The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Review: An Adequate Solution To Succeed In Digital Markets?

The Quiz Funnel Master Class is an online training program to help you to have high-converting quiz funnels for your business. Created by Ryan Levesque, the training is aimed to let you master the skill of quizzing to create leads and drive traffic to your page through quiz funnels.

The program could assist a variety of its audiences like fellows in e-commerce, affiliate marketers, info products, and many others last year. with the program, you get a huge opportunity to earn commissions through funnel vision quizzes too.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Review: An Online Marketing Through Quizzes!


Apparently, the newest revamped version of The Quiz Funnel Masterclass is about to launch in June. the creator himself offers us a lot more than the previous year’s blow. Let’s find out what this program is about in detail from The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Review.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Review

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass – Overview

This is a step-by-step, live program to train you to have the ideal quiz funnel for your business as it can result in bringing consistent and qualified leads to your website. T

his can help you to master the trick of generating great traffic to your page and even convert the traffic you receive in the right way.

The training will take you through certain other phases like deciding on a Quiz Hook, Testing their Quiz Idea, Creating the Quiz Questions, and much more. Hence you can ensure success and generate income through your page. 

Who Created The Quiz Funnel Masterclass?

Ryan Levesque is the creator of this program. He is well versed in online marketing and an expert in the field. He is the CEO of the Ask Method company and the author of the #1 marketing book of last year which was named after his company.

In his program, he uses his proven techniques and methods with which he could reap success in generating huge income through his business.

How Does The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Work?

Quizzes are currently implemented by marketers as a great way to build their business and scale it. Because it can help them to soundly attract sales through leads at cheaper costs.

Trying this Quiz Funnel training can benefit you with expert training that can track and identify the most appropriate quiz for your online firm, through a 2 minutes quiz of 10 questions. And that would be based on factors like the type of your business, industry, product, and price scale of your product or services. 

Having the right quiz funnel means you will get a better understanding of your audience. so that you can understand what type of customer visits your page each time and customize everything on your page according to the individual client’s response.

And this becomes possible when you get correct training in doing it in the right way. In this way, you can also redirect the traffic on your site, hence greatly expand your email list too. 

The Quiz Funnel strategy works great on a variety of businesses including e-commerce stores, services, digital products, affiliate marketing, local small businesses, info products, lead generation, B2B, webinars, launches, and would assist you in getting clients.

Even if you are a total beginner in all these, having the right quiz funnel can help you kickstart your business and lead generation.

There are a variety of 27 and more marketing funnels that are suited for your business. After you finish answering the questions, you can also have a funnel template that diagrams your funnel. Besides, to let you have a clear idea of how your funnel works, a real-life case study of an exact type of funnel will be given to you too. Last year, the Quiz Funnel Masterclass was a huge success.

New launching version of The Quiz Funnel Masterclass training program is decided to be launched next June will be even bigger with better features.  

Why Is Quiz Funnel Masterclass Beneficial For You?

⭐️ You can generate leads at a cheap cost: the task to generate profitable leads can be easier with the lowest cost.

⭐️ Higher volume of leads: once you start to grow your email list after you implement the right quiz funnel, it will result in having a high volume of leads. 

⭐️ It lets you have valuable data about each customer: as the questionnaires are answered by every customer, you will get valuable data from them. 

⭐️ Elevated conversion rate: as you customize things and offer better according to individual responses of the audience, eventually your conversion rates will rise.

⭐️ Enhanced selling or serving to the customers: you are offering your customers the best product and services according to their requirements and responses. This can lead you to have a better relationship with your customers. 

the quiz funnel masterclass results

Who Should And Shouldn’t Use The Quiz Funnel Masterclass?

As I mentioned already there are a variety of niches in which the Quiz Funnel Masterclass can be beneficial. As you think it will not only benefit those who are already aligned in the vast podium of internet marketing. But all types of niches and online markets are suitable to go along with this novel strategy, even if you are a beginner it can also be greatly useful to you.

Moreover, it can assist you in overcoming all the challenges you confront in your progress. Just in case you haven’t enough time and energy to invest in this strategy other than simply spending money over to enroll in it, you better not try this. Besides, if you expect to have overnight results without contributing much from yourself, definitely this will not be your right choice. 

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass

 Pros And Cons Of The Quiz Masterclass


  • Cheaper but effective
  • Better than any other strategy or methods
  • Step by step learning and easier training
  • Generates the best quiz funnel according to your niche.
  • Suitable for all niche
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Higher traffic
  • Scalable
  • Largely expanded email list
  • Live Q&A session to clear queries


  • Requires your complete commitment
  • Can be pricey
  • Enrollment is only possible at a certain point of each year.

Inside The Quiz Funnel Masterclass

The live 6-week online training program will be way better than the hugely successful version of last year. It is based on the $5000 live Quiz Funnel Bootcamp. 

The things included in the program are:

6 Training modules

To train you to step by step to generate the ideal quiz funnel for your niche. 

Quiz Funnel Software

you will get access to this latest 2.0 version of the software, which is made with page builder and popular software tools.

Quiz Traffic training  

This includes strategies like drawing traffic from various social media platforms, structuring ads, using the right format, choosing the right ad template, targeting the audience, etc. 

Choose, ask build training

If you are a newbie to the world of online marketing, you can have better training that exactly begins with choosing the right market to build the right quiz funnel for your business. 

The training will also be added with:

Live Q&A calls

So that you can thoroughly understand everything related to the program. 

Live funnel reviews

It is for timely reviewing of your funnel by an expert team.

Step by step checklist and templates

You will get access to more and more checklists and templates furthermore. 

Examples: ultimate quiz swipe files

You will be provided with 10 years of examples from the best clients.

Support: private course FB group

From the members-only FB group, you will get timely support and feedback. 

Lifetime access to the training

You will have the opportunity to review, study and rewatch your funnel over and over again.

Is The Quiz Funnel Masterclass legit?

This is designed by a well-known figure who mastered the skills to succeed in the field of marketing. Last year, his program could help a vast number of audiences to create their own success stories. Besides, Ryan’s own company earned $32M across a wide range of markets with above 4 million email subscribers from several business firms. 

Moreover, we are getting the training from a 3-time Inc. 5000 company which is numbered as #50 in fastest growing education. Even there is a slide of thousand and more case studies and success stories of clients across numerous markets, industries and experience levels.

Their success and legitimacy are proven not through all these, or even any of The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Reviews, but it is when their efforts have been featured across the national media like Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, Inc., Entrepreneur, USA Today & Forbes, as well as on national TV including NBC News & Fox News. 

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Modules

You will see the training program is given through 6 different modules.

Module 1: Your Quiz Hook

Where you will get effective training on coming up with the idea of your quiz and testing them. By this, you will be assisted to have a clear knowledge of implementing different strategies on your quiz, making it highly effective. 

Module 2: Your Quiz Questions

Here you will be benefited greatly to create the most suitable questions that can draw the attention and response from your clients. So that you can make your quiz funnel interesting to customers and attract their attention. 

Module 3: Your Post-Quiz Offer

This module will cover ideas to reach the right questions that can simultaneously diagnose the respondent’s situation while creating demand for your product or service.

Module 4: Your Quiz Pages

Through this module, you can cover all the pages you need to set up for your quiz funnel such as :

  • Structuring and setting up your pre-quiz landing page 
  • Arranging your lead capture page
  • Organizing your post quiz outcome page, etc. 

Module 5: Your Quiz Followup

Like the title given to the module, it will cover the follow-up or what happens after customers finish your quiz like the email follow-up sequence. So that you can create the right quiz reports that can benefit you later. 

Module 6: Optimization & Beyond

This is to cover the things that occur after launching your quiz and proceeding with all the ideas you gathered. Then you can launch your quiz funnel to profitably draw leads and emails as well as to scale your quiz to more and more people beyond your expectation. 

Pricing And How To Get The Quiz Funnel Masterclass?

As mentioned in the Quiz Funnel Masterclass reviews, you can try the Quiz Funnel Masterclass training program, through the official website. The enrollment period begins on the 5th of June. 

There are two payment options to have access to the program: 

???? 1. Pay-In Full 

If you opt for this, you will need to pay $1999 in full. You can also continue to use Bucket 2.0 by paying an extra per-month subscription charge of $99. 

???? 2. Three Installments

You can also make your purchase through 3 installments of $799. Here also you will need to pay $99 additionally for each month if you wish to use Bucket 2.0.

With the program, you are also promised to have a 100% money-back guarantee of 14 days, if you think it is not suited for you. So you are free and safe for a fortnight to check it out. 

BonusesThe Quiz Funnel Masterclass

The bonuses you will get along with the program include: 

Bonus #1: NEW! Bucket 2.0 ENTERPRISE Software ( worth $4,500)

You can have early access to the Bucket 2.0 enterprise software by enrolling in the program only. The team was working behind it for 18 months to bring several effective updates to it. At first, you will be given free access to the software, and later on, you can either buy it in full or have a monthly subscription. 

With the software, you will be benefited from canvas logic and scoring, builder and templates, analytics and tracking, and many other features.

Bonus #2: Quiz Funnel Traffic Secrets Training (worth $2,500)

It is about traffic training. The major issue you face while dealing with your online firm will be traffic generation. And it is resolved once you have the correct training to get high traffic to your page. Then you will be able to draw people to your site from social media sites. 

Bonus #3: “Business in a Box” Training ( worth $3,500)

It will lead newbies through the different steps to finally end up with a straight quiz funnel to their businesses. Beginning right from choosing the right market for them. 

Super Bonus (The “Mother Of All Bonuses”): We Build Your Quiz For YOU ( worth $5,000)

Though it is limited to a certain number of buyers, Ryan and his team are going to build their quiz for them. It is for those who buy the program first as soon as the enrollment time begins. 

SummaryThe Quiz Funnel Masterclass

Having the right strategy in hand is a necessity rather than an advantage to establish your business in the vast universe of online marketing.

In that case, training programs on the same are becoming popular as they are greatly beneficial for people no matter if they are newbies or veterans.

As I could witness the effective features and all aspects of The Quiz Funnel Masterclasses, I will say it can be an effective program to help those who are struggling to have their successful business online. It has the potential that can cover people of any niche in expanding their firms. 

 If you are looking for a potential tool to enhance your business, in the field of online marketing, it can assist you a lot in that. Moreover, you are safe to give it a try as it promises you a 100% refund just in case you are not satisfied with it. If you are convinced reading The Quiz Funnel Masterclass reviews, then you should better give it a try.

The Quiz Funnel Masterclass Customer Reviews 

On the official website of the Quiz Funnel Masterclass, you will be able to see 1000+ customers who believed in the program and shared their success stories. 

???? Morgan Gist MacDonald

“ I was devastated when I saw no strategies were working to save my career. All I wanted was clients. With all the savings left with me, I bought the program and my only investments were trust and hard work. Eventually, on the back of my “Publishing Path” QUIZ Funnel, I could get what I wanted. Now I sell my $15K High Ticket directly.”

???? Neil Gordon

“As a beginner, it was too tough to cope with everything and generate income. Thanks to The Quiz Funnel Masterclass, I could create the right “Public Speaker Type” quiz which helped me to earn $100K/month in less than 2 years.

So, Search online for The Quiz Funnel Masterclass reviews which will give you an idea about what the program is.


Of course. If you are ready to be patient and work hard a little bit, you can lead a successful online business that gives you a sound income. 

The enrolment period for the program begins on June 5th, and the final date would be the 27th of the same month.

Having the right quiz funnel, you can target your audience and attract their attention to funny and interesting questions. When they successfully finish the quiz, they will be added to your email list. 

Access to the Bucket 2.0 software after a certain period will cost $99 per month. Once you subscribe to it, you can cancel it at any time you want. 

You will be provided with a live Q&A session in between the training to clear your doubts and have a better understanding of the program. 

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