How Sleeping Positions And Health are Related?

We are all sleep lovers. Man is incomplete without deep sleep. We believe that the most beautiful and peaceful place in this world is our bed and the most comforting companion is ‘’pillow’’.  According to Aldous Huxley, ‘’ Sleep is the most blessed and blessing of all-natural graces. Psychologically defined, ‘’Sleep is a circadian state characterized by the partial or total suspension of consciousness, voluntary muscle inhibition and relative insensitivity to stimulations!’

Can Sleeping Position Do Anything With Our General Health?


In other words, it is the rest for body and soul. The sleeping position is always different from person to person. Some sleep simply likes a military man who is ready to march whereas some make the entire bed a mess including turning the bed upside down. We prefer to sleep in the most comfortable way. People take three common sleeping positions – sleeping on back, side, and stomach variables for each. Experts prove that these sleeping positions to an extent indicate your health condition too.

Sleeping Positions

Sleep is the body mechanism that helps in maintenance. The body utilizes the resting time repair on its own. So it is very important to have deep comforting sleep for a fresher and healthier day. Most doctors recommend that sleeping on your side is perfect for the body. A person, who can comfortably sleep on his side without any mental or physical disturbances, can be a happy person both physically and mentally.

Side Sleeping – The Healthiest Way

  • Side sleeping is sleeping on your side – right or left with your hip and shoulder on the mattress.
  • It is the most common way of sleeping and merely 40% people prefer this comfortable position for their relieving nights. 
  • Sleeping on your left side can relieve snoring and it can fasten your digestion.
  • Left side sleeping gives your body the best posture to do its maintenance work during sleep.
  • It is not a recommended position for infants.
  • This position is good for pregnant woman, people with back pain and digestive issues and senior adults.
  • Normally the side sleeping person is healthy, but the preferred side is left. If you are constantly sleeping on your right side you may be growing symptoms of acidity.

‘’Log position’’ is so common inside sleeping. Here your arms and legs are straight and do not have any kind of movement during sleep. According to experts, regular log sleeping may result in numbness.

‘’Fetal position’’ is also a common side sleeping mode. Here you sleep like a fetus. This is a common side position for women. Doctors also prefer this way of sleeping as it strengthens muscle contractions and it is also good to keep your metabolic rate stable.

😴 Stomach sleeping

  • Stomach sleeping is a common way of lying down on their chest. It is the best position to control snoring and aggressive sleep apnea.
  • Stomach sleepers find it difficult to sleep continuously without any obstruction. Stomach sleepers are restless for the whole night. It strains your neck and not at all good for those who are in the IT field.
  • If you are a regular tummy sleeper, you are going to be regularly irregular with routine. You may be even growing back pain and neck pain. It may lead to bone depreciation too.
  • According to experts, stomach sleeping can be a symptom of high blood pressure too.

🥱 Back sleeping

  • Back sleeping is the second most common position.
  • This position is good as your spine, neck and head are aligned properly.
  •  Psychologists assert that sleeping on your back can reduce nightmares and disturbed sleep.

There are so many variants of back sleeping. Sleeping in ‘’attention’’ as a soldier is one of the most common among them. These people look comparatively healthy and health-conscious.

‘’Starfish position’’ is the most hated among experts. Here you are so relaxed with arms up and legs apart. People with obesity and low metabolic rate prefer this. By nature, they are carefree too. Snoring is common in starfish positions. You may be growing numbness and tingling too.

‘’ A good laugh and long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book’’ When health matters, sleep can’t be counted silly or simple. Sleep is as important as a good diet plan and regular exercise to a healthy man. Sleep tight… Stay healthy…

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