Shockwave Torch Reviews – The Right Self-Defensive Device To Carry Around?

Shockwave Torch Reviews should be helpful for people who are bullied or tortured while they walk their way back home.

Selfcare is important that one need to sort out a way to defend against any unexpected attack or an assault. People might be helpless and under threat without having anything in hand to self defend. It’s common that many get assaulted almost every day for money, wealth, and whatsoever is valuable. 

Shockwave Torch Reviews – The Military-Grade Torch That Temporarily Blind An Attacker?

Carrying a self-protective gun usually makes one confident and fearless. But that’s dangerous, illegal at some places, and can cause death.

Introducing, The Shock Wave Torch.

Hailed as one of the craziest tactical torches, Shockwave Torch is claimed as one of the best self-defending devices against robbery or related brawl. 

Will this defensive tool help anyone out from an unexpected attack?

Read on to understand more about the Shock Wave torch and see if these claims have been authentic. 

Shockwave Torch Reviews

ShockWave Torch In A Few Words

ShockWave torch is a self-defensive tool that would come in handy when you are unaware of what to do during an uninvited assault or robbery.

The device can help you avoid being a victim. The Shockwave Torch is unusually brighter than the normal torch and comes with a shock mode.

It is made of a strong metal body, with a built-in stun gun and a powerful LED light that can make the robber temporarily blind with its brightness.

Since guns are dangerous and have the possibility to backfire, it might not be a wise idea to carry them along. In some places, it’s restricted to carry guns around.

That’s why, you need a self-defensive tool, and that’s why carrying a shockwave torch should help you in such situations. This super bright torch can confuse your opponent robbers and make them blind for a while, where you could take time to move out of that place.

About the company – Concerned Patriot Club

Concerned Patriot Club introduced the Shockwave torch which is a military-grade torch that works as a self-defense weapon.

The torch is completely different from the conventional torch that you see around. The company claims that many other fake replicas of this torch have already been on the market.

These clones don’t have any build quality or features of the shock wave torch and that’s why users have to be more careful with their purchase.

Shockwave Torch – Benefits

The main benefit of Shockwave Torch is that it is brighter than your regular conventional torch to temporarily turn an attacker into a blind. Below are its features:

➡️This torches come with 800-lumen bulbs

➡️The torch has a self-defensive bezel in front 

➡️It has a 2 amp 4.5 million volt stun light and a 6.5-inch length.

➡️It has a rechargeable battery that generates power

➡️Its ultra-powerful LED bulb would last 100,000 hours.

➡️The torch has an ultra-rugged strong body that would last for many years. 

➡️It has a charging port, cord, and an ON/OFF switch.

➡️It also comes with a wrist strap 

How Shockwave Torch work? 

The shock wave torch is made of a high-grade aluminum body and it has an ON and OFF button. To make it work it’s very simple.

If any possible scuffle is sensed that it would happen in minutes, make sure to prepare and be ready for defending yourself. Switch on the torch towards the robber or attacker, when they are near you or charging towards you.

This will make them blind for a while. After this, you will be able to use the stun gun feature that works when you flip the torch and push the bezel part on the attacker if they have sustained the torchlight and have reached closer.

Thus one will be able to save themselves from robbers and keep your spirit level high.

Shockwave Torch Features

Pros and Cons of Shockwave Torch


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Compact sized and has high durability.
  • A must-have self-defense weapon.
  • Brighter than other torches.
  • Solid torch with a sharp bezel.
  • 90 Days money-back guarantee.


  • Online ordering only
  • Authenticity through the official website only
  • Most 3rd party websites are fraudulent

Does the Shockwave Torch really work?

The shockwave is built to help people stop being a victim. Many Shockwave Torch Reviews and videos have been shared by users who have faced regular acquaintance with strangers who are looking for stealing their belongings.

They have protected themselves from these people with the help of this shockwave torch. Another benefit of this product is the quality and standards of the product are high and this torch will definitely work for years to come.

Shockwave Torch

Is Shockwave Torch legit?

The military-grade torch is a revolutionary product and comparatively has brighter light than other self-defensive torches.

Based on the victim’s report and their experience using the Shockwave torch, there are a few points that need to be pointed out.

Below shared are the reports of 2 users and their real-life experiences. They had dealt with terrible times in life earlier and how they defended themselves later on after having the Shockwave Torch in their hand.

Adams Report: A regular night shift worker at a 24×7 Customer Support Department from Ohio gets bullied most of the time when he was on his way back home. This doesn’t happen regularly but he has been living all his life with fear. He is thankful he had a shockwave torch to self-defend and that changed his confidence level.

Jenny’s Report: Jenny, an independent teacher working in a primary school in West Virginia had a similar acquaintance. She had used the stun gun when her bag was tried to be snatched away by a robber.

These reports were shared by legit users who were confident and brave enough to deal with such circumstances.

The device is way too better than any other shockwave torches that are in the market and the above reports are proof that it is worthy. If people are still not convinced about reading about it, they don’t have to worry about it.

All they need to do is Just search for reviews online and get their answer for solving their curiosity. Apart from these, the company provides a 90 days 100% money-back guarantee for the product if ordered from the official website. This will add to the fact that this is a quality product manufactured under a legit brand.

Shockwave Torch Customer complaints and Reviews.

The common problem faced by the Shockwave Torch manufacturers is the availability and abundance of the shockwave torch around us, which was introduced illegally by other manufacturers as well.

It was found hard to find out a good quality brand and all felt the same. To simplify the Google search, users can refer to the 2 user reports that are shared earlier in this ShockWave Torch Review, although it’s not limited to search more user responses and testimonials online.

To date, 90% of users have so far rated the product as an essential self-defending tool to own.

Price & availability

The shock wave tactical torch is only available online and soon to be available in retail stores at $60. You can get it online today for $29.97 only.

To get your extraordinary stun gun torch,  you have only one legit solution. Ordering the shockwave torch from its official website will be the wisest choice that you can make. So avoid any third-party website and instead click the direct official website link listed below.

Final Impressions On Shockwave Torch

With the Shockwave Torch Review coming to an end, it’s likely that the torch is going to be a game-changing defensive device that anyone would love to carry around. We are surrounded by robbers, murders, and all sorts of corruption that are beyond our control.

So to save ourselves, this torch is a safer device, more powerful, and can be used as a stun gun. So by easily making your opponent blind for a while, you can plan your next move easily. Running away after turning them blind would be the easiest thing you can do to stay safe.

The Shockwave Torch Reviews will give you an answer that users have never return the product despite having a 90-day money-back guarantee. Talking about the build quality, battery life, and overall performance, what the users felt about this product was something beyond words could say.

So if this Shockwave Torch Review has helped you identify a worthy product that can be used in the long run, simply try out this product if people have been trying to rob you at times.

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