What Could Be The Reason For Not Losing Weight?

Nowadays, almost everyone is suffering from increased weight. Life in lockdown has raised huge problems, especially regarding health. The most common problem that is being faced is uncontrolled weight gain and being unable to lose it. This is a cause for several disastrous diseases waiting to infect you and low self-esteem as extra fat makes you look unattractive. High blood pressure, heart problems, liver damage, cholesterol, low metabolism, tiredness, sleeplessness, etc. are just some of the diseases that will impact you if you are overweight.

Reason For Not Losing Weight!

High blood pressure, heart problems, liver damage, cholesterol, low metabolism, tiredness, sleeplessness, etc. are just some of the diseases that will impact you if you are overweight.

Now, we will discuss some of the reasons why people are having trouble losing weight. Due to the ongoing pandemic crisis, everyone has to work from home. To worsen the situation, parks and gyms are closed down, unnecessarily going out is advised against. All of this sitting but no chance of physical activity has led to unwanted weight gain. 

What could be the reason for not losing weight

It is natural to wonder why gaining weight is easy and quick but losing it is much harder! To help you figure out the cause for unwanted weight gain, here is a list of reasons one is unable to lose weight: 

Not exercising

Exercise is very important for losing weight. Without burning enough calories, you can’t lose weight. Make a proper weight loss plan. Check the number of calories you eat and then make an exercise plan in which you burn more calories than you consume.

Exercise will help you not only lose weight but also gain muscle. Extra fat stored in the abdomen and other body parts burns during exercise. Muscle development will begin after the breakdown of fat, which will help you attain the perfect body shape. 


Cardio activities involve running, jogging, skipping, rope, cycling, swimming, etc.

Cardio exercises burn a lot of calories. Cardio helps in the breakdown of fat by converting it into energy with the help of oxygen. When you do a cardio workout, your heart rate rises and your breathing becomes more rapid. It helps in transferring oxygen into the entire body and with the help of this oxygen, the breakdown of fat takes place.

Dieting without exercise 

It could also be the reason for not losing weight. If you are just dependent on a diet, it will not help. Exercising makes the body active which makes the working of the digestive system more effective. Your diet will only work if you have healthier and improved digestion. It’s evident that just sitting around and consuming a good diet will not help. A proper combination of exercise and diet must be part of a healthy weight loss plan. 


The quality of your sleep affects your body weight. After working all day, the body needs proper rest to keep working with the same energy the next day. While we exercise, continuous contraction and relaxation of muscles take place. It makes muscles very tired, and if you do not provide proper rest to the muscles, the chances of injury increase.


Slow metabolism causes weight gain.

Eat fruits and vegetables to make your metabolism fast. If you have a higher metabolism, you will burn more calories during exercise. A slow metabolism makes muscles use less energy and the breakdown of fat does not take place. 


Your body might be suffering from any number of diseases that are interfering with your weight loss. Digestive problems and thyroid disease are some of the diseases that cause weight gain. Get a proper medical checkup before starting a weight loss plan.


Stress causes an increase in the production of the cortisol hormone.

It affects the insulin and blood sugar levels in the body. It also stimulates appetite. As a result of increased appetite, we will indulge in over-eating. Always being stressed out will get you into the habit of overeating. Try to relieve the stress either by doing yoga and meditation or by consulting a doctor and taking proper medicine for stress.


Not consuming the required amount of water causes dehydration. Being dehydrated might work against your weight loss plan. Dehydration makes the energy levels of the body low. Low energy levels make you consume more food. As you consume more food, your weight will increase.

Low-calorie diet

Do not make your body eat less. Some people, in order to lose weight, cut down on their calorie intake. Not consuming the proper calories will only make the body weak. A decrease in your weight by such means is not healthy as it will lead to an increased weakness which isn’t really good for you. When your body does not get enough nutrients, the healthy functioning of the body organs will get affected. It will increase the risk of many health problems.

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