Does Smoking Affect Your Family’s well-Being? Things You Should Know

Smoking is one of those habits that in my opinion does no good. It not only affects the person who is addicted to smoking, but it also hampers the well-being of the individual but also the well-being of the smoker’s family.

You must have read the warning on a packet of cigarettes and that is, “Smoking is injurious to health” yet there are millions of smokers around the world.

Does Smoking Affect Your Family’s well-Being?


People get addicted to the substance that is the nicotine that is present in cigarettes. It not only puts the smoker’s life at risk but also troubles your loved ones. 

Does Smoking Affect Your Family's well-Being?

You might light up a cigarette in your bedroom when your wife and children are around, but have you ever wondered what are the effects of that one cigarette on your loved ones?

The second-hand smoke that is exhaled by the primary smoker can become the silent killer for the people around you and this smoke has the capability of causing grave diseases. There is an increased risk of cancer and severe heart diseases. Babies whose parents are chain smokers are more likely to develop ear infections and pneumonia in the early stages of their life. 

The infants may also suffer from prolonged cough or bronchitis because of the smoke they inhale. There is also a risk of SIDS which is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which can cause the death of the infant all of a sudden. But the effects do not end here, children whose parents are smokers are likely to become smokers themselves. 

How can this change?

The individual can change this habit by making some lifestyle changes. When the individual quits smoking, he/she not only prevent himself/herself from falling prey to grave diseases but he/she also protects his/her family from any such grave circumstances.

If you quit smoking, your children will not have to witness what smoking does to a person and they cannot turn into chain smokers. So, if you are a chain smoker and if you have ever considered quitting smoking, then it will also help in preserving the health of the family and friends. 

How smoking affects you

Smoking has many adverse effects on the body and they are shown on the body of the smoker. Smoking affects your smell and taste, the foul smell of the smoke destroys the taste buds and completely takes the sense of taste and smell of the individual.

The energy level of the smoker can fall down to the minimum and they can always face problems related to stamina and energy and may require prescribed energy boosters. The Lung function sharply declines and the alveoli which are the air sacs of the lungs get filled with soot and breathing problems get severe with time. 

The smoker is at the greatest risk of lung diseases and mostly the worst kind of cancer that is Lung Cancer. There is also a greater chance of heart attack and stroke and severe coronary heart diseases

Smoking also affects your better half

The best thing that can happen if you quit smoking is that you have taken care of your health. It is one positive step towards your health, and it will also help the health of the family.

This positive step towards your health means that you are caring about your family as well as your young ones and it prevents long-term health risks. Your partner will no longer complain about you having a smoker’s breath. The smoke can also cause the teeth to lose the grip of the gums and cause the disease of halitosis.

The fertility capacity of the smoker can also improve once they quit smoking. Non-smokers find it easier to conceive a baby than smokers. Smoking causes an extent of infertility so quitting it can improve that situation. Non-smokers are likely to produce healthier babies.

There is also an economic benefit to quitting smoking. The money that gets wasted on cigarettes can be invested for different things like a healthier and comforting lifestyle. 

Children and families must become a big reason to quit smoking. You must have heard the very famous quote of “Health is Wealth” and that is very true. Looking after your health does not only help you live a long life but also makes your family life prosperous. 

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