The Loci Cycle Reviews – A Breakthrough Money Generating System By Chris Munch!

Hey Folks, In this The Loci Cycle review am going to share all the information that I collected from my critical research. The Loci Cycle review is all about a breakthrough money-generating program that works systematically.

The number of fraud online money-making programs, courses, and software that I have come across are huge in numbers. I am a Crypto Expert who has traded online on Bitcoin, Etherium, and other Altcoins through reliable and trusted platforms. But then I had been involved in initial investment, losses, and profit gains. But the Loci Cycle Program is different and it has more than just crypto to trade on.

The Loci Cycle Reviews – The Best Money-Making Strategy?

What I am about to unveil to you is something different from any other program or course you have seen. The whole trading made through The Loci cycle Program is simply understandable for all and does not involve spending money to buy crypto. I would recommend you to go through The Loci Cycle review to have better knowhow of the Loci Cycle platform and its working.

The Loci Cycle Reviews
Program Name The Loci Cycle
CreatorsChris Munch and Jay Cruiz
Unique FeaturesDedicated traffic funnel method
Important Dates🔸 Pre-Launch Starts- Thursday, 12 October 2021
🔸 Cart Opens- Tuesday, 26 October 2021
🔸 Cart Closes- Thursday, 4 November 2021
Price $3495
Official WebsiteClick here

What Genuinely Is The Loci Cycle?

As per The Loci Cycle review, it is a 7 figure money-making program that lets you trade on crypto and without spending money to buy crypto. The program has already helped users scale up their income by earning millions of dollars in the previous year and is expected to skyrocket the earning again this year.

The program is a 90 days challenge that allows users to make a profit in any niche without having competition. The Pre-launch of the program was on the 12th of October. The cart will be open on 26th October and close on the 4th of November.

The Loci Cycle uses a unique marketing strategy and by partnering with JV partners in 2019, they generated $2.8 million and $4 million in 2020 respectively. They expect more in 2021 with the launching of a multi-million dollar platform- The Loci Farming: Crypto Edition. It is a course that could be helpful for every user to earn passive income easily and safely.

The Loci cycle platform helps users earn money from any niche or industry without paying huge amounts for ads or traffic. The creators have been focusing mainly on the Crypto Niche to help anyone without financially investing in cryptocurrencies. This removes any financial risk in the future.

Who is the creator of The Loci Cycle Program?

Chris Munch is the owner of Ampifier, a software that has played a great role in changing the lives of many users. He has already developed and launched various other applications and courses that could help out students learn and earn by scaling up their business or setting up a new one. 

Chris Munch is the owner of Ampifier
Jay Cruiz is a co-founder of AmpiFire

Jay Cruiz is a co-founder of AmpiFire who has been diligent in life. He is a go-getter which made him successful through his competency.

Jay Cruiz and Chris Munch are the master brains behind the Loci Cycle. The program will be launched successfully for the third time in 2021. Their previous launch was in 2019 and 2020. The program they have created is also suitable for people who are unaware of crypto. 

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What Is Included In The Loci Cycle Course?

The Loci Cycle has a lot of answers to unveil when it comes to earning profit online. Let me share with you the things that are included in the program.

The Loci Cycle 12 Week Live Masterclass

You will learn everything about the Loci System through this 12-week training program. The live Masterclass session will include discussions conducted by Chris Munch and Jay Cruiz. They will teach you everything about how you can build, stack, and scale your business easily. The whole process will be done through an ampification method.

AmpiFire 2.0 software

Once you order the Loci Cycle system you will be able to access the ampifier software. It is regarded as the first and the only ampification engine, cloud-based software that automates high-end methods to find and target buyers freely. You also won’t have the hassle of installing the software as it is purely cloud-based.

AmpiFire 2.0 software

AmpiFire 2.0 Credits: Ultimate Pack

For better scalability, you will get 36 free AMP credits that can be used with AMPFire 2.0. This software will help you boost your local farms by generating free buyer traffic. Thus you will save a lot of time and generate better conversions.

 AmpiFire 2.0 Credits Ultimate Pack

Copy and Paste Loci Farm Minisite

This is a template that can be called a high converting one for mini websites. It will promote your offers to those people who wish to buy them. This will help to increase the amount of your commission. All you have to do is copy and paste and there are no technical skills needed.

Copy and Paste Loci Farm Minisite

Private Loci Cycle Mastermind

You will get access to their private community where you can learn all the tactics from experts and successful users through live sessions. So get ready to be a member of the Loci cycle family. the Loci cycle family.

Private Loci Cycle Mastermind

Access to 12 months of email coaching

Never be in trouble with your doubts as the 12-month email coaching will support you 24×7. A dedicated coaching team will be working to support you learn and clearing doubts. They will be helping you whenever you need them.

The Loci Cycle-12 months of email coaching

Along with these, you also get a few bonuses, which will be shared later in this The Loci Cycle review.

How does The Loci Cycle work?

The Loci Cycle works through 3 steps:

👉High-Profit Low Competition Criteria Selection

This is the first and foremost thing you have to go through and must make sure to choose the right offer. The offer that you select must have higher profitability and low competition. The Program helps by teaching you about their selection criteria.

Through this step, you will learn and understand to fetch opportunities in the niche market without having any competition around. All these can be done without the need of buying any cryptocurrencies or spending large amounts on them.

You won’t have any hassle of buying or selling them by spending your money. You just have to help succeed others with your offers that are proven to generate sales. All these can be done easily through the training and teaching methods and understanding how you can promote it. Offers are all from various industries and cryptocurrency is one area that the Loci Cycle concentrates mostly on. After this, you will have to proceed to the next step.

👉Deploying your Loci Farm

With this step, you will learn and understand about deploying the Loci farm, which is high converting proven copy and paste site. This doesn’t require any extra skill and can easily promote your offers by selling them through high-traffic platforms. These are the same methods used by Chris and Jay to generate millions of dollars in the preceding years and possibly in the future as well. So numerous niche industries have different varieties of products, along with cryptocurrencies that you can access.

👉Activating the Ai tool

This is the final step that you have to focus on after the Loci farm is deployed. This is a traffic-driving AI tool to attract more customers to the page. You will be able to drive targetted buyer traffic freely once you are done deploying your Loci farm. The process helps to unveil your ads which will help you generate traffic from trusted websites like, apple, Microsoft and more. You will learn more about their unique application that helps in automating your process in a more simplified way.

The Loci Cycle System Working Steps

Benefits of The Loci Cycle System

There are a lot of benefits when you choose the Loci Cycle program based on The Loci Cycle reviews. Below I have written down every benefit that you have to go through.

Risk-free- The Loci Cycle is the only risk-free Crypto based profit-generating platform that you have come across. Through this, you won’t have to invest in any of the cryptocurrencies or be stuck with the competition around. You will only attract profit without buying any crypto and still see profit flowing to your account.

Scalable- By simply following the 3 easy steps, and learning everything through the course design, you will scale your business to profitable heights easily. Imagine having 5 loci farms that you are focusing on, it will help you with earnings of $250 plus in a week. Gradually, it will help you reach profitability like never before.

Niche industry- Apart from crypto, there are various other industries are having less competition and can help you skyrocket your earnings by scaling your profitability ratio. 

Zero cost traffic- The application you will have in the Loci cycle will help you generate free traffic to attract hungry buyers who want more profit through this passive income generating method. You won’t have to go through expensive marketing methods as everything will be taken care of by AI-based software. 

Automation- The whole attraction and generation process works on its own with the help of Ai-based software. It will support you with the traffic generation and all you have to spend is 30 minutes every day. So it will help you earn more profit when you are following the right way. Just learn the 12-week course to specialize your skills and earn more.

The Loci Cycle Program Pros and Cons

For every business, application, or platform, there are positive results as well as negative drawbacks that we have to go through. Below I have enlisted the Pros and Cons of the Loci Cycle which may support you in taking the right decision.


  • The method has proven angles for scalable opportunities.
  • The course lasts 12 weeks and is simple to understand
  • Don’t have to spend huge on ad campaigns or traffic generation(it’s free)
  • The AI-based application will help you with niche targets.
  • They have a unique and proven business model that has generated millions of dollars for students.
  • Get along with others in the community and discuss and learn more
  • There are free bonuses and live sessions to support every student


  • The Loki Cycle is pricey though, but you can earn it back in a few months.
  • More effort and commitment to learning are needed to earn better.
  • A good internet connection is a necessity to learn the Loci farming techniques

Is The Loci Cycle Program legit or not?

The Loci Cycle is a proven method that has already helped out thousands of students reach their financial goals. The program was first launched in 2019 that generated $2.8 million. They have a traffic generating strategy unlike any and they were able to generate $4 million in the succeeding year. They expect better scalability in the coming launch held in 2021.

Their working model has already proved that students were able to generate $2000+ in a week by targeting hungry buyers online. These hungry buyers will access the site of vendors through you and you will be paid well as a commission when deals are closed. This is a 90-day profit challenge that can be feasible for the long term.

The whole thing is automated and you will only have to add a little human effort for 30 minutes. The developers do not claim that this is an easy money app as they ask users to go through the course for 90 days to learn every minuscule point about the program.

You don’t have to worry about making a decision when you can find hundreds of The Loci Cycle reviews shared on the official website and other tech forums collectively. The official website is also conducting competitions on the launch day with high payouts.

The creators of the Loci Cycle believe that with the 100% money-back guarantee valid for 60 days, anyone user can join the class and quit the program when they wish. They can still earn profit with the knowledge they gain by being a partial student of the Loci Farm. Hence it is believable that the Loci Cycle is a proven legitimate program.

The Loci Cycle System Pricing & Availability

The Loci Cycle is a one-time investment where you can learn to earn and easily automate the way you generate your earnings. The Loci Cycle can be ordered for full payment or a split payment plan. The official website of the Loci Cycle has shared the price as $3495. If you are not able to pay the whole amount at once, you can choose to order the Loci Cycle for a split payment. You can pay $995 at 4 different times.

To get access to the Loci Cycle program, you must only choose the official website. But there are other 3rd party and eCommerce sites that you need to be careful about. They act as if they sell the authentic program access through their website. Well. this is a lie and you don’t have to fall for their lies. So make sure you are using the authentic program, choose only the official website where you get a 100% money-back guarantee valid for 60 days. To avoid any risk, click on the link below to order Loci Cycle from the official website.

The Loci Cycle System Pricing & Availability

The Loci Cycle Bonuses

Below is the list of freebies that you get when you order the Loci Cycle from the official website.

🎁The 90 Day Challenge – This program will help you achieve more success in life by having recurring profits 90 days.

🎁Loci Cycle 6- Figure Case Studies – You will be able to see the stories of users who were successful through the Loci Cycle. This will help you inspire about getting better towards earning a 6- Figure profit.

🎁One to One Coaching Call – You will be provided total support from the expert team who will forge your strategy.

🎁Crypto Loci Farm Minisite Builder- Deploy your own website which will have crypto optimization. You will be provided with content and can help you build your amps.

🎁The Loci Cycle Live – You also get an invitation ticket to the 2 day live AmpiFire Event. It will help you process rapidly to the next level by scaling bigger with fewer efforts.

The Loci Cycle Bonuses

Final Verdict on The Loci Cycle Reviews

You might be someone who is looking for a passive income generation but is not able to find a reliable source. The Loci Cycle is something that I feel is worth trying as it doesn’t require investing in Crypto to earn from it. The Loci cycle consists of a 90 days program called the Loci farm which will teach you the earning techniques.

Chris munch and Jay Cruiz will be opening the Loci Cycle cart for the 3rd time in 2021 after a positive response of generating millions of dollars in 2019 and 2020 respectively. They will teach you everything about the Loci Cycle program and you will understand that earning is easier through their program. You have no investment to make and you get access to niches that are without any competition.

The Loci Cycle comes with a 100% money-back guarantee valid for 60 days. So you have no risk of losing the money you spend and even if you plan to quit halfway, the creators believe that you can still earn profit from the lessons learned. If you are ready to stand up and put a little effort by spending 30 minutes every day, then learn more about the Loci Cycle which will be launched on October 26th, 2021.

We had witnessed the massive success of several training programs Chris and Jay had conducted in the past and most of their students are now making a living from the internet and it is reflecting The Loci Cycle reviews also. Since it’s backed with a risk-free money-back guarantee, I suggest you give it a try.

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