Reason For Not Losing Weight Through Keto

You might have seen success stories after success stories of people being benefitted through Keto in losing their weight and getting their expected body shape. You might have followed all the steps, all the recommendations of the medical personnel, adopted the required ketogenic diet, so that the process of ketosis is fastened in the body. Even after all these efforts, if you are not getting the desired results, a variety of reasons can be behind it.

Reasons Behind Failure In Losing Weight Through Keto


The following are the chief reasons behind failure in losing weight even after disciplined following of Keto and Ketogenic diet associated with it:

Reason For Not Losing Weight Through Keto
  • Not being in the state of Ketosis: Normally people adopting Keto as a method of weight loss believe that just by adopting a ketogenic diet for some days, they are automatically in the state of Ketosis. However, such an assumption is not always correct as the carbohydrates requirements and time that is taken to get into the state of ketosis differ with everyone.
  • Not eating Satiating meals: One of the major reasons for the failure in losing weight through Keto is that while the individuals focus on eating to have a calorie deficit, they fail to ensure that the diet satisfies and satiates their appetite. Consuming at a calorie deficit in no way means that one should remain hungry. In turn, remaining hungry leads to more and more difficulty in following a ketogenic diet and craving for more and more food which eventually leads to higher calorie and fat levels in the body, preventing weight loss and rather, increasing it.
  • Intake of too many Carbohydrates: Another common reason why people are unable to get rid of excess weight is their excessive intake of Carbohydrates. For reaching the state of Ketosis – which is a metabolic state in which the body converts excess fat into energy instead of glucose – carbohydrate intake need to be reduced to a large extent and thus care needs to be taken regarding that.
  • Eating too much of Fat: Although it is true that the Ketogenic diet recommended under Keto is a high-fat diet as well, it does not mean one can eat an unlimited amount of such food, believing that they are following Keto and their fat would easily burn. Thus eating too much fat can be another factor why your weight is not decreasing through Keto.
  • Doing too much exercise: It is well known that exercise is good for keeping healthy body weight and shape. However, as it is in common knowledge, Excess of everything is bad. Doing too much exercise ultimately leads to increased appetite with the body craving for more calories which could frequently result in overeating and instead of decreasing fat levels and weight, could instead increase it.
  • Taking too much Stress: Taking too much stress can be also a major factor in the failure of Keto as a method for weight loss. When an individual is stressed, the body produces a hormone called Cortisol which is capable of channelling glucose to muscles as a response to stress. The problem arises when such cortisol production becomes chronic due to constant periods of stress as a result of which fat around the stomach area starts accumulating and increasing which may even result in insulin resistance and causing Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Insufficiency of Sleep:  Having Insufficient sleep for an extended period of time can also be a factor behind the failure of having weight loss through Keto. Insufficient sleep disrupts the circadian rhythm of the body and poses the risk of various metabolic problems. All body organs are set to work at some timing which is known as body clock and not having proper sleep for a constant period can disrupt it and lead to failure in having weight loss due to improper working of body organs. It also plays an important role in balancing hormones which include Hunger Hormones including Ghrelin and Leptin and insufficient sleep can lead Ghrelin to increase inside the body, thereby increasing hunger and leptin to go down, which in turn lead to greater intake of food and negatively affects weight loss.


The abovementioned were some of the major reasons why, despite Keto and following ketogenic diets, an individual may not be losing weight. So now, no confusion needs to be kept in the mind regarding why you are not losing weight despite Keto, and just check whether one of these reasons is behind this and after finding it, do take the necessary steps.

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