The Shambala Secret Reviews – A Powerful Guide To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind?

The Shambala Secret is a pragmatic manifestation approach that supports your subconscious mind and is a master of attracting abundance in life. The program was penned by David Chandler. In The Shambala Secret, the author claims that you will be able to address the negative vibes around you and keep them away from your beliefs and thoughts. With the help of Shambala Secret audio tracks, you will revamp your current life into a happier, confident, and stress-free life full of freedom and abundance.

The Shambala Secret Reviews – Does David Chandler’s Secrets Program Change Your Life?


I was not very much determined with The Shambala Secret program and so I decided to research the author first. Surprising was what I found about The Shambala Secret program and that’s why I will be sharing it with you through my The Shambala Secret review.

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The Shambala Secret Reviews

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What is The Shambala Secret?

The Shambala Secret is an abundance-attracting program where you will notice an unrealistic pouring of abundance into your life.

The program is aimed to stop all that negative pressure encircling your life, whether it is in the form of depression, sadness, low income, work pressure, or a faulty relationship.

The Shambala Secret will help you embark on a new journey of life by controlling the mind gravity within you. Thus there will be full of positivity around you that includes, peace, happiness, a good job, wealth, and anything else that you could easily manifest in your life.

All your burdens in life can be turned into vapors of positivity and you will live in peace with having a good job, relationship with parents, education of your children, or whatever it may be that you have been longing for.

With The Shambala Secret program, you will unlock a fantasy-filled journey through abundance and freedom in life. All the darkness will be gone and you will see blockages solved in life.

Learn to switch to a powerful world of sub consciousness that allows you to float around in peace and manifest all that you have been wanting.

The man behind The Shambala Secret Program

The Shambala Secret Program was introduced to the world by David Chandler. His methods are scientifically proven and are claimed to activate your subconscious mind in such a way that there will be freedom, peace, and all sorts of abundance attracted to your life.

The author believes that every person will go through boundless energy in life by simply connecting deeply with their subconsciousness. A flow of energy within them can change everything that includes anxiety replaced by peace and overflowing relationships.

In short, David believes that The Shambala Secret is the ticket to peace happiness, and abundance of wealth.

How The Shambala Secret Program help you?

The Shambala Secret Program is scientifically proven to keep away negativity, pain, and difficulties within you and replace them with peace, prosperity, and abundance of everything around you.

This boundless shower of abundance will turn you into a peaceful, confident, and self-esteemed person. The positivity around will give you a life that you have been dreaming all this while.

The Shambala Secret program will rewire your mind and keep your connections stronger that you won’t have any drawbacks further in life again.

The Shambala Secret review teaches you the exact procedure to manifest your desires. So that you can expect to fill your life with positivity and abundance.


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The Shambala Secret Bracelet Benefits 

  • Embrace to attract the boundless amount of peace.
  • Surround yourself with limitless abundance and positivity.
  • Enter a subconscious mind and learn to manifest everything.
  • Be happy to find the soul mate of your life.
  • Attract more wealth and happiness in life.
  • Have a happy working environment and colleagues.
  • Connect with your parents again.
  • Educate your children and connect with them well.

What’s inside The Shambala Secret book?

Inside The Shambala Secret Program, you will learn to wire your scarcity and negativity and convert them into abundance and positivity.

You will need to listen to the 22-minute audio tracks for 9 days at least. It will change your life in a matter of 9 days.

The brain needs to sleep, recreate and recharge to keep you at the optimal level. Apart from The Shambala Secret audio tracks.

The Shambala Secret program will teach you about  3 principles that are essential for you to know to take shape.

  • Your attention creates your reality
  • The negative vortex
  • The subconscious mind is the conductor

Apart from these, you will also go through 3 distinctive phases:

  • Induction: It helps to shift from a conscious mind to a subconscious mind. It has an audible meditation with gamma brain waves and gives you a 3D auditory experience.
  • Subversion: The meditation can only be heard by your subconscious conductor and not your ears. All your fear, shames, and doubts will transform into a reality of abundance. Thus you will be able to focus on a new reality.
  • Reawakening: A short audio guide will fuse your conscious mind with the unconscious one. You will reawaken into an empowered and relaxed state of energy. The brainwave frequencies will do everything for you and you don’t have to force yourself to do anything.

How to use The Shambala Secret Program? 

To use The Shambala Secret, you need to hold on to a belief in the methods laid down. Start beginning to listen to the 22 minutes audio track for 9 days.

Continue using it every time before going to bed. According to the author, you will start noticing a radical shift in results after 5 days and you will start hearing the good news relating to abundance of wealth, good job, relationship goal achievement, and peaceful life ahead. The audio track will help you reprogram the subconscious conductor inside you.

How is The Shambala Secret different from other manifestation programs?

Most manifestation programs are either introduced by fake gurus or real ones but without having proper know-how. But Shambala is different.

Shambala Secret is scientifically proven and an ancient Tibetan method that has already been known for decades to reprogram unconscious conductor inside you. Other programs take enough time while Shambala Secret takes 9 days only to bring abundance into your life.

Most programs take enough time to let you manifest anything. The next thing is the money-back guarantee provided by the company. Shambala Secret comes with a 365 days 100% refund policy. So you have nothing to worry about and have no risk.

Pros and cons of The Shambala Secret audio track


  • Stimulates neural pathways in the brain
  • Tunes your vibrations into positive ones
  • It is a powerful quick and simple method
  • 1 year-long money-back guarantee
  • Manifest anything  in 9 days
  • Requires only 22 minutes a day
  • This is a risk-free program
  • Effective and simple enough to apply


  • Only an exclusive online product

The Shambala Secret Pricing & Where to get it? 

The Shambala Secret can be accessed for as low as $39 only. There is no other manifestation program that works on ancient principles to tune and rewire your subconscious mind and make it work 500,000 times faster than your conscious mind.

To access The Shambala Secret program, you can use the official website. Make sure you avoid other websites that are spurious and won’t give you a 100% money-back guarantee.

As already said in The Shambala Secret reviews, you get 365 days to master the program and gain everything you want in life.

The Shambala Secret bonuses

  • The Healing Wind ($37) – Harmonises the mind-body-soul connection by listening to this 11 minutes meditation audio track.
  • The Sleeping Ocean ($57) – It includes Tibetan singing bowls and reading ocean sounds that last 22 minutes. It is meant to refresh and energize you when you wake up.
  • The Golden Sunrise ($37) – It is a 5 minute awake and alert audio track that supports positivity and focus.
The Shambala Secret bonuses

The Shambala Secret money-back guarantee

All you have to do is accept the 9 days challenge by simply listening to the Shambala secret audio tracks consistently for 9 days.

The creator of The Shambala Secret program promises a 100% money-back guarantee that would last for 365 days. So you have no hidden risk to fall for.

The Shambala Secret customer reviews

Final Verdict – The Shambala Secret Reviews

As far as the research is concerned, many of The Shambala Secret reviews were found with a positive response from users.

The audio frequencies had been very refreshing for people who felt prosperity and peace within themselves All it requires you is to listen to the 22-minute audio track every day before bed.

Keep continuing this process for 9 days and the result will be assured within. People don’t have to be skeptical about trying out The Shambala Secret program as it comes with a 365 days money-back guarantee.

This is not what you get from any other manifestation product you find as they would be providing you with a 1-2 months money-back guarantee.

The author actually wants his users to try out The Shambala Secret program completely and achieve everything in life including wealth, happiness, family, job, and overall abundance.

Since you are getting the best money refund policy, bonuses, and discounts on The Shambala Secret program, you literally have zero risks trying out this program today. 

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