Slim R 360 Reviews – How This Formula Helps To Get Rid Of Obesity Forever?

This Slim R 360 Review might be helpful for those who are trying to lose weight fast without the fear of any side effects. Losing fat is not an easy process.

Some try for months and only lose 1-2 kgs. It is a long journey for many and after they lose some weight and stop dieting, they gain back everything they lost.

Slim R 360 supplement might be the solution many are searching for to get rid of obesity forever. In this Slim R 360 Review, you will obtain all the information necessary before making a smart purchase. 

Slim R 360 Reviews
Product NameSlim R 360
Manufacturing CompanyCellgrail
Main BenefitsHelps to get rid of the fat accumulated in your body
Product FeaturesFDA approved, GMO-free, follows GMP
Main IngredientsChromium, Caffeine, Hoodia Gordonii cactus, and much more
Item FormCapsules
Dosage Limit2 capsules every day
Results90 days
Age RangeAbove 18
Side EffectsNo Negative Effects Reported
Net Quantity60 Capsules
Price$57 per bottle
Money-back Guarantee60-day
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Slim R 360?

Slim R 360 supplement is a powerful formulation that will restart your internal fat-burning engine and help you lose weight faster.

This is a natural formulation that is very safe to consume. It consists of 14 natural herbs and nutrients that make sure to get rid of the fat accumulated in your body. This weight loss supplement is an easy way to lose weight without cutting back on calories, exercise.

About the Manufacturer of Slim R 360

Cellgrail is the manufacturer of Slim R 360. Cellgrail focuses on producing supplements that are formulated with natural ingredients. They have a group of experts, nutritionists, and researchers that believes natural healing is the way to go.

Healing the body from the inside out and giving high-quality natural solutions that will treat the root cause of the problem is their mission. They are trying to get more people into natural solutions and slowly getting people to leave chemical treatments.

Slim R 360 supplement Ingredients

There are 14 natural plants and nutrients used in this formulation. The star ingredients are mentioned below:

Chromium: Chromium is one of the star ingredients in this formulation. It is observed that chromium accelerates the fat-burning process. It is used in a high concentration in this formulation. It also helps with anxiety and stress. It also helps maintain blood sugar and protect you from nerve damage. 

Caffeine: Caffeine is very rich in antioxidants and is also seen to increase the resting metabolic rate. This will ensure that you lose weight naturally without putting in any extra effort. It also helps increase the energy levels. 

Hoodia Gordonii cactus: This is a part of the cacti family and helps suppress hunger and cravings. P57 the component seen in hoodia Gordonii is responsible for this. It will make people full and prevents overeating. This is one of the most important ingredients used in the formulation.

Maca root: Maca root is also known as Peruvian ginseng. Maca is found to be highly nutritious and is seen to increase sex drive in men and women. It also boosts fertility in men and provides you with high energy. It also enhances your mood and helps with symptoms associated with menopause. It is an excellent ingredient to speed up the fat-burning process. 

Guarana: Guarana is very high in antioxidants. It also helps focus and makes you learn better. Guarana is very high in caffeine that aids in weight loss. It is also used to treat constipation.

Banaba leaf: Banaba leave is seen to have many benefits. It is seen to control blood sugar levels and also reduces the risk associated with heart disease. It is also seen to have anti-obesity benefits. 

The other ingredients used in the formulation are Pomegranate, green tea leaf extract, Guggul, Cha de Burge, Caralluma Fimbriata, Amorphophallus konjac, Theobromine, L-theanine. These ingredients help increase metabolism and faster weight loss.

Slim R 360 Ingredients

How does this supplement work? 

Slim R 360 works through a simple three-step process. 

  1. Restarts your internal fat-burning engine: Slim R 360 supplement works by restart your internal fat-burning engine that converts the food you eat into energy instead of storing it in the cells. It speeds up the process of fat loss. High-quality ingredients like Maca root, guarana, banaba leaf, green tea leaf, pomegranate, and guggul make sure to restart your fat-burning engine.
  2. It decreases hunger cravings: The supplement’s main focus is to control hunger pangs that get most of us weak which leads to overeating. The ingredients Hoodia Gordonii cactus, cha de Burge, Caralluma Fimbriata, amorphophallus konjac are used to help decrease hunger craving. The supplement increases serotonin levels in the brain which helps control hunger pangs. So you stop overeating when you are sad, stressed, or anxious.
  3. Turbocharge the fat burning process: This speeds up the fat burning process by increasing your metabolism. The ingredients chromium, Theobromine, L-theanine, and caffeine makes sure to turbocharge the fat burning process. 

Benefits of Slim R 360

Some of the known benefits of the weight loss supplement are mentioned below: 

  • Get your confident, strong, and young self back.
  • Achieve your dream weight.
  • No exercise, diets are needed.
  • All-natural formulation.
  • You will be full of life and filled with energy.
  • Increase in sex drive.
  • Get healthy joints, bones, and arteries. 
  • Helps melt the visceral fat accumulated around your organs.
  • Increased vitality.
  • Get better skin, nails, and hair.
  • Aids better mental clarity.
  • Resolves stress, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • Mood enhancer.

Slim R 360 Side effects

Slim R 360 weight loss supplement is Made in FDA approved facility that follows GMP with Strict sterile standards.

It is also non-GMO which means there are no added chemicals and additives. It is an all-natural formulation that uses high-quality ingredients.

There are no side effects reported to the product to date. Although, pregnant or nursing mothers and people who take medication for other diseases are said to take the medication only after consulting a doctor. 

Slim R 360 Dosage and how to use it? 

The dosage recommended on the website is to take 2 capsules a day with a glass of water. For better absorption of vitamins and minerals, it is recommended to have the supplement right after dinner.

The researchers of this product have recommended that the best results are seen only after 90 days of consumption. Each bottle of Slim R 360 weight loss supplement contains 60 capsules each. That is enough to last one month. 

Slim R 360 Dosage

Results and its longevity

The researchers of the supplement have recommended 90 days to see the best results. You should start seeing positive results before that period. Consistency is key with this supplement. Many people stop using the product after one month of usage as they start thinking that it is working for them. Any natural supplement will take a minimum of 3 months to show results. So do not leave it halfway. Continue using it for the recommended period to see a drastic difference. 

The longevity of the weight loss supplement depends on how much time you have consistently used it. If you have used the supplement for 3-6 months then you will be able to get prolonged effects up to 1-2 years. A healthy lifestyle and a good diet are also recommended.

Is it legit? 

Based on Slim R 360 Reviews, the Slim R 360 weight loss product is very well accepted by the customers and is used by many. The supplement contains natural ingredients with high potency.

The creator believes that natural products have more power than chemical ones. There are no side effects to the supplement as it is all-natural. The creator is very confident with the supplement that he is offering a 60-day money-back guarantee. So it is a risk-free deal for the customer.

Slim R 360 Customer reviews and complaints

As mentioned in many other Slim R 360 Reviews, Many customers have tried and tested Slim R 360 pills and have fallen in love with the results. The weight loss supplement has shown amazing results on many. There are numerous testimonials written on the website from people who gained back their confidence with this. Some saw other benefits like an increase in energy, increased libido, etc. there have not been any complaints reported from the customers’ side.

Slim R 360 Customer Reviews

Slim R 360 Pricing & Availability

There are several offers available on the website as of now. So if you are thinking of buying you can take advantage of those offers. There are different packages available for purchase. The packages and their discounted prices are given below:

  • 1 month supply + bonuses – $57 per bottle.
  • 3 months supply + bonuses – $50 per bottle.
  • 6 months supply + bonuses – $45 per bottle.

Slim R 360 weight loss pills are available only on the original website. Do not try buying the supplement from any other website as it may be fake.

The company will not take responsibility for any fake product purchased. They do not sell this on any other e-commerce website or any retail store. For a safe purchase and checkout, the link to the original website is given below.

Bonuses of Slim R 360 Reviews

  • The ultimate guide to slim life: This program includes guidance from fitness nutritionists and doctors. These simple tips will help you ensure long-term success. The actual rate of this is $32 but you are getting it for free because of the offer.
  • 100 weight loss super tricks: This includes easy everyday tricks you can do that won’t change your daily routine. These are very useful tips that you can use if you want to lose those extra pounds fast without any hassle.
  •  VIP wellness mentoring program: You get VIP access to this program if you buy the 6 pack bottle. This program provides you with weekly foresight of different natural fat loss strategies. You can also get all the latest updates from their research team. The program also provides facts about different natural ingredients that promote a healthy life. You can also get answers to all the questions you have from their team of experts. 

Slim R 360 Reviews – Is It An Effective Weight Loss Solution?

Slim R 360 weight loss supplement is seen to work with high efficacy. If you are someone that has tried almost everything and nothing has worked, then this might be your ray of hope.

As the product contains natural ingredients there is no need to be worried about any side effects caused. It is very safe to consume.

As mentioned in Slim R 360 Review, the best part about this supplement is you do not have to go on any harsh diets or even exercise for this to work. It naturally accelerated your metabolic rate and controls your cravings to drop that weight faster. If you are going to give this try I would highly recommend you to use the discounts available now.

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