thereby reducing itching and scratching. 

Puplabs Fresh Breathies Side Effects

Puplabs Fresh Breathies is formulated using natural ingredients that are sourced in high quality. They are also proven by clinical studies conducted by researchers from Japan, Australia, and the U.S.

Each jar of Puplabs Fresh Breathies is made at a facility that is approved by the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council), FDA, and is GMP certified.

Furthermore, Puplabs Fresh Breathies Side Effects as per the label, there are no harmful substances or toxins involved. It is also free of corn, wheat as well as artificial substances. Hence it is said by Puplabs Fresh Breathies reviews that is safe for your dog to consume.  

Puplabs Fresh Breathies Dosage And How To Use It?

Puplabs Fresh Breathies dosages are dependent on the weight of your dog. In fact, the manufacturer recommends that if your dog is under 50lbs, it is best to give 1 chew of Puplabs Fresh Breathies per day.

And if your dog is more than 50lbs, it is recommended to give 2 chews per day. The results are expected to show up within the first week however the manufacturer suggests that consistent use of Puplabs Fresh Breathies for at least 6 months can facilitate more lasting results. 

Puplabs Fresh Breathies Results And Longevity

The most effective Puplabs Fresh Breathies results can be attained after 2-3 months of consistent use. Nevertheless, prolonged use alongside a healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious diet is said to be beneficial as it can he,p stabilize the results for the long term, that is, at least 1-2 years. 

Puplabs Fresh Breathies Results

Is Puplabs Fresh Breathies Legit Or Not?

There are various factors to be considered to confirm the Puplabs Fresh Breathies are legit. To start with, the Puplabs Fresh Breathies ingredients used in the formulation of these breathies are found to be sourced in high quality and purity.

The manufacturing of Puplabs Fresh Breathies takes place at a facility that is NASC (National Animal Supplement Council). So it is safe to say that Puplabs Fresh Breathies is free of harmful reactions.

Next, when you look at the customer feedback, the majority of those who bought Puplabs Fresh Breathies are seen to provide positive feedback. Hence, it can be said that Puplabs Fresh Breathies may work for your dog if used as directed. 

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Puplabs Fresh Breathies Customer Reviews And Complaints

Based on my research, many who bought the Puplabs Fresh Breathies customer reviews report positive feedback. Many customers say that their dog has become more energetic and playful.

It is said that for many, their dogs who previously suffered from gastric trouble are now getting better. The chicken flavor of Puplabs Fresh Breathies is said to be relishing as well.

Puplabs Fresh Breathies Customer Reviews

On the whole, there are no Puplabs Fresh Breathies complaints as such and there seems to be growing customer demand for breathies. 

Puplabs Fresh Breathies Pricing And Availability

The breathies can be bought from its official website at discounted Puplabs Fresh Breathies prices; 

The 3 jar bundle and 6 jar bundle are the most frequently bought as these are helpful for lasting results. Mainly because the bulk bundles can provide a consistent supply of nutrients to your dog. Moreover, they also help reduce the expense of monthly refills.

Here is something important for you to keep note of. Due to the increased customer demand, a couple of online stores are found to be selling replicas of Puplabs Fresh Breathies at high prices. Therefore, make sure that you buy from the official website of Puplabs Fresh Breathies. 

To cover all costs of Puplabs Fresh Breathies, the manufacturer provides a 180-day 100% money back guarantee wherein you get a full refund if the results are not satisfactory. 

Final Verdict: Puplabs Fresh Breathies Reviews

On the whole, it can be said that Puplabs Fresh Breathies is a reliable way to keep your dogs healthy and happy. Puplabs Fresh ingredients provide the needed nutrients and maintain the gut health of your dog.

Considering the fact that Puplabs Fresh Breathies is produced at a facility that is NASC certified and follows strict hygiene control. Puplabs Fresh Breathies reviews assure that the chews are safe for consumption.

However, according to Puplabs Fresh Breathies reviews, a wise decision would be to consult with a vet before including Puplabs Fresh Breathies into your dog’s diet.

From what I have gathered, these breathies have been helpful for many. Since there is a 180-day money-back guarantee, a full refund will be given which means there are no risks as such. 

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Frequently asked Questions

Are there any additional charges or subscriptions for Puplabs Fresh Breathies?

Puplabs Fresh Breathies can be bought via a one-time payment. 

Is there a money-back guarantee for Puplabs Fresh Breathies?

A 180-day 100% money-back guarantee is provided for Puplabs Fresh Breathies that gives you back the entire money if the results were not satisfactory. 

Which package of Puplabs Fresh Breathies is the most helpful for the best results? 

The 3-bottle and 6-bottle packages are the most frequently bought bundles as these are said to be helpful as these help in maximum nutrient absorption. 

Is Puplabs Fresh Breathies safe for my dog? 

Puplabs Fresh Breathies are assured to be made using natural ingredients that are sourced in high quality and purity. Therefore, it is considered to be safe. 

Where is Puplabs Fresh Breathies manufactured? 

Puplabs Fresh Breathies is made here in the United States at NASC approved facility. 


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