SEO Solutions To Fix Challenges In An eCommerce Website

It is common to confront certain issues with any business model. If you own an eCommerce business there is no difference in this fact. As eCommerce entrepreneurs, we all face various troubles in our pathway to success, especially SEO related challenges.

SEO Solutions To Fix Challenges In An eCommerce Website

Sometimes, what we need can be a simple solution to tackle all such obstacles. Let’s go through major SEO challenges an eCommerce businessman would encounter and some quick fixes to settle them. So that you can keep those in mind while proceeding with your business on the eCommerce podium.

SEO Solutions To Fix Challenges In An eCommerce Website

Navigation Links

This is the major issue thousands of eCommerce entrepreneurs encounter. Navigation is used to help visitors reach the right place. Navigation helps to give the visitor a clear outline of your site’s structure. However, it is common that your visitors get navigated in the wrong direction. If your website is filled with details of too many products, product variations, or multiple categories, the visitor will only feel like he is lost in the chaos. As a result, they will leave your site immediately which damages traffic generation in your site.

To fix this, all you have to do is rearrange them according to the convenience of the visitor. Categorize them usefully and connect each category with others as if it is in a proper order to ensure higher traffic.


Backlinks can damage your site’s reputation. It is a major obstacle to generating traffic, as visitors feel disgusted if they are led to unnecessary or poor quality backlinks. 

You have to clean your backlink profile to avoid disappointments in your customers. You can do a disavow test to know about the unwanted backlinks in your site and avoid them.

 ✅ The Schema Architecture

Many eCommerce owners face trouble to fix the proper schema markup for their site. To obtain proper SEO in your site, it is important to focus on both the organizational and product schema. Always remember, the schema is crucial as it has all the significant dates about both your business and products.

To settle this trouble you can generate a new schema for your site with the help of eCommerce SEO services. In WordPress, there are a lot of plugins to assist you with it. Whereas, an HTML site owner can use any open-source platform to do the same.

Product and Site Titles

Titles of both your products and site play a great role to optimize your business. It is very crucial to go through the structure of your system and optimize it. Just think of the visitors’ perspective on how much they need to know about the product and your site as well. So make the content unique and catchy and buy Kibo code quantum online.

Here, what you need to know is how to rearrange the titles in a readable manner. Ensure that the titles carry every brief but necessary detail of products. 

Ignorant Product Promotion

Simply uploading your product details in Google My Business is not enough to promote it. Google is indeed the best platform as it has a gigantic set of audiences. So, other than just uploading, ensure to give all the significant details of your product and add a UTM source to the product URL. 

Your eCommerce website plays an important role to let you gain the utmost profit from your business. Hence it is important to make it competitive according to the visitors’ perspective as well as the contemporary trends in the market. To assist you in this, you can follow other SEO tips like optimizing your meta titles, running an SEO audit, and making your layout to be mobile phone friendly.

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