How Can Sleep Depravity Negatively Affect You?

Getting enough sleep is as important as you need water to survive. It determines your overall life quality and health. It is essential for your body for its effective healing process as well. Unfortunately, sleep is always ignored by people or we even sacrifice it over other less important things in life. In fact, sleep can influence the balance of your body and mind, to decide how healthy your whole self is. Even numerous studies have proven various ways in which a good night’s sleep is connected to your bodily functions. 

The Impact Of Sleep Depravity On Your Body


So, ever imagined how sleep depravity or lack of quality sleep can affect you? Or what trauma it can bring to your body? If not, take a look at some of how you would be bringing harm to yourself by sleeping less. 

Sleep Depravity

No matter whatever be the cause, sleep depravity or lack of sleep can bring negative effects on you. If you frequently confront this issue every night, it would lead to an array of serious and long-term struggles. 

It will ruin your appearance: lack of sleep can directly affect your appearance and make you far older than your actual age. It can gradually bring premature wrinkling, under-eye pouches, and dark circles. 

Obesity: since sleep depravity brings a serious hormonal imbalance in your body,  you tend to have eating disorders and rapid weight gain. When you lack enough sleep or lose its quality, you will feel more hungry as the production of hormones that regulate your hunger gets altered. At the same time, it can negatively influence the production of cortisol, which has a direct link to obesity. Another way it leads to obesity is by impairing your metabolic rate. 

Unhealthy blood markers: sleep is essential to keep optimal levels of blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. So, you are more likely to be the victim of diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol when you don’t get enough sleep. 

Risks of stroke and heart failure:  studies show clear evidence in the risk of heart failures and strokes associated with lack of sleep. It is because sleep depravity will not give sufficient time to your body for its natural repairing process which occurs while you sleep. 

Lack of immunity: the link between lack of sleep and lack of immunity is strong. It will make you more likely to get sick after getting exposed to a virus. While you will also take more time to recover from an ailment if you are sleepless. 

Reduced libido: there will be a great decline in your sexual desire and arousal. Besides, insomnia can directly cause sexual or erectile dysfunctions. Even studies also have proven that lack of sleep can kill your libido, and bring orgasm difficulty in women. 

Lack of alertness: the way you feel, respond, and make decisions have a stronger connection with the quality of sleep. Even if you lose around 2 hours of sleep every day, it can reduce your alertness. 

Stress: if you sleep less, you tend to release more cortisol or the stress hormone. So insufficient sleep can raise your stress levels, causing irritability and anxiety.

✳ Memory loss or impairment: forgetfulness and issues recalling names are common struggles that have commonly been associated with lack of sleep. This is because memories get stuck in the hippocampus without reaching the prefrontal cortex.

Daytime sleepiness: even one single sleepless night can make you so sleepy during the daytime. Due to this, your daily tasks get harder to complete. 

Excess fatigue:  a sleepless night can turn you out to be extremely tired and irritable the following day. But when it happens continuously, it can lead to brain fogginess and difficulty in concentrating. 


Getting adequate nighttime sleep is essential to keep the overall balance of your body and the mind. If you are searching for ways to tackle sleep deprivation, I would say, some effective remedies like more physical activities during the day, a healthy diet, and avoiding distractions while in bed can help you greatly. If you find none of these remedies work, never hesitate to seek medical help. However, some people prefer self-treatment instead of seeking the advice of a doctor, to make the situation even worse. This should be avoided as you might not be aware of the real cause of your sleep problems to address them effectively as a professional can do. 

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