Scientific Ways To Lose Weight – Top 6 Tips To Follow!

Losing fat and subsequently losing weight is the goal of many but the process of achieving this involves a lot of hard effort and sacrifice on the part of such individuals. The excessive accumulation of fat and subsequent weight gain also poses a risk of contracting a variety of lethal diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and obesity. However, it is to be noted that, even a thin person with excessive accumulation of belly fat is also at risk of many diseases.

Methods To Drop Fat From Your Body

As such, losing fat has become of much important goal for a large part of the population as more fat and more weight bring more diseases with them. The following article would provide you with some of the most effective and scientific ways of losing fat and thereby keeping body weight under control.

Methods To Drop Fat From Your Body

Scientific ways of losing weight

The following are some of the ways, with scientific backing, in which excess body fat and thus, excess body weight can be lost:

  •  Eating plenty amount of soluble fibers

Soluble fibers help absorb the water and use such absorbed water in forming a gel-like substance which is used by the body for slowing down the food that is passing through the digestive system and helping its complete digestion during such slow movement across the digestive tract.

As per studies, soluble fibers help in promoting weight and fat loss by adding satiety and fullness after their consumption and thus directs the individual to naturally eat less. At the same time, it also helps in decreasing the number of calories the body absorbs and thus helps fight fat accumulation in the body.

  •  Avoiding food containing trans fats as well as sugary foods

Unsaturated fats with pumped hydrogen, as in soya bean oil contain trans fats. As per studies, these fats have been linked to body inflammation, heart diseases, insulin resistance, and weight gain. For ensuring weight loss, one needs to avoid such trans-fat-containing food.

Along with trans-fat-containing food, reduction of intake of sugary food has also been found to be scientifically successful in losing weight. Sugar, mainly fructose, is a contributor to numerous diseases, they also play an important role in promoting the feeling of hunger and craving by releasing the hunger hormone, ghrelin. As such a reduced intake of sugary food can also be helpful in weight loss.

  •   Consuming Protein-rich diets

Protein-rich diets are found to be highly beneficial in weight loss as it provides twin benefits, in terms of weight loss, to the body. On one hand, it promotes the feeling of satiety and fullness in the body by release of fullness hormone, thereby decreasing appetite, it also increases the metabolism of the body and thus helps in faster conversion of accumulated fats into releasable energy and thereby contributing to fat loss and subsequent weight loss.

  •   Doing Aerobic (Cardio) Exercises and Yoga

Yoga and Aerobic exercises can be a very effective and scientific way of losing weight and burning more and more fats and calories. The different Yoga Asana, as well as aerobic exercises, involve the movement of the different body parts at a faster rate which involves the generation of energy by burning fat and as such leads to body weight loss as well as benefiting the working of the body as a whole.

  • Getting enough sleep and reducing stress

Inadequate sleep and excessive stress are two of the most common reasons for increased weight. It has been found that inadequate sleep and high stress can result in more and more fat accumulation and as such lead to increased weight in the body. Getting enough sleep and reducing the level of stress can be highly beneficial in reducing fat levels in the body.

  •  Trying intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting can be a highly beneficial and successful way of reducing fat levels in the body as well as preventing fat accumulation in the body. It refers to a cyclic eating and fasting method in which there are some periods of eating and some period of fasting. One of the popular fasting methods is doing a day’s fast every week. As per some studies, doing so can lead to up to 5-7% reduction in abdominal fats.


The above-mentioned ways that have been listed can provide a highly effective and scientific solution for successfully achieving the weight loss goals and losing the excess fat levels in the body. The individual need to be disciplined and committed to adopting these fat loss strategies so that he can get the best results

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