Simple Steps To Build Your Desired Store On Shopify

With the rapid development of technology, traditional marketing is slowly fading away. People find it easier to purchase or sell a product just through a few clicks instead of spending the whole day in the marketplace or waiting in a crowded queue for a discount sale at their favorite shop. 

How To Build An eCommerce Site On shopify?

Digital marketing has become the greatest growing trend bringing new light to the buyer-seller relationship. 

There are so many websites and youtube tutorials that help you build your own ecommerce site. It can be quite exhausting comparing prices, enabling the right payment options, deciding shipping costs, etc.

Simple Steps To Build Your Desired Store On Shopify

Shopify provides you a complete platform for all your commercial activities! Be it online or face to face, Shopify has got everything you need! Also, it’s very easy to build your shop on Shopify unlike the rest of the e-commerce platforms.

So without any further delay, let me guide you on how to build your website on Shopify-

  1. Sign up

Just like any website or application, Shopify will require you to sign in before constructing your website. 

After filling out your personal information such as name, address, and other contact details, you will be asked to choose a unique name for your store.

Shopify will also ask you about the type of products that you want to sell or whether you are simply going through the website. You can check the necessary options provided. 

  1. Build your store

After signing up, your store admin page will be displayed where you can start customizing your website. Also, Post about Kibo Code Quantum at deyproject will give a preview on how to build an eCommerce site.

  1. Choose your theme

This is where you design your store. Shopify itself has its own list of themes from which you can choose. It also allows slight modifications. For more advanced features, you can use the Shopify premium theme. If you aren’t satisfied with the available themes and modifications, you can also contact the ‘Shopify experts’ who will provide you with a customized website.

  1. Edit your themes

You can always change your theme in the end if you do not like the overall look. Shopify allows you to create a very unique website to make your store stand out from the rest. 

You will be given a preview of your website with every theme you chose. This helps you to make the necessary changes instantly.

You will also be able to add logos, choose your favorite fonts, organize space for your products to appear, etc. 

  1. Add your products 

This is the most important part of your website where you display what you want to sell. Make sure to upload your products’ quality HD pictures of the same dimension to maintain consistency. It will also make your page look attractive and neat! You also need to provide the details of your products. Remember to highlight the key features to attract potential customers!

You can set up your product collections to help guide the customers for what exactly they are looking for. 

You also need to decide your payment gateways based on your Shopify plan.

  1. Live website

Ensure to fill out all the information about your company and products. You can use the Google Analytics feature to track potential customers. Check your taxes and delivery costs for your products. Make sure your transactions work successfully before making your website go live. 

  1. Add domain name

For the successful completion of a website, you need a domain name. You can purchase your domain from Shopify which helps you add it to your store directly. You can also buy it from a third party. Add your required domains and ensure to redirect your website traffic to your primary domain. This helps provides good SEO. 

Congratulations! Your first Shopify store is all set to function! 

To conclude:

Apart from building your store online, you can also sell your products in person through the user-friendly application Shopify POS. All your online/offline transactions can be controlled via this app at the same time you can manage your online store.

Shopify also provides you budget-friendly plans to run your website. You can use Shopify Lite for $9 or Shopify Plus for white-glove service!

To enhance your skills you can also sign up for the Shopify Academy where you are provided free e-commerce courses by the best experts.

With the changing technology, struggling to build your website is only a thing of the past. With such amazing platforms such as Shopify, anyone can instantly build an online store just by following a few steps.

You can also check out the free-trial provided by Shopify to know the amazing possibilities of the e-commerce world! 

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