What is SIDS And How To Keep Your Baby Safe?

SIDS means Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or crib death. The parents who are aware of this death syndrome called this disease the worst nightmare. In this disease, the baby at the age of 12 months or younger dies during their sleep with no warning signs or a clear reason for death. It is very devastating to see your child suffering from such a fatal disease. 

How Can You Reduce The SIDS Risk?


However, there is no way to escape from this disease, but there is a lot that you can do to lower your baby’s risk. In 1992 American Academy of Pediatrics recommended safe sleep for babies suffering from this syndrome. Research suggests some of the ways to lessen the risk of SIDS and other sleep disorders for infants. These are listed below; keep reading to get most of it.

👉Placing baby on his/her back for naps or at night

The doctor says the back sleep position is the safest position for babies. The babies that tend to sleep on their stomachs are at higher risk of SIDS than the babies sleeping on their back. 

👉Using flat and firm surface for baby sleeping

Avoid making babies fall asleep on a couch, sofa, pillow, quilt, or blanket. These surfaces can be proven to be more dangerous for babies. Never place baby in a car seat, infant carrier, stroller, or similar products as your baby’s regular sleep area. By following these recommendations, you can lower the risk of suffocation and strangulation for your babies, hence preventing them from SIDS. 


Mother milk is a boon for babies’ health and benefits them in many ways. Babies who are breastfed by their mother have a lower risk of SIDS than those who have been fed outside milk. The longer the duration, the lesser the risk. When you bring your baby to the bed for breastfeeding, put them on their back after feeding. The sleeping area for babies should be made like a crib and close to your bed. However, when you fall asleep while feeding your baby or comforting him on your bed, transfer them to their bed as soon as you wake up. Research says the lesser time parents and babies share their beds, the lower the risk for SIDS. 

👉Using baby pacifier for nighttime sleep and nap

It is recommended to attach the pacifier to any string or anything for the babies, which can reduce the risk of suffocation or choking. However, wait for 3 to 4 weeks of breastfeeding to provide a pacifier, or if you are not breastfeeding the baby, attach the pacifier as soon as you want. But, forcing the babies to use the pacifier would irritate them, so avoid forcing the pacifier on babies. While your baby is sleeping and the pacifier falls out, don’t try to put it again in their mouth. Pacifier is an amazing tool for reducing the risk of SIDS. 

👉Appropriate clothing for the babies

It is mandatory to dress the babies according to the environment. Do not overdress them or over bundle them; this may cause suffocation to them. Overheating or sweating of the body should be watching out by the parents or caretakers to keep the baby safe. Don’t cover the face and head during sleep or naps of babies. These things can increase the risk of SIDS. 

👉Proper Vaccine

Regular vaccines and health checkups can lower the risk of SIDS in babies and they can enjoy a healthy life and activities. 

👉Products claiming SIDS reduction

Presently, there is no known product in the market that reduces the risk of SIDS, although you can find some products claiming the risk for SIDS. If you are planning to use any baby product for SIDS, go through the product description and meet your doctor to find about the product. Always try to collect evidence that supports the use of the product may affect the sleeping area of your baby. 

👉Ignoring heart or breathing monitors

Sometimes parents use breathing monitors for babies’ health conditions and other related issues. But, this is not a mindful way to treat your baby with SIDS. Always talk to your health expert about the safe sleep recommendations for your babies. 

👉Scheduled tummy-time

When you provide ample tummy time to your baby, it will help in strengthening the baby’s neck, shoulder, and arm muscles. By scheduling the eating time, you will provide enough nutrition to your baby. Moreover, reduce the baby’s timing in the car, soft couch, driving, etc., as these things will only increase the risk of SIDS.  

However, you can also avoid SIDS and protect your baby from this dangerous disease by caring for yourself during pregnancy and after pregnancy: 

  • For reducing the risk of SIDS, women should get regular health checkups and parental care during their pregnancy stage. This will ensure that baby is safe and doesn’t have any malfunctioning body organs. The regular checkup will help in preventing the risk of SIDS in a growing fetus. 
  • Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and marijuana, or drugs during pregnancy or after pregnancy. This will harm the growing baby or breastfeeding baby. So, to provide a healthy life to your baby, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle of yours too during pregnancy and in the breastfeeding stage. 

Final Verdict

SIDS is a fatal disease in babies. To ensure that your baby lives longer, you have to follow safe sleep recommendations. Placing babies on flat surfaces, avoiding contact with soft couches, driving while the baby is sleeping are some of the prevention to prevent your baby from SIDS. 

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